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The Customer

These companies do not should apply to freelance teams going at all, just to get money to the customer. The benefit of such appeals apparent. The work of high quality requires a corresponding payment, but want assurances that the declared quality. In pursuit of cheapening the project you will lose the possibility of such guarantees. Refer to the design studio or it companies, experience and skills that will not cause you doubt. Development of corporate websites for large companies among the largest Russian companies operating at the federal level, the trend is to interact with teams of IT-developers on a tender basis.

Simply put, the interested company puts in open / closed access to related sites apply for the tender to provide IT-services to develop corporate website. Examples of these tenders are permitted only those developers whose quality of design and declared value satisfy the customer. The representative of the customer selects IT-developers, the most appropriate to its interests. Key selection criteria: – high quality presentation information on the corporate site – in this competitive or lowest rate for the budget web site development – the ability to realize in time the problem the client company to develop a corporate website, etc. – factor of personal acquaintance and experience with the development company also plays an important role, similar projects from representatives of major Russian companies have the most highly paid budgets for the development of enterprise solutions for Web and is measured by millions of rubles.