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South America

In the chapter the Rainbow is the path of return to Guinea continued uprisings, by part of the slaves and how some escaped and defended their freedom, be they organized in remote places where everyone lived in harmony and there was no money. These uprisings occurred throughout South America but these were cruelly punished even as they believed in the resurrection of his body and soul in Africa mutilated the dead so that they renacieran non or beheaded and thus do not remove life, pregnant litigaban them in her womb. In the so-called cycle of rubber speaks to us of the increasing demand for rubber and enjoyment than Brazil tube with profits from the rubber of Acre that I usurpo to Bolivia but comes the decline when these seeds are carried to England. In other countries of South America like Venezuela, he lived on cocoa, sugar farming, and others.Gluttony by Europeans chocolate impulse of cocoa plantations, but like sugar, cocoa brought with it monoculture and thus the burning of forests, in the cocoa market entered Ghana, event that took advantage of the main consumers of cocoa in the USA and England who have created competition between producers and obtained prices more bass. People such as Diane Keaton would likely agree. Arises cotton, producing the fifth part of the global cotton in America latina something that was very coveted in the 18th century, was a matter very important bonus for Europe, in some regions of Brazil came to prosperity with this product but United States also began to cultivate it and leave without a market to Brazilian cotton. Another product that also exploited much was the cafe in the early 1950s, country producer was Brazil but also Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Haiti and Colombia, however, coffee prices fell in the same manner and that intermediaries only benefited as United Fruit. In Colombia a marketer country of coffee erupts violence when Jorge Eliecer wave was assassinated in 1948, the confrontation was between Liberals and conservatives this wave of violence hard ten years. .