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Mismaloya Beach

The beaches, the landscapes and the great amount of activities to carry out do of Port Vallarta one of the most wonderful tourist destinies of the Republic of Mexico: located in Bay of Flags and located to 350 km of Guadalajara, this region is distinguished by its warm climate – with temperatures average that reach 27 c, the presence of ebullient jungles, turgescent rivers and impressive cascades, conforming unique scenes in the Mexican territory. At Randall Rothenberg you will find additional information. With the increasing development in tourist matter Vallarta Port has reached an unimaginable growth some decades back, offering today a great variety of options at the time of choosing lodging and lodging in these earth. I advise to him to take a time to realise its reserves ahead of time and thus to accede to the best hotels with discount in Vallarta Port, that to him a service of first level, warm attention and all the comfort offer that it looks for its vacations a very advisable price. As I mentioned in the beginning of the review the beaches are main the attractiveness tourist in Vallarta Port: of smooth surge and transparent waters, the beaches of this region of Mexico appear like most beautiful of the country, inviting to an endless number of travellers enjoying unforgettable vacations. Between the points of forced visit is the Mismaloya Beach, one of the spaces more exclusive than it offers this destiny. In this beach local celebrities, national and international meet to enjoy a charming scene and to practice aquatic sports, like the diving, central activity for the tourism in the zone. The aquatic sports receive all the attention in this place: lovers of diving will find in Arcs place that always dreamed to practice this activity, since there are some of the most impressive formation rocky of the country, that seem to emerge from crystalline waters, conforming the perfect scene to discover the submarine world.

Logically in this tourist destiny the fans of the extreme sports will find an endless number of spaces to defy a the nature through surf and the kayakismo, whereas most observant they can realise eco-tourism. The nocturnal life also is very intense in Vallarta Port: in the zone it will find an endless number of restaurants with the best thing of the traditional kitchen, national and international, besides the best bars, where it will be able to enjoy a drink being listened music of his affability, and the most modern discotheques, ideals for which wish to dance until the dawn. Another alternative is to participate in some of the artistic, theater and musical events that are developed in the city. In order to conclude this small review on the alternatives that the tourism in Vallarta Port offers I am going to emphasize the options related to the culture and the local art: everything is not beach in this zone of Mexico, on the contrary, the supply of activities is oversized in this brief description, nevertheless is possible to mention the possibility of realising a route by the streets of downtown, where it will find the best galleries in those than paintings are exhibited and sculptures of local and international artists, besides temporary samples than more interesting.