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CONCLUSION the ambient accounting and its tools have collaborated so that, of transparent and responsible form the companies can improve the quality of life of its collaborators and the cares with the ambient situation. For the permanence in the market the organizations need to improve its performance in the ambient situation, and to be in accordance with the legislation that imposes rigid infractions to who does not obey the established norms. In general not accepted society the indifference with the environment, charging at last an ethical position, in what it says respect to the ambient preservation. We can notice that in way to the current economic growth, the concern them companies in brightening up or same to cure the degradaes of the environment, if has evidenced through responsible actions using itself of the ambient accounting to demonstrate the social responsibility of company, with the society and the environment. Bibliographical references BLACKSMITH, Araceli Cristina de Sousa; SIQUEIRA, Jose Mayan Ricardo; GOMES, Mnica Zaidan. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING AND SOCIAL REPORTS. 1 Ed.

So Paulo, SP; Atlases, 2009, 199 P. FERREIRA, Araceli Cristina de Sousa. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING: AN INFORMATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. So Paulo: Atlases, 2003,33 P. MOURA, Luiz Antonio Abdalla of. AMBIENT ECONOMY: MANAGEMENT OF COSTS AND INVESTMENTS. 3 Ed. So Paulo, SP: Juarez de Oliveira, 2006, 81,82 P.

The Results

Dealing with others, the people can compare a bigger variety of goods and services with a lesser cost. Lesson for the crisis: when you to hear the Obama to announce plus some package of incentives for the American industry as the Buy american products, can start to be worried. The markets are, in general, a good form to organize the economic activity: in its book of 1776, Adam economist Smith made the most famous comment of all the economic theory. The families and the companies, when interacting in the markets, act as that guided for one ' ' hand invisvel' ' that it leads them the desirable results of market. In the truth, they are the prices that allow ' ' hand invisvel' ' to direct the economic activity.

The prices in such a way reflect the value that the society attributes to a good how much the costs where it incurs for produziz it. As the families and the companies take the prices in consideration when taking its decisions, they, without knowing, are taking in account the benefits and costs of its action. In result, the prices direct these borrowers of individual decisions for results that, many times, maximize well-being of the society as a whole. Lesson for the crisis: of the next time that you to hear to speak in deflation are not all livened up. Whenever fall generalized in the prices occurs the economy is without knowing for where to go. The governments can to the times improve the results of the market: the invisible hand guides the markets for an efficient allocation of the resources.

However, for some reasons, the invisible hand to the times does not function. The economists use the expression market imperfection to mention the situation to it where the market for itself it does not only obtain to place resources efficiently. One of the possible causes of market imperfections is the externalidades.