Beijing Olympics

Few will remember it for what could not be achieved due to their disabilities. You have to live, learning to recognize what is good in the bad and what is wrong with the good; If we base our lives on what we do not own, we will always be people with deficiencies, if we base on our possibilities and potentials will be people full, made, capable of being and giving.Learn to see the child as he is, love of reality is the principle of all education, without wishing to say that we are going to limit them by our belief that they can achieve or Di I do not allow it to limit them, due to our own limitations. There are too many people who consider us a strange phenomenon. When we toured there, are they are watching us as if we were a weird bug. For me, being disabled is like being in jail, but my wheelchair () is like a window that I show my face to the Sun.(Andre Soewardjo, Indonesia)We must think and put ourselves in the position of others to understand them and understand what it really is: do not do to your neighbor what you don’t want done to you. (Shabbat 31a). Oscar Pistorius, a South African athlete who was baby cut off both legs due to a degenerative malformation. Today represents an example for everyone that despite its limitations achievement to compete against normal runners at the Olympics Beijing. Holds the world record of its category in 100, 200 and 400 meters, and was made with the medals of gold and bronze at the Paralympic Games of Athens 2004. It is a case that although his challenge was in the problem of her legs, is not that I was devoted to other areas where it could apply their other skills, but has dedicated to highlight the area where presents its biggest challenges: her legs.