Nutritional Foods

Not yet we can forget the employee general services, that work 40 hours and receive a minimum wage. How horror! They wash, they pass, they sweep, makes food, distribute merenda, serves cafezinho and still they aturam many and other things. Sweat, fatigue, consuming, everything are part of a so difficult life. They could also receive a wage worthy from survival. I still imagine our children, who many of them do not have what to eat in house and wait the day of the recreation to receive merenda pertaining to school. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out kellee marlow san francisco. This is another problem that we face in the education.

The alimentaes in the majority are not of values nutritional, not offering to proteins necessary it welfare. Some pass of the validity, placing in risk the health of the children. Apple, pear, grape, potato, yoghurt, baked chicken, pasta, fish, room of fruits and other cardpios are distant of the pertaining to school reality. When it is that the education will have priority in this country? Or better, when it is that our education one day could be a departure of pantry of the world? At least it would have high investments and the world would be come back toward it. As well as stadiums they pass for reorganization, the schools with certainty also would be.

As well as the main leaders of the CBF they congregate to decide the future of the soccer with as much responsibility and persistence, the representatives politicians also could make the same with the education. As well as the players so they are valued, the professors also could. As well as passes of players are Real millions, at least of the professors could pass of the house of R$ 985,00 for 20 working hours. As well as the players they gain chuteiras of gold, medal of honor to the merit, the professors could to receive at least a penxs, notebook, pencil, rubber to work instead of taking off of its proper and pauprrimo wage. Unhappyly, the reality is this and it could not never be camouflaged, disfarada. Coitada of the Education, deals therefore it with much picaretagem. We suffer to each minute with constrangedoras situations that in giving shame to them to enter in the classroom.