Renate Ramerseder

The ability to submit ads through photos and also videos,. get this an attractive personal touches. Professional tools facilitate trade in horses and riding articles breeders: statistics, notifications, and automatic improvement suggestions for dealer ads belong to the feature set. A total of nine separate markets are offered after the relaunch. Financial and technical assistance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vorarlberger Media House digital, the project by the investor of VM.

Interfaces with all areas of the community creates an ideal combination of ads and Web community. Equipped with all the tools for user friendly and modern social networking wants to consolidate its leading position for future growth. Topics such as social media, community, social commerce irritate us, so everything that is associated with the term WEB 2.0 in technical jargon. With our existing technology we are thus at some point on the growth boundary pushed.”includes the Bernd Weidmann, CEO and co-founder of Challenges together. The six enterprise content management system provided the ideal foundation to expand this area further in future and thus offer a lot of value to our users.” Social networks and electronic commerce, taking into account of such personal ties and connections are now often inextricably linked. This plays an important role, when, as in, a relatively large proportion of ads is created by private users.

Here, will set trends through innovative and modern services and facilities in the future. The six enterprise content management system provides targeted support for the ad gathering process: through a user friendly interface all relevant information can be structured and with all attributes relevant for a later search. Thanks to the modern infrastructure and an extensive system of rights, private as well as commercial users can also individually manage their ads and customize. Web services areas of the online services by automatic integration of current information in the form of video portals or maps tools as well as advertisements and content from third-party.