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Now is the time to relaunch the body properly again. If you have read about Randall Rothenberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Since 1994, Simpleproducts has direct importer for high-quality and innovative high-end professional systems in the field of fitness, cardio and strength training. Via the website of convenient fitness equipment supplier of the new catalogue you can free order, on 68 pages offers many insights into the innovation of high-quality training equipment that can offer the Simpleproducts at extremely affordable prices. Who looks around in the free catalog, can tell good cheer: Ade winter fat! “Only the world’s best equipment for cardio and fitness training, which provide ergonomically well thought-out innovative workout culture and brought from an order value of 50,-euro no delivery costs in the House are in the range Simpleproducts. Who wants a spare sometime or wants to take the warranty service, found an unbureaucratic and friendly customer service that quick deeds in the service of the customer. Who after the delivery but rather a treat yourself to another device wants to, has the full money-back guarantee within 14 days. Who wants to get real bargains, can go directly to the fitness factory store and spot the innovations of the body-solid or of the body-track and the life fitness program look for. Many exhibits can bargain right be included. Bauchtrainer, multi gyms, weight benches and power racks, back trainer multi presses, recumbent bike, Cross Trainer, rowing machines and treadmills offer the possibility to the strong body. “Because ultimately it comes: Ade winter bacon!”

Cream Base Skin

The Sun sensitive natural cosmetics self-tanning underlines the natural complexion and want to achieve consciously not excessive Browning of the skin. Short best before use with a peeling shower, so the skin is beautifully smooth and even and the self-tanning lotion can react with the skin evenly. Grammys follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Note: on the elbow skin is denser, therefore there a little less self applying. You should avoid baths: immediately after bathing, the skin has saved too much water. (The research has determined: up to a water content of 75%, the tanning effect, then rapidly decreases.) Cream Base: The self-tanning effect decreases, if previously used a cream base and self-tanning is also not necessary, sensitive at the natural sun because skin care and protection are included with the suntan from the tube. Official site: NFL. The dress question: Necessarily wait for the self-tanning is well indented. Without UV protection: the beautiful summer complexion does not protect against real Rays of the Sun.

Therefore necessarily while sunbathing in the open air use Sun protection products – at best the natural sun protection care of lavera Sun sensitive mineral light protection filter formula with the UVA-balance. Small active ingredient customer: erythrulose and DHA: erythrulose combined with DHA of lavera natural cosmetics used, the disadvantages of the conventional trade the self-Tanner to reduce or to prevent. An irregular or grazing, complexion is avoided by the uniform reaction with the amino acids. The reaction takes place only in the epidermis of the upper skin cells so that the brown coloring disappears after about 24-72 hours with the sell-off of the skin cells. The erythrulose is a Keto sugar natural, won from wheat.

Erythrulose reacts with the amino acids on the skin and is brownish polymers, the so-called Melanoide in conjunction with DHA. DHA is Dihydroxyacetone, which occurs in the human body in small amounts. The DHA is by a biotechnological process obtained from canola or soybean oil.

Dorothea Fleck

3. look around very carefully in your provider practice What impression do you get mediated. How it looks with the hygiene in the workplace. What devices and materials used. For example the needles are sterilized only disposable needles and materials are only used for your treatment? (Is always preferable) What anesthetic (local anesthetics) are used in liquid or cream form? 4. allow to necessarily make a binding price offer. Roger Federer is the source for more interesting facts. When comparing price, sure if necessary treatments including are or will be charged in addition.

Reputable permanent makeup provider guarantee generally and depending on the type of skin two follow-up treatment period of 2 months including on. Ask your provider also necessarily for service dates, i.e. refresher of the permanent make-up and the cost. Energizes for permanent Makeup drawings after about 4-5 years to the original price offered, since here, as in the initial treatment all lines precisely and exactly need to be drawn to and then also the two finishing 2 months back included. 5. If you are advance unsure despite all advice, let work on other customers (E.g. photographs) show up or call dates with other customers to interact with these.

