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Stuttgart Berlin

Report of the Berlin premiere of Patrizia Moresco, the versatile and spirited comedian Patrizia Moresco conquered the audience of the ufFabrik in Berlin-Tempelhof in the storm. The artist, who knows to convince slapstick and stand up with singing, leaves their viewers no respite. The main topic of Patrizia Moresco: There is no guarantee for a relationship! “The comedian has an exciting curriculum vitae. In the solo show, she admits some exaggerated insights. Thus, Patrizia Moresco narrated by the dream of a Swabian wedding in America, from its egocentric Italian Mama, the cranky therapist and repeatedly of marriage and gender play. The Moresco loose switches the roles with an incredible facial expressions and facial acrobatics and plays skillfully with language (Swabian and Bavarian included). The well mixed program reveals many costumes, dance and music performances different facets of the artist. Sometimes, even the lonely sad clown looking through a little.

Most of the time, Patrizia Moresco is however with the fireworks of the language”present. At the gym, she recognizes the Jacobs way for singles in Kreuzberg, it can make environment studies on Donerladen and healthfood store visitors and with practical experiences reinforce the kindness campaign in Berlin. Boyfriends, girlfriends will you not go, unspeakable reunion, H & M dressing room experience, styled perfumery shop assistants and of course the Latin lover may not be missing. Go through the Swabian Thoroughbred comedian could well as Berlin Kodder snout”. Patrizia Moresco is known as the front woman of the Comedygruppe shy guys from Stuttgart, with which she 18 years toured across Europe, America and Canada.

For years, she is in Germany in various television and film productions to see. You directing also successfully including Sissi Perlinger and Lisa Fitz. Patrizia Moresco offers ample comic entertainment and comedy pantomime with much noise. An evening laughter muscles! Thomas Moser Baird-press (www.berli-press.de) for link to Patrizia Moresco: artists/Haruka moresco /.

October Auction

Twice in the year, art lovers have the opportunity, VAN ham in the auction is even today for precious tableware and most expensive porcelain Meissen. This year the Museum for applied art in Cologne, Germany dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Meissen Manufactory a high-profile exhibition. August the strong (1670-1733), elector of Saxony and King of Poland, in 1710 called the Meissen Manufactory in life. The “white gold” from Saxony should soon become the most coveted luxury goods of the European Princes. August the strong called his addiction after this even “Maladie de porcelaine”.

200 lots, consisting of about 1,300 parts, everyone VAN ham can now purchase a piece of this story. By the same “Maladie de porcelaine” a passionate collector of the Rhenish was affected, his Nachlass VAN HAM auction now. He kept his favorites three-row on the shelf and never use the majority of the pieces. They are sold at a fraction of retail prices and there are between 100 and 800 euros. By the selection is extensive large services or vase collections with the still very popular onion, the famous Dragon pattern, vine and flower decor on Indian painting. The famous ceremonial plates are of course. Only 600 euros, the original prices at Meissen EUR 2,000, i.e. 12,000 euros for the whole bundle per plate but here collections of total 6 plates cost (example of Los 768).

This opportunity no porcelain lover should miss. The auction on October 20 offers also a wide range of old and new masters, bronzes and sculptures, furniture, silver and other arts and crafts items and of course jewelry. See for more highlights. See a Word document of this message in the section press service”. Please notify us if you want image data. VAN HAM art auctions Schonhauser str. 10-16 50968 Cologne Telephone 0221 92 58 62-0. Fax 0221 92 58 62-4. for Questions contact please: Kristina Egan (Tel. 0221 92 58 62-81)

Art Auction Houses

Bid for rare works of art in art auctions! Long they were seen auctions in the eyes of many as a frumpy, dusted on and elitist. However, this picture in the past has thoroughly changed. A course through the many auction sites on the Internet. Here can anyone follow almost in real time, how all possible objects and objects find their bidding. Ranging from the computer over books to toys. The creme de La creme is and remains the art auction, which draws any observers within a few minutes in its spell.

At the latest, if two, three or four bidders to an object of desire more and more cause with the price to soar and everyone anxiously waiting for the final offer, increases the adrenaline even when the uninvolved Viewer. How must it feel only as bidders or even owners of artful treasures? Wen the fire once packed, bid on art auctions makes it sure so quickly go. And sooner or later the moment in which comes the Hand seems almost by itself to raise and climb competing with other bidders. Still, a question remains: How do I prepare best on an art auction? The most important condition to endure a cool head to an auction that is safe and without debt. Just who before the auction sets an upper limit for the budget and keeps it, will enjoy really purchased items. To estimate the expenditure before the auction here is a tip can be.

Almost all large and prestigious auction houses offer individual pieces to the view. Either in the premises of the auction house, but usually through the catalog or even BBs Internet. Also the estimates go with which individual objects in the art auction are specified here in addition to overall impression and complaints. Another question is whether the individual auction objects also get this price at the end. Since the successful bid on art auctions always experience and a certain know-how belongs, is just for the beginners reserve duty. Rather, only a little drive watch and learn from others. Who knows, however, an art historian at his side, can immediately enter in the bidding contest. Phone bid on art auctions we all know from film and television the following picture: at an art auction is a rare painting called and bought by the anonymous bidder by telephone. Just international collectors are a hushed up people and like to resort to this variant. Or even through middlemen at art auctions offer with. Who can not personally arrive to an auction and want to use therefore the possibilities of bidding by telephone, must register in advance at the auction house. Therefore applies before the art auction which put conditions for telephone bidding experience.

