Proper Eating

For example, a chocolate snack before class, you raise the level of glucose in the blood, and, accordingly, while working on this fuel can increase up to an hour or more, and the organism may not be necessary to use the fat depot. In this case, health the effect of exercise will not change, and fat burning decreases. Rigor against carbohydrate intake after loading too justified. You already have a rest, and the body continues to operate in emergency mode – ox processes are very energy intensive. In sports medicine, the first 15 minutes after the workout called "phase carbohydrate window" – the intensive needs "fuel" resources. Thus, during sustained load main carbohydrate reserves are exhausted, then poslerabochem period there is a chance to use the mobilized extracted from the fat depot, ie, continue to "lose weight" within the next hour. NBA might disagree with that approach. If the answer to the wishes of the body and after give him a workout carbs, he gratefully take advantage of them rather than your fat stores. The most difficult on the way to a healthy lifestyle are the first steps.

There is a stage, a man perceived as a stage fruitless struggle. You started to eat properly, become a member of the sports club, and the effect of their efforts are not watching. I will not use this article as an advertisement of a personal training, although no recommendations Professional difficult to independently achieve significant results. Continue. The most frequent and the only indicator you consider weight loss. The body on this other priorities. To him, your weight, body temperature, pH blood and other parameters – is constant and it is, keeping constant internal environment, not just in a hurry to change them.

It will take time, so that the body has adapted to a new diet and level of physical activity, I realized that your efforts – it is not random stresses. A different way of life. At this stage, we often lose the "newcomers". Do not worry and do not despair – the result is, it guarantees you a long swing and long-term impact and success. Remember the chart weight gain, is a linear dependence, and reduction – the kind step curve: the phase of the plateau, and then minus 2.3 kilograms, again a "plateau" and following the lost weight and so on, but to a certain point. The body stops when all the figures come close to the optimum, and further efforts to reduce can not really be effective. The body protects itself from excessive losses, he is interested in favorable operating conditions, and the depletion and degeneration will not be his choice.