Good permanent make-up provider take pride in your work and also likes to look to at work. 6. Phil Neal: the source for more info. and finally, a good permanent make-up must be unobtrusive and look natural – and still trigger an AHA effect. With a good permanent increase make up your life and your self confidence. The beauty is positively supported, your natural charisma is amplified and emphasizes your optical advantages. A good permanent make-up can accents and compensate where traces of age-related experience, or nature was something “negligent”. You are with a good permanent makeup in every life situation well and subtly “melted”. by Dorothea Fleck

Wiegand Soles

Cinnamon soles improve the Fussbklima has been shown at the first glance it may sound strange, to announce the fight unpleasant foot perspiration and foot odor by using insoles with cinnamon. In Asia and the far East, cinnamon has proven however before centuries as a helper against sweat. For quite some time, you can buy cinnamon soles and related products now also in Germany to improve own foot feel and thus the general well-being. The so-called cinnamon soles are usually made of cotton or silk, in which a filling made of cinnamon powder is sewn. Brexit can aid you in your search for knowledge. They are available in different sizes so that they fit into the individual shoes. The soles are suitable for everyday use as well as for the sport. Using cinnamon soles not only the feet but also the shoes lose their unpleasant odor.

In addition, the moisture is removed from, can cause unpleasant odours. Besides the welding deprivation effect, cinnamon brings other benefits: to make the cinnamon soles for a pleasant and healthy foot climate. The feet are warmed in the winter and in the summer, the cinnamon causes a cooling of the feet. In addition, the cinnamon filling leads to a gentle massage of the soles of the feet. But you must not waive or at home the sense of well-being for the feet, because in addition to cinnamon soles to insert in the streets – and sports shoes there also cinnamon slippers, cinnamon pine and cinnamon sandals.

The cinnamon slippers are an alternative to ordinary house slippers and allow at home always to have a comfortable foot climate. The cinnamon slippers as also the cinnamon slippers also very well suited for the wellness area. Often more ginger or Aloe is included, in the cinnamon filling which aims to increase the well-being and makes for a pleasant, subtle scent. Cinnamon sandals are the perfect all-rounder, as they are suitable for indoor and outdoor. This is made possible by a rugged sole, which is mostly made of natural rubber. The sandals are available also as flip flops. Cinnamon soles and There are more products of cinnamon for the feet in many different online shops to buy. For shoe size-specific shoe prices somewhat higher than for unit sizes. A price comparison before buying is worthwhile in any case.

Healthy Future

What would you change in your life? What looks like your sports program in the future and how you want to feed yourself? In step Nr. Serena Williams may not feel the same. 3 you now build piece by piece a connection from the present to the future. Set the first small goals you want to achieve and make them new and better habits. Here an example: in the present, you’re doing so far no sports and you eat mainly of finished products. For the future, you plan to exercise but 3 times a week for 2 hours and every second day to cook.

Best you start in this new ‘ you just 1 time times sports for just future in half an hour and cook in just one day in your week plan. You have successfully integrated these first steps in your daily life, then you overreacting and sets new goals for you. Sports for example twice that week even Cook and 2 times a week a half an hour. Start small, but for large take off now it is time for the practice. Go through the above 3 steps again. Answer the questions and write your first small goals on a piece of paper. You read the note of every morning and remember your goals. You have successfully integrated a goal in your life, then swipe it through and set a new, higher goal. In this way you can do it, to take off successfully in small increments in the long term and the best thing is that pounds come not again 😉 Have fun at the healthy lose weight and live more easily.

