Swiss Guard

-After your mission as a Swiss Guard, what you’re spending? I am in a period of rest and tranquility. I’m getting used to civilian life again. In the near future, my challenge and hope would be working in the humanitarian field. -Would you be a priest? You don’t have to confuse the Switzerland guard service and the seminar. Our service is in military court, not a priesthood. I have, in any case, that mention that some guards, after his period of service in Rome, have embraced the religious life. -What has been your happiest moment as a Swiss Guard? It has been two. Learn more at this site: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak.

The first year of service, when on the occasion of the ceremony of the oath, on 6 May 1993, I submitted my parents to Pope Juan Pablo II. The second was on 9 November 2005, when I was able to deliver personally to the Pope Benedicto XVI the first copy of my book on the history of the guard, ending seven years of research. – And your saddest moment? A sad moment to remember, it was the first year of service, on the night of Christmas, I was only in the Apostolic Palace, while in St. Peter’s Basilica was the Christmas songs. It was my first Christmas without my family. -What is more you impressed of the Vatican? St.

Peter’s Basilica, thinking that its construction was started more than 500 years ago. It’s impressive to think that it was possible to construct a big building without the technological means today, and that still holds the world. Journalist, writer and militarChristian Richard, former non-commissioned officer of the Pontifical Switzerland guard, was born in Switzerland the year 1970. After completing military service in Switzerland continues his military career achieving the rank of sergeant major. He arrives at the Vatican on March 1, 1993 and farewell service on September 30, 2008. During this period, He developed the functions of guard of the treasure of the Sistine Chapel, editor of the annual journal, historical Advisor and scientist, translator (German and French). The security apparatus of the Papal guards he organized with commissioned to substitute for the sergeant major. He joined the service of security during the vacant seat, the Conclave and the election of Pope Benedicto XVI. In 1996, for his fidelity to the Holy Father’s service, the cross Pro Ecclesia Et Pontiff receives the Benemerenti Medal, in 1998 and in 2007 the Medal of Knight of the Orden de San Silvestre Papa. In 2001 collaborated in the publication of the first edition in French Rencontre avec the Garde Suisse Pontificale au Vatican. Passion for history was dedicated seven years to collect information, documents, photographic material and performed thus La Guardia Svizzera Pontificia you can corso dei secoli, book that develops the 500 years of history of the guard, published in 2005. In 2006, he was member of the scientific committees and coordinator of Organization of exhibitions on the Pontifical Switzerland guard, in the Vatican and the United States.