Contact Lenses

Frolic on the playground or skating with the pals for children it has advantages in some situations the ‘head freely to have’. Then, contact lenses are a great alternative to the glasses. Berlin, 04.10.2011 (KGS). Fear of contact with the invisible watch volunteers are unfounded. Studies have shown that kids and teens without hesitation to wear lenses. So today even in adulthood children eyes look healthy in the world, adaptation and regular follow-up are also duty as for the large. Unlike the dial or driving a car there is no minimum age for the wearing of contact lenses. If a child is mature enough to deal with them responsibly, there is nothing against seeing little helpers.

Parents can agree to not so worried. A large-scale study on eye health by lens makers revealed that had only three percent of children aged between eight and thirteen years problems with contact lenses. Thus, their share was as low as the adult lenses carriers. There is the “lens driver’s license” from the Contact lenses customizer. He selects the appropriate model based on the individual characteristics of children eye.

The decision for rigid (hard) or soft lenses aimed even then, how often and on what occasions they are used. In addition, contact lenses Beginners learn how they the view helpers on the eye are get, how long they should remain there and as they are properly cleaned and maintained. A regular check of the quality in the customizer guarantees that eyes, lenses and care products still fit together after weeks and months. The use of contact lenses is “Child’s play” in the truest sense of the word and usually only a few seconds. Cleaning and care can be passed safely after the briefing in hands of children. Parents of smaller children should an eye on it but have, similar to quiet like when brushing your teeth, that the offspring also complies with the “maintenance schedule” for the lenses. Recent studies show that eight to victory just as well in the position, to their contact lenses take care as young people aged from 12 to 17 years. After successful test round, it is then to test the “invisible glasses” in moving everyday. Many leisure activities, contact lenses are a practical and above all safe means of vision correction. Nothing slipped on the nose, fall off or breaks. Just for athletically active kids, therefore soft lenses are very suitable, provided, they fit in form, material, and size to the eyes. But now, the glasses are a hip fashion accessory. But just in the teenage years, many adolescents finds it difficult to external change. In this case, contact lenses and psychological effect. Nevertheless: who wears lenses, wearing whatever glasses. At the end of a long school, play and sports day, it makes sense to take a break eyes and contact lenses.