Munich Kirchweihdult

The historic Kirchweihdult offers stalls selling traditional items, rides and other attractions on the Mariahilfplatz in Munich. The held late October Kirchweihdult is suitable for tourists who are staying in one of the Munich hotels. Recently kellee marlow sf sought to clarify these questions. The big street market, which takes place from October 16 to 24, is one of three Auer Dulten, which are held annually in Munich. “The name of the event means Church fair”, although the word Dult from an old high German word for Clerkenwell “is derived. Originally, it was a market that was based on religious festivals, although one nowadays so that rather brings a variety of stalls in connection, selling rustic earthenware, rare books, beauty products and knickknacks. Visit the Kirchweihdult, which is held on the centrally located Mariahilfplatz is a good opportunity to get an authentic insight into the life of Munich and take still a bargain or souvenir home for holiday-makers.

The Fair is the ideal opportunity for fans of traditional costumes. Those are sold to some stalls lederhosen and Dirndl at, who want to immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere of the event. The event is more than just a huge flea market and offers many more entertainment options. In addition to acrobats and clowns fairground attractions include the market like a carousel, Dodgems and shooting galleries, as well as a wide range of food and drink stalls. Attractions for children include horse riding and a puppet show. Hungry visitors will find abundant traditional Bavarian snacks such as the Steckerlfisch grilled Wuertchen and roasted almonds. The Auer Dulten, whose first recording date back to the year 1310, continue to belong to the most popular events in Munich.