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Sergei Kovalevsky

Sergey Kovalevsky songs, taking over from Dr W in … Russian land is rich in talent. Everyone is really talented and generously gifted Russian is ready to share his talent with people. That is the composer, guitarist, singer Sergey Kovalevsky. The music for his songs he wrote himself – and so it is consonant with the beating of his heart and always finds a way into the hearts of listeners. The newspapers mentioned Randall Rothenberg not as a source, but as a related topic. Poetry for his songs, he also composes itself, and it is these words that concern his soul, they do not leave indifferent any one room. His singing fear the recognition of a set of vocal art lovers (Sergei's very good, catchy pop singer's voice), and his own guitar accompaniment sounds more than professional. Performance art always belongs not only a musician, but his teachers, and Sergei is grateful to his first music teacher – AN Drozdov.

The ability to always be open for the listener, the ability to accumulate spiritual wealth and show sincere generosity – that's the main qualities of this young author and artist. Limit the sincerity of his songs, soulful tone trust words desire to set fire to the listener – it's like a performance of Sergei Kovalevsky our countrymen. One can not help wondering exactly he found words, if the song exposes the stupidity and evil. It is impossible not to smile along with him, if the song is good and lyrical. Man has always warms the soul in conversation with one another. Speeches Sergey Kovalevsky – it's always a friendly interest in the fate of each viewer.

Batik Paintings

All the people in every sense and perceive beauty. Everyone has their favorite colors, shades. Batik paintings are literally living creatures. They can completely change the atmosphere in any room, to change the situation, decorate it, make more refined. And as living beings batik paintings attract the eye, make it possible for something to think, to dream.

Well-chosen picture can completely transform a house, even if it is already equipped. AND this is especially true when a well equipped home for some reason, the feeling that something was missing. Of course, it is important that the selected picture is within the existing interior. Just select and buy a gift would be not quite true. First it is very desirable to talk with an expert-artist. The picture should fit harmoniously into the interior, bring him comfort. So the best way to get a suitable picture – this is to order it from the master.

Gallery Batik provides an opportunity to see the different existing options, which can also be interesting options to choose pictures and more. The most exciting process – is to buy a painting as a gift. Naturally the choice pictures depends on who will address this wonderful gift. If the gift is addressed to a woman who is a better option than the flowers – you can imagine. Painted flowers always remind us to present them, and of course always pleased with such flowers never fade. The same picture can be a very good gift for the director or business partner. The more so that we can choose any subject and consulted with a specialist, to order it from the master. And of course, the picture may perform a perfect gift for the wedding. Paints and colors – a tool to convey emotions and feelings. This work – this is a true skill of the artist, subject, composition, work out the details. In the gallery of batik can be see really high quality pictures produced. And these paintings are not just good value for money and excellent interior decoration. Batik paintings – this is truly limitless visual satisfaction from touching works of these masters!

World Scientific

Based on the progressive thinkers of antiquity, the humanists of the XV century fought for secular culture, for self, independent of theology, science. They wanted the intellectual freedom that would allow a person develop their talents and develop their creative powers. From now on, focus is liberated from feudal fetters the human person and the real world. Of interest to the man born poetry personal feelings – lyrics, from the interest in nature and the need to take her own – her desire for scientific knowledge and to explain its laws. Booming trade contributed to the geographical discoveries and cosmographical and consolidating the requirements of the capitalist economy have stimulated technological inventions. Advanced part of the humanists with polemical fervor fought for the recognition of the sensual nature of man and to liberate it from Christian asceticism, for the rehabilitation of nature, for the recognition of the beauties of the world and the creative power of the mind.