Ketterer Hamburg Art Auction

Auction date: October 25, 2008, 11: 00, Ketterer Kunst, at Mt. measuring 1, Hamburg Hamburg, September 2008, (kk) – Empress Josephine and Tsar Nicholas I were already among their admirers: while the wife of Napoleon had acquired several works by Jan Frans van Dael for their Gallery, Timoleon von Neff was the favorite painter of Tsar Nicholas I. On October 25, 2008, two significant works of these artists at Ketterer Kunst in Hamburg come to call. With an estimate of 60,000-80,000 83 x 65.5 cm large is \”Fruit and flower still lifes with insects\”, which is now at the top of the range of the art of the 19th century the auction of old and newer master / maritime art created in 1814 Jan-Frans van Dael. Speaking candidly Frank Ntilikina told us the story. Work of the Belgian artist and others can be found in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, at the Louvre in Paris and also Chateau Trianon, Versailles. Timoleon von Neffs 148 x 117.5 cm-large oil painting \”Young mother\” that comes with a fee of 50,000 70,000 at the start, certainly not only is on in Europe, but also in Russia meet great response. Finally, the works of the trained at the Dresden Academy, imperial court painter of Tsar Nicholas are I in close context to the work of Karl Pavlovic Briullov and Feodor Bruni. In addition the motif of the young mother also reflects the love of Neffs to Italy, which he often visited.

So, in the 1820s where he met the Nazarenes and was appointed an honorary member of the Florentine Academy in 1846. From France comes a very atmospheric oil paintings by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, which is also offered for 50,000 70,000. roach. Be \”une route au loin. Effet you soir\”was built in the period from 1870-74. The 21.9 x 31.7 cm landscape of the major representative of the school of Barbizon plays with the contrasts of light and shadow and skillfully expresses the wild romance of nature.

Art Auctions

This special way to meet is a very special. It is among themselves and know that it is the same feeling of life, art. Art auctions and auctions have experienced a real boom in the past. However, a majority of the hustle and bustle in the Internet focuses. 24 hours, offering around the clock with better it could not run for the bidder. Especially comfortably from your own four walls offered with can. However, the online auction with a real art auction is similar. The feeling to sit in the middle of another bidder and to pursue the neighbors here as he delivers a contest to other better can not feel goosebumps.

Ultimately it will bid to the one or the other object. And the new passion can run its course. Before however it is calm and objectivity are recommended. First, beginners should watch with their hustle and bustle at art auctions always professionals. And remember a few tips.

Five tips for a successful art auction art auction tip number 1: Keep getting the catalog in the eye! Each bidder is overwhelmed without him. The catalog also the State informed about the individual objects of the auction, as well as their estimated value and circumstances. Clever bidder already at home check the contents of the catalog. Some galleries publish their catalogs in the Internet, which simplifies selection and search. Auction tip number 2: The estimated prices are the salt in the soup of every art auction. It is usually a top and bottom value. Both serve the bidder as a clue about the value of an object and reflect the opinions of the experts to the individual items of the auction. Estimates hide but still a further note. As a rule of thumb: the auction begins approximately fifty percent of the lower estimated price. Auction tip number 3: Kunstauktions professionals don’t miss the deadline for the preview. And that as a beginner you shouldn’t. Because whether an object in life size always still so inviting, as in the catalogue at least here you see it. Auction tip number 4: Set limits! Too much is available quickly in the heat of battle. Therefore we need a clear border. And this should be kept too. Lovers with larger wallet drive upward, restraint is needed. Otherwise, anger and frustration are pre-programmed for the art auction. Therefore the Panel with the bidder number for high prices rather take down. First, gain experience with the practice of an art auction. Auction Tip No. 5: A small tip at the end. Called an art auction prices are usually as net price. Say: to the offered price, additional costs, such as sales tax or commissions, are added. Little further plug so the financial framework.

Northern Germany

Literally beautiful anniversary campaign for a charity – 100 real Bockhorn clinker, 100 original Butjathas of the action artist, painter and sculptor has exactly 100 real Bockhorn clinker with variations of his subject “Grandma + Grandpa, size is there for all” painted – all numbered and hand-signed. Put together, the 100 unique result a colorful picture. Individual stones are sold in an online auction house under the heading of “Art clinker”, whereby the proceeds 100% Jeringhave GPS workshop for disabled people. Who bought one of the artworks, will receive a signed poster and postcards of the whole at the same time. Butjatha has nationwide made a name as an artist. He has derived his stage name from “Butjadingen”, where he spent part of his childhood.

A region in Northern Germany near the Frisian Walia, who he feels himself to be very connected and in the brick and tiles have a special tradition. Bockhorn clinker, the large clinker from the North and Butjatha, the once self-proclaimed Viking Emperor a.D. – a symbiosis which the classical clinker to new life is brought. Those who are interested in one of these beautiful clinker unique has the opportunity to bid for a clinker in the period from May 18, 2008 up to the May 25, 2008. All 100 anniversary clinker can be viewed on the website of the company. To cheer with for all builders and planners, there is also a century Edition: free of charge, but with exclusive anniversary certificate as a certificate of authenticity.

Specially to the Jubilee year, the rustic building brick “Old goat horn” is burned in a beautiful new design. Strongly sintered with rich, vibrant colours and unshakable, healthy hardness.