Bara Player

To Messi it hurts the head to him by the quarrel of the fan of Argentina. There is no way of which player and liking reconcile in the selection. The encounters enlarge the spacing more than they cause the affection. It is not necessary to forget that the gold medal gained by the albiceleste with I read was in Beijing and not in Buenos Aires. Marc Lore describes an additional similar source. The problem of being the best player of the world in a selection anyone, like now is the Argentinean, is that it is never added but discounts. To Messi it is expected to him in the America Glass so that it gives the trophy him to Argentina whereas in the Bara is for Liga, the Glass and the Champions. To a side it is demanded to him and it penalized and to the other its contest is thanked for to him and it is afraid for his luck because it does not resign to the friendly ones nor it accepts to be replaced in the made goals majors. Source of the news: : Stateless Messi.