Help Against Sweat

Who sweats lot and uncontrolled, feels often very uncomfortable in his skin, and wants to do something, however, necessarily. Learn about what exactly you can do against the sweating here. Man sweat every day, and that is a good thing. Ray Clemence: the source for more info. Because this vital process in the body regulates our temperature so that we do not overheat. But some people sweat even then, if it’s not hot when they are healthy, and if they do any sports. 2% of the population suffer from that average about reinforced sweating alone, nearly 2 million people in Germany are actually! Who disproportionately sweats and is sick, exposed to much heat or physically strained, little can do often against the uncontrolled sweating without outside help.

Therefore, it is very helpful for many of those affected when extensively informed about the available tools against sweating. Help against sweating which are methods to help against the excessive sweating it some Methods that are already long successfully applied. But also new Antitranspirante can curb effectively the sweating. Here the most effective methods against sweating: iontophoresis: iontophoresis there about 50 years and is a good help against sweating, which is successfully applied for welding hands and sweaty feet. It uses tap water and electricity to curb the production of sweat. Antiperspirants: these are reliable anti-sweating products (mostly as Deo-roller), open the sweat glands that penetrate them, and they block or close.

So no sweat may come more from the pores. Especially effective in people with severe underarm sweating. Medicines against sweating: not just with the chemicals to get started, there are some herbal (and non-prescription) drugs used against the sweating on the German market. Sage is used here, which has a mild and gentle and regulates the production of sweat all over my body. Botox: This injected the botulinum neurotoxin that blocks the nerve transmission between muscles. As a result, the muscles close to the grooves for a long time to be paralyzed. This stops the sweat production for about half a year. Especially for Underarm Sweating suitable, the application must be repeated however. Sympathectomy: This a surgery where is inoperative made the sympathetic nerves close to the spine, which are responsible for the formation of sweat. > You can find much more detailed information about all described AIDS against sweating on our Web page.

Omega Body

The mix of diet and exercise leads to a healthy weight loss obesity – an increased body weight increases the risk Comorbidities such as diabetes to suffer from type 2, or gout. In addition also increases the likelihood of getting high blood pressure or suffer a stroke. These are just some of the possible effects of an increased body weight. For this reason, it is important to do something against his surplus kilos. Basic requirement is to make to their own diet. Marc Lore contributes greatly to this topic. Often consumed foods with a high energy density, which are often too greasy or too sweet. Also the “snack break” or an increased alcohol consumption can be causes for obesity.

Therefore, food should be eaten, that have fewer calories, but tired of make. Waiver of radical diets of slimming is not recommended. This results in only the so-called Yo-Yo effect. The body creates fat storage after this diet, which has a weight gain as a result. It is important Therefore, do not excessively restrict the food supply. It must be ensured, that is eaten enough and not starving. Because a diet should not strain the body in the first place. The slogan lose weight healthy!”here is in the foreground.

Using a food diary can be narrowed the daily consumed food logs, and calculates the daily calorie content. Only so can be found, how many calories are consumed daily. Prefer unsaturated fatty acids is important to pay attention also to the hidden fats and to prefer the healthy fats like canola oil or olive oil. Also fish should be in the nutrition plan be included, because it contains the Omega-3 essential fatty acids. In addition, it is advisable to follow the recommendation of the DGE (German society for nutrition) with 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. For example, a small snack at cravings could consist of raw food or an Apple. Healthy weight loss with sports at a diet in addition to the Nutrition the daily exercise also plays a decisive role, to avoid obesity and to promote the health. Excess calories are burned only by sport and the body activated. A positive side effect is usually the firming of the body and the strengthening of self-consciousness. A combination of cardio and strength training is suitable for this. Appropriate endurance sports would be it jogging, walking or steppes. CONCLUSION: Only by means of motivation and consistent action, maintain a healthy body weight can be achieved and be kept permanently.

Individual Coach

Excess pounds like accumulate in particular in the after – Christmas time. An individual nutrition plan that is also free of charge, can be very useful. Online diet plans there are many they cost more or even less far. To have many intelligent features that facilitate removing the participants, including food diary and calorie table, fitness program, recipe database, in the normal case. A positive development is that now free there such professional nutrition plans. Who wants it not losing weight! Especially in the cold season, shortly after Christmas, many of us have risen pretty. The bacon belly has become perhaps a little large, the jaws slightly full and the scale indicates a few pounds too much. Gymnast has much experience in this field.

