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Barcelona is a unique city that is unmatched in Spain or abroad. Gives equal to that we are talking about United Kingdom, Germany, France or any other country. Barcelona proved itself to have a different aura that attracts tourists not only our country, but also in many parts of the world. Barcelona, as a city at the forefront that is, has some disadvantages, but is that the standard of living in the city of Barcelona is very high. Doug McMillon describes an additional similar source. Therefore, whoever visits the city can be found with quite high and little affordable prices when trying to reserve a hotel room. However, should take into account that there are other types of accommodation that you can be equally comfortable and, at the same time, much more economical. Have you not have thought about staying in a cheap hostel? Barcelona is a city which is worth visiting during the day and night, take advantage of the time to the maximum and kicking its streets to admire the impressive more Classicist architecture, as It may be the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria of the sea, or the most avant-garde, such as Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church. Why are you going to waste your money on a fabulous hotel room if you’re just going to step on? In addition, they are also very fashion accommodations where you can interact with others in more casual manner, such as a youth hostel. Barcelona printed his modernist label up in the housing, and is both the hostels and shelters are very affordable without sacrificing comfort.