Bodybuilding is perhaps the only sport where the outcome depends entirely on the supply. No, I do not mean the obvious fact that bodybuilders have to eat more than anyone else on the other. The bottom line is that the food in Bodybuilding is regarded as an equal part of the overall methodology of the plan. Just as exercise, nothing more, nothing less. Without a reliable power supply circuit, which gives the hands a bodybuilder clear plan of action, an impressive muscle mass not increase. In this sense, the novice should have no illusions: they never become bodybuilders, if they do not eat like bodybuilders. I often get the following message: "I train for several years on techniques Champions, and the results are far from settlement. " Meanwhile, the secret is simple.

Yes, a lover of trains in those complexes, which are trained by the best of the best, and to their normal diet, he added, perhaps only protein powder, Yes, maybe the chicken on Sundays. As for the champions, they complement the training carefully calculated diet, satisfying all the needs of the body in the macro-and micronutrients that occur under his by heavy physical exertion. Kulturisticheskaya diet should kill two birds with one stone. First, it must provide the body with enough calories to maintain his energy in the mode of stress training. In this sense, the diet should contain 65-70% carbohydrates. Such a high proportion of carbohydrate content is not in the normal diet. This means that a bodybuilder, not a balanced diet of carbohydrates, trains halves.

He does not develop that effort, which stimulates muscle growth. Do not confuse effort with physiological psychology. Believe me, no matter how you strained the will, but growth without carbs you will not. It would be like to press on gas pedal with an empty tank. Those who still did not believe me, let him hold a simple experiment: buy a so-called 'Gainer' – a carbohydrate powder with a low content of protein, vitamins and minerals.