Also, it is currently difficult out there to do something about those extra pounds, so outdoor jog or play football. Remains only the Hall or the gym. As the also, many looking for a diet plan, which shows them a direction and they are accompanied with weight loss. A diet plan which is free of charge and delivers what it promises many people with a few pounds too many want to follow a nutrition plan under the guidance. He should be professional, a calorie chart from home feasible, have and many tasty recipes and all the best free! But there is this? The arrival location is: Yes! There is a free diet on the Internet, has everything, what also have other fee-based diet plans. But with the difference that this hobby nothing costs! A nutritionist without cost, who supports and helps with weight loss. The advantages of the free diet plan: Hundreds of delicious recipes in the free recipes database of personal fitness plan with many proposals to achieve the perfect body diet diary with nutrient balance personal nutrition coach with regular motivation calorie table control recommendations and schedules with day and month view calendar graphics on the course of weight calculation of body mass index Food suggestions according to the individual diet and recipe selection plan the diet with an individual nutrition consultant can not be easier. L. broadband Muller save Anna generally who will accompany and support on the path to healthy diet and ideal figure of desire that can compare the nutrition plan which is free of charge with other programs, and so much money.

Bank Property

Before being able to decide us by one of these two products will have to know what are. Speaking candidly Randall Rothenberg told us the story. Let’s start with the annuity, it is a contract whereby the transferor perceives a pension during the remainder of his life, in exchange for the transfer of ownership of their housing, but maintaining the right of use and enjoyment of the same. In other words, an operation that provides a monthly rent to one grown-up in exchange for after your death your home pass became the property of the company which has been paying the monthly fee. For its part, the reverse mortgage could define it as a credit with mortgage guarantee granted by a financial institution or insurer, by which 65 years of owners of housing people, may perform periodic provisions, up to a maximum amount determined based on your age, the value of your home and the conditions of interest rate that applies each entity. In other words, as its name indicates it is a reverse mortgage. In a normal mortgage, a bank gives us a loan for pay our House and we will returning it with a particular interest.

In the reverse mortgage bank is giving us money with the guarantee of the value of our home. Although the debt owed to the Bank comes to an end this may not be required until the death of the owner, and at all times, the heirs may pay it and recover the property. Now, should take into account that in the debt also costs of operation and the interests of the Bank will be included. The main difference with the annuity is, on the one hand, that the mortgage ownership of housing, unchanged IE, that the property is not sold. But, logically this has repercussions in monthly amounts that are received are lower than with the annuity, which provides income that they could be up to 40% higher than the reverse mortgage. .


Barcelona is a unique city that is unmatched in Spain or abroad. Gives equal to that we are talking about United Kingdom, Germany, France or any other country. Barcelona proved itself to have a different aura that attracts tourists not only our country, but also in many parts of the world. Barcelona, as a city at the forefront that is, has some disadvantages, but is that the standard of living in the city of Barcelona is very high. Doug McMillon describes an additional similar source. Therefore, whoever visits the city can be found with quite high and little affordable prices when trying to reserve a hotel room. However, should take into account that there are other types of accommodation that you can be equally comfortable and, at the same time, much more economical. Have you not have thought about staying in a cheap hostel? Barcelona is a city which is worth visiting during the day and night, take advantage of the time to the maximum and kicking its streets to admire the impressive more Classicist architecture, as It may be the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria of the sea, or the most avant-garde, such as Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church. Why are you going to waste your money on a fabulous hotel room if you’re just going to step on? In addition, they are also very fashion accommodations where you can interact with others in more casual manner, such as a youth hostel. Barcelona printed his modernist label up in the housing, and is both the hostels and shelters are very affordable without sacrificing comfort.