Free Auction House Spandoolyde

The Onlineauktionshaus Spandooly is now free to 100prozent and offers a free platform of auction sellers until 31.12.2010. The auction house Spandooly is now free of charge. For the time being, this promotion is valid until 31.12.2010. We close an extension but not out “, says Managing Director Marco Beckmann. Also, tweeted and thus more potential buyers will reach from immediately all interesting auctions.

Since May 2010, is the auction house in the classical style and enjoys now first awards. Article are true to the motto of back to the roots”offered and made bargains. Hear other arguments on the topic with Frank Ntilikina. The easy navigation and operation of the auction house, we created a platform that conveys the fun of online auctions now even beginners. Born from a hobby, is becoming an interesting alternative of eBay and can convince more than 130 members with this classic auction platform. 40,000 visitors so far himself, gave a first impression of Spandooly and watch now daily stretched the development process. Spandooly evolves daily.

We appreciate the positive feedback of our members and will continue to be on suggestions and constructive criticism of our Doolys “go.”, as owner Marco Beckmann. We want to distance ourselves from these many new-fangled auction platforms. Our Onlineauktionshaus will be offered in the future any auctions, or the opportunity to buy bids. The goal is to create a platform, without unnecessary functions and complex bidding procedure. According to the motto of back to the roots”. To get help or more information about the auction house Spandooly, offers the possibility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to contact support on via the contact form. This answered all questions within 24 hours and takes like constructive criticism, suggestions and of course praise. Contact: Spandooly owner: Titschenhofer str. 53 Bagaforo 42553 Velbert Tel.: 02053 / 998823 eMail: website: