Consumer Council

We would therefore once again publicly pronounce thanks to the parties, the left, FDP, the DGB and the Consumer Council Brandenburg on behalf of all known and concerned citizens of! The Consumer Council of Brandenburg, the DGB and the parties have confirmed us seriously to combat the abuses rightly denounced. The FDP goes so far as to allow better possibilities of action for affected consumers. We can only welcome that, because we are sure this is the right way. Stop with the comprehensive insurance mentality that have leased to individual directors and managers apparently for themselves! Such signals are good and important, because many citizens of our country can hardly understand the present policy! Following way of thinking, so to us in talks with many affected consumers pushed for, seems to ensure some frustration among citizens: – is a bank called hypo Real estate is bailed out billions taxpayers with approximately 100, where the actual value just once, if at all, is 300 million. To broaden your perception, visit sports apparel. Still correctly placed here is the Word save? Perhaps safety make would have been unwanted insights but rather the more correct word choice. Somehow reminds dealing invested with this bank to the disaster at Chernobyl, because has you not also there a lot of money, not to the outside the inside to release? None of the insurance companies known to us would insure an already burning house! However, by the citizens, expect that this furniture probably burning houses of the insurance and Bank sectors bears, during which the guilty, Board members and managers, are not punished but rewarded with fire accelerators and bonuses in the millions still! A little tasteless reality is here already, still true. If we have correctly understood the FDP and the DGB, the end should be heralded for such machinations! They support so our Work and the politicians and trade unions, which are fighting for your rights. At the same time, also you can afford a big contribution for a better future, by demanding transparency of companies, such as the insurance industry now, before they complete a private retirement no matter what kind! Again, care is often cheaper and more reasonable than sorry! The LV research team Berlin offers assistance. A consultation Protocol, which is ready for us free to download to make difficult decisions easier and provide the necessary protection against unwanted and dubious capital investments of the insurance industry. Further important information please also see: Achmed of great by the LV research team Berlin