Internet Time

If the user has to spend hours flipping pages your site to find interesting information, it is unlikely to spend as much time next time. Try to organize the site navigation so that the user reaches the desired information with a maximum at the third from the main page, ie in three clicks. It is mandatory to create a mini search engine on your site. Only she can truly help you in finding the necessary information for him. 3. Think about website design. I want to give advice to many novice Web designers and saytostroitelyam.

Do not get carried away graphical content of the site. This does not attract more visitors, and the more they will not stop. Design your site should be easy and fit the theme of your site. Remember one axiom, search engines only accept the text on your site. Graphics, many scripts for them to have not a value, they simply do not see.

If you still want to do your site attractive, try to decorate it with small graphic elements. You can read about this, click on this link. 4. Make ruble 'Read more ' Surely on your site topic is where you publish their articles. At the end of each article make reference to your previous or the best articles, or other materials on your site. This will force the user to retain for a longer time, resulting in it not only read the information on your site, but make sure that your site is valuable to him. 5. Think about updating the main site to update on time. Try to observe the speed of deployment of new information on the site. It is desirable that renewal period was 3 times a week. Although many of the regime is very difficult to observe. Create a plan by which you update your site in a given regime. Stick to it. Visitor accustomed to the fact that your site updated regularly and will try to look at it often. 6. Create mailing lists. It is mandatory to create a mailing list on your site. This could be any news from your site or updated articles or other useful information. Make a free gift for all of your subscribers, thus setting them an incentive to which they will go to your website. The main gain as many subscribers who continue to grow into loyal customers and visitors to your site. 7. Create an rss feed. The new technology every day part of our lives in the network. This technology is called Web2. According to this concept of the site should contain operational channel with his visitors, who can receive automatically the information you need from your own site. So is the technology channel rss. Your site should have its own RSS-channel, but rather several. If the information on this site interested visitor, he will sign it. With the help of special programs (RSS aggregators), or your browser you can view all the changes in the subscribed channel. By the way, here is a link to the rss-channel on business in Internet. And finally, try to understand the following: information – primary. Everything else is secondary.