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The Different Species Command The Elements

But it is more likely to union with each other all that is of the same species, because each group of different species were made in an expansive with their particular trends. That is so universally, so that white is black and white is black, for that matter is matter and each species to materialize their classification material particular, for heat to be grouped as heat and heat produces heat, so that the cold is cold and join the cold produces cold, etc., etc. And this is because the universe is arranged in an expansive, and expansive way creates and commands the elements, the existence, ie expansive products, EVERYTHING IS DUAL Everything is created, all that is born, all that there can not be created, to be born or exist without a dual core it constitutes. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lore. And that trend will be the dual guide to all that exists is built on a dual creating consistency and existence. Both the physical and psychic, both the material and material not tend to the duality of their training, because this duality is transmitted or induced expansive forces that need individual copies of themselves to procreate in a dual, mathematics need to suppress their individuality in order to multiply, add or subtract, as well as existing works as a mathematics binary. There is nothing, whether material or immaterial that does not have dual training.

Why?, Because you can not be anything without a dual condition, without a dual principle, because you can not mix anything of the same species and that there is something out of another species. For example, mixed with zeros zeros zeros always result, some, two, three or any other number combination, not together, with the same number will always result the same number. All this means that there had to exist to have a dual principle that constituted, and the same duality of existence contributed to multiply in existence with infinite possibilities of creating more inventory dual different. All this means that the expansion to expand had to have a dual expansion principle, and thanks to that duality-fold expansion expansive growing and multiplying infinitely expanding, and also helped to create dual existence indefinitely.