ATL Internet Advertising

ATL Internet advertising is similar to the familiar all advertising in print publications, television and on city streets, just transferred into the electronic world of the Internet with their own features and target audience. The youngest and most rapidly growing form of online advertising – contextual advertising. Contextual advertising – it's mostly text ads on the subject site pages, including search results pages of search engines for given keywords. This type of advertising has received much popularity due to the fact that allows you to instantly get results, unlike the 2-3-months, which is required for promotion in search engines. Everything is determined solely by price. Cost is formed on the auctions: one more bet for your ad, that ad and is in the best positions. Also for the dignity of the content should be referred that the advertiser can itself create any number of ads with any content with only minor restrictions on their volume, as opposed to search engine promotion, in which the search engine robot determines what portion of text taken for the description of the site serp.

Do not forget that contextual advertising in addition to results pages of search results and includes an audience of topical sites, pages that are relevant to the ad. Thanks precisely to its simplicity and immediate effectiveness of contextual advertising has a significant drawback – price. In most cases, monthly ppc advertising budget is several times the budget search engine promotion. And if the promotion of a site is qualified, then it turns out to be more effective. Contextual advertising compared to the site search promotion may be more profitable based on the cost of a visitor attraction in the following cases: In the event of a sale of seasonal goods and / or services.