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Artificial Turf

Artificial turf divided into fields for soccer fields for rugby, golf tennis and others. There is grass, which are used for multiple sports. Production and development of coatings artificial grass are concentrated in companies that manufacture carpeting, as the technology of weaving coatings are very similar. Thus, first came up with the production of coatings, resembling a carpet. Artificial turf – is roll coating.

It is cold-resistant, light resistance, water tight and does not form stagnant zones. When producing such a coating technology is used tufting. Simulate blades of grass bulk fiber weave into high ground, covered with latex. The material of fibers – polypropylene, polyethylene, or a combination, sometimes – fiber nylon. Polyethylene is a soft fiber, and more slippery. If you fall on coating of polyethylene will not burn and abrasions, which could get a fall in the polypropylene coating. It is also important that the polypropylene can withstand temperature regimes Operating from -10 to +40 C, and polyethylene from -50 to +50 C, for different climatic zones of Russia and the cis is an important factor.

Typically, coating of polypropylene is cheaper than the coating of polyethylene. Mounting method divide these coatings Plumbing Infrastructure (with a layer of quartz sand or rubber granules) and nezasypnye. Charging on the fields, you can adjust the height of "stems" for various sports. Rubber backing helps prevent "Burn" athlete falls to the ground. Different sports require different types and artificial grass, which differ from each other in the source material, height, density and structure of the pile, used supplemental materials.

Tennis Coverage

Liquid acrylic sports surfaces (hard) – one of the most popular in the world. First and foremost this is due to the ideal sporting characteristics: relatively high recurrent energy coverage, combined with reasonable absorption of impact energy, high aesthetics coverage, stable rebound and speed of the ball, the set of mitigation options with varying degrees of shock absorption, matte finish, eliminating light glare specific to certain types of synthetic surfaces. Stable characteristics of rebound are achieved by using special overlying layers. During installation you can adjust the stiffness of courts: more flexible coating provides comfort and safety for novice players, professional athletes fit more hard court. Acrylic solid coatings are used on the professional (hard) and club (hard to Regupol), tennis courts, multipurpose sports fields and rollerdrome (hard without the addition of sand). According to the classification itf acrylic coatings are certified in the category '1 'Slow (slow), '2' Medium (middle) and '3 'Fast (Fast). The disadvantages of monolithic coatings include dependence operational properties of the coating and its durability on the quality of the base (usually concrete or asphalt), a rather complex technology installation, the influence of weather conditions when applying the original compositions on the open air.

Hardwood Floors

One of the most long-lived elements of decoration of any home are hardwood floors. They can be made of oak, beech, ash, maple, etc. Parquet brings comfort to a room creates a "home" atmosphere. It is also worth noting its reliability – it can withstand both heels owner of the apartment and claws pet. Combining aesthetic and practical tasks flooring can last 50-80 years or more. Living a legacy, however, not only to design solutions capable of "work" for a long time. Furniture, paintings, mirrors, etc. can give us comfort than a decade.

Fans have long traditions to appreciate the durability of furniture made of oak. Coffee table, wardrobe, bookshelves, made from this material can last more than one generation, bringing the atmosphere of calm and comfort of home. For those who love classic interiors and antiques, be sure to enjoy and a chest of drawers made from old drawings. In the extant products are preserved not only the thread, but the bronze edging designed to sometime give furniture strength and stability. Another survivor in the interior – it's woven rattan furniture, handmade. It has character, boundless internal energy, which the warmth of his hands conveys the creator of each woven masterpiece.

Malleable in the processing, but strong in the use of rattan with the durability are increasingly combined with other materials to achieve the effect of comfort, elegance and perfection. For example, the production of rattan screens combine with the metal. I must say that such furnishings are very durable.