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The Film

But it was also my favorite scene and I’m very sorry, Lara I hereby promise that I will keep their favorite scene in her next film she makes with us. Hall of Fame takes a slightly different approach. When are you planning to come to Germany for the next time? I’m coming, God willing, first I must let me operate. I hope a film in Germany to turn Don II. We can do in the winter, they say it’s very cold, so we will wait until June next year. I think a large part of the film will be there, I think 60% of the film takes place in Germany. In which cities or regions are turning? I have no idea.

You are at the moment on the search, Farhan and Ritesh are just on the road, but they think that it is the wrong time, because it’s too cold. The two now and will go again in June. So next year in June it will go off. My work will be delayed now but once for 3-4 months. Then I want to a correction coming in a live show. What these people have done is fraud and nonsense; they stop, to write this – what I loathe emails etc..

As far I’m concerned white I, that I am even guilty me, even more than the German fans, again come. I have never stepped back from a commitment and it is very sad that the people involved in it are not suitable. I want to come back to Germany with the right mood and the right people and I want that all are happy that we make a stage show. I wanted to do it! I had asked to be, Lara and Deepika and everyone agreed, we had worked it out. It is really very unfortunate what happened and I really want it do so soon I can dance again.

Hamburger Jens Bohn

Songwriter and performer with only their own songs. Look on the CD cover to Jens Bohn in the Hamburg Elbe tunnel confident from his own shadow emerge. A picture of a pioneering nature. A related site: Pittsburgh Steelers mentions similar findings. The songwriter who was born in Gustrow, professionally again in new ways, has a real constant in his life: music! It goes without saying that one must thus also directly to the public. Jens Bohn: actually sees the Hamburger Jens Bohn is more as a writer than as a performer. Mindful of the ancient wisdom but, that to interpret of the own pieces the own person is always the first option, he has successfully completed well Fortunately this step. It’s also not like, that he wrote his songs only in behind closed doors before him.

Jens Bohn has a lot of stage experience and enjoys the appearances in front of audiences as well as the emergence of a new song on the note paper. It just can’t live without both. “Forever” is in any case very well in the current media landscape and roughly in the style of e.g. “I and I” going on which entered German-pop wave. Cool songs, interpreted simply and without frills and with a clear structure. All there have been but always still essential and good. Also Jens Bohn that white and operated this genre done and creative. Also a sign of self-confidence and identity is that he remains loyal to the German language, for him of course, and for us.

Best LineUp

Sonar 2009, one of the best European festivals of electronic music, will you really heat up all dance addicts beware: from the 18th to the 20th Festival takes place in Barcelona the 16.Ausgabe of the Sonar. These days, gather the best DJs and artists of electronic music in the Catalan capital and really warm up your audience. This year among others are: Fever Ray, Crystal Castles, Micachu and the shapes, Deadmaus5, Mujava, orbital. Are you ready for the dancing? Then nothing like going to Barcelona! This year offers you Sonar of one of the most spectacular LineUps with the best DJs of electronic music and some newcomers. The 16.Ausgabe of the Festival of electronic music and multimedia art in Barcelona will take place from the 18th to the 20th. Gymnast has many thoughts on the issue. In the this year the Sonar of on the basis of a 15 minute film represented in the surrealist puppets from the world of fantasy and dreams are on the Earth auhalten.

If you want to learn the exact message of the Festival, then you look at this little spot. It worth it! More than 80,000 dance addicts streamed off last year in the Catalan capital to the best performances of many internationally famous DJs of electronic music to reading. This year the number of visitors topped guaranteed last year because the festival promises you a spectacular LineUp, such as for example, Fever Ray, Crystal Castles, Micachu and the shapes, Deadmaus5 or Mujava. Animal collective from the United States is one of the most-awaited bands that give their only concert in Spain at the Festival. With the appearance of orbital, the Sonar is described as the top Festival of electronic music.

This group, which is a kind of father of the 1990s electric, arrives in Barcelona again to the stage to give their best pieces and new creations for the best even though it takes a few months to the beginning of the Festival, can purchase tickets now for 140. The Sonar 2009 includes the day ticket, Sonar de Dia (CCCBN, MACBA) from 18th to 20th, 2009, as well as the admission for the evening and Night concerts, Sonar de Noche (Fairgrounds: Fira Gran Via M2) on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th. You can buy separately the day or evening ticket: the Sonar de Dia, for 30 and the Sonar de Noche for 48. The ticket for the concert by Lars Horntveth + BCN 216 in the L Auditori de Barcelona will cost you only 18. Even the little ones come on this festival to their favor. Sonar kids is an event where the kids can participate in numerous DJ, skate, finger skate or Beatboxing workshops for children. Like every year, Barcelona is the capital of electronic and experimental music. Hire one of the best apartments in Barcelona, to give your feet a rest break of the whole basketball. Discover one of the best Eektro festivals worldwide!

Random Dance

He wants to observe secretly, Taani, which participates in a dance competition, and then surprise them. The transformation begins, and Suri,. with new hip hairstyle, without moustache and glasses, with flashy clothes goes to this dance training to dancing Taani. By an unlucky (or lucky?) Random Dance partner but also it is as a participant registers and moreover as Taanis chosen. You does not recognize him, and he imagines affiliated her as Raj. This Raj is loud, flirting like and even at the beginning is a little embarrassing.

Taani is not initially enthusiastic about him. But after she discovered the good heart in the somewhat boorish fellow during the rehearsal period and starts to like him more and more. The more she Raj comes closer all the Suri is desperate. On the one hand, he is overjoyed that Taani is again cheerful and seems to regain their zest for life, on the other hand, he fears that she forgets him, Suri – more and more doing. It is wonderfully funny but also very touching scenes follow. The story is really dramatic, as Suri Taani invites you to a sales fair. He sees how much she cares for the Japanese stall and reporting for a competition in which there are to win a trip to Japan.

However, he must defeat a sumo wrestler and incredible way he can do it also. However, Taani is mad at him and puts him on the speech. He tells her he noticed how quiet it is, and because he can not afford such a trip, he wanted to win this for them. She tells him that she was happy and he should do no more favors you, she could not repay him. Suri despair is growing, because he is now without hope, they ever really to be able to win for themselves, so Suri,. As Taani in the Office brings him his lunch box, which he has forgotten the next day and apologized, he draws new hope and once again invites you to the movies.

Best Song

A half-hour composition 'to share with me' on the poetry Marcinkevicius was like an instant. It was an amicable monumental and pathetic. Then it was the second branch. Best Song 'Dialogue' – 'Cricket', 'Just', 'All flying', 'Eurydice