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Latin America Increase

The true culprit for the inflation of food prices are the increase of the oil. affirmed: during the launching of the Plan Harvest more Foods, that the government is intent to the high one of the prices of foods caused by the inflationary pressure, that according to it, will not leave our control effectively. It does not have reason of if losing stocking hour of sleep with this. One of the half ones to try to contain the high one in the prices is to increase offers of foods in the country, objective of the plan. Another target is to supply other regions of the world. Ecommerce often addresses the matter in his writings. ' ' We want to increase the agricultural production because we are vain who China, India, Latin America, Africa and Brazil go to eat much more. We have that to produce more because we have land, sun and water.

We have that to produce for us and to help other countries. Brazil has conditions of this ' ' (ANABB, Economy, Periodical. On-line, 3/07/2008). It many declarations presidentetem done on the crisis, since they are the people poor than they are being more seriously affected. Moreover, it is said that internationally etanol to the base of maize produced in the Unidosestaria States causing increase in the international price of the grain, raising price of rations and meat. Already etanol Brazilian to the sugar cane-of-sugar base is not contributing with the crisis. In an interview to the researcher Cepea Barros, it affirms that ' ' the demand for foods goes to continue going up and the necessary government to make some coisa' '.

(ANABB, Economy, Periodical, on-line. 26/06/2008). An international pressure in the prices of foods exists, what it provokes the high one of foods is a chained sequence of events, that starts very with low interests for much time. The high resultant world-wide liquidity provokes weakness of the dollar and exaggerated growth world measures, pulling the demand for everything, but especially foods and insumos.

Loury Capital

Already for Schiff (1992: 161) the more to the people to belong and to incrust in the social structures more is benefited and more they tend to increase its capital stock. Intent Schiff for the capital stock as ‘ ‘ the set of elements of the structure social that they affect the relations between people and that they are inputs or arguments of the function of production and/or the function of utilidade’ ‘ (SCHIFF 1992, apud C, 2006). Alejandro Transports (1987; 2000) strengthen the idea of Schiff pointing out that to possess the capital stock, are necessary to be part of relations, necessary individual to become related with the others and are these the sources of the capital stock that the individual acquires. This contributo of Transports is significant for an analysis of the capital stock. Sam Mikulak spoke with conviction.

In this way, Transports ‘ ‘ it understands that the biggest promise of the capital stock if finds in its individual meaning. Of the point of view, of one increased choice, of transposition for great aggregates, this investigator, it very considers to be important to exert the study with much severity and requinte terico’ ‘ (TRANSPORTS 2000, apud C 2006). In accordance with Transports (1987; the 2000) concept of capital stock can directly be applied in the social control, support to the families and in the familiar benefits. It also indicates that, more recent studies widen the concept of an individual scale for a characteristic field of activity of communities and nations..