For more active people he is simply a poem: the cheeky cheerful sashes hippsy. Vienna. Autumn drizzle time. There, only the hard in the garden trust. And only the ultra hard still further. Because sometimes my heart: rain, cold, fog can be there walking, treking, hiking and other outdoor sports really have fun? Since repeated it but the death, or? Not, Uwe Seiler is right.

The expert of the sun4you fashion sales specialist has inbound deals with the subject of aching and therefore know how to generally to protect activities hiking, walking and outdoor health dangers. His advice: “mainly, kidneys warm on cold days. Chill hits women nine times more frequently than men In fact include kidneys and pelvis to the cold sensitive regions of the human body, specifically, if this body belongs to man a female specimen of the genus. Unfair, but true: According to statistics caught it nine times more frequently than men women from slamming cystitis, back pain and other ailments that go on the account of a chill. These are complaints that fit neither women nor men when hiking, walking, extended treking or other outdoor-Vergnugungen in the concept of health. Although the body especially needs hiking, walking and outdoor in the season of falling leaves, because movement of fresh air strengthens the defences, it scares the autumn blues and makes the people really fit for the winter even harder. these questions.

Consequently, Uwe Seiler recommendation is therefore: “warm are kidneys at the outdoor cold days a must. Which sometimes sports would like to walking, hiking, treking, cycling: I highly recommend each one the cool Beckenwarmer by hippsy. With hippsy make a good figure: when walking, hiking, and more hippsy, the young, dynamic fashion label based in Austria, proves with his stylish collection of sashes, that you as a fashion-conscious Woman (as a man susceptible to fashion trends as well) even on cold days when the walking and hiking can lay down a cool appearance.