Freight Container Transport

Container Shipping – the most modern method of delivery of any cargo. Along with the growth of international and domestic trade and economic relations, increasing the level of traffic in containers. Now, no major manufacturing company can not do without the services of container shipping. Hence the growing number of companies, freight forwarders, providing this service. Very common method of container transportation – is Container transportation services by rail. Railway container transportation, perhaps, the most common and, importantly, affordable way to deliver the goods.

Transporting their goods in containers by rail way, you save not only time but money. To date, this is one of the inexpensive ways of delivery. Here, Samuel “Sam” Mikulak expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thanks to the steady schedule of trains, you can accurately calculate the arrival time of your shipment at the point of destination. How to define a decent transportation company for cargo containers? Services that are provided by freight forwarders: 1. No problems with the availability of rolling stock.

2. The car is available client on the day after ordering. 3. Implementation of the multimodal transport of goods in all directions within Russia. 4. Well-organized, efficient work of all divisions of the company. 5. A set of additional services (insurance, security, cargo handling, etc.) 5. The company has leased as well as your own containers. Any, no self-respecting company of Carrier, guarantee the high quality of service, attentive to their customers and the minimum time of delivery. The company controls the process of moving freight carrier of cargo, thereby ensuring maximum security for container transportation. That includes a cargo container transportation service? After receiving an order from a customer, the company provides a full range of services, conducts a preliminary calculation of the tariff. Prepares all necessary overhead railway and orders necessary container at the station. At the request of the client, the container can be upgraded from the inside. To the warehouse to the client container is delivered freight transport company. All loading operations carried out by employees, freight (if no need for this, the customer can manage on their own). Movement of goods to the destination (on request) is constantly monitored. Insurance shipping container to the warehouse to the consignee unloading – all these services are provided in addition to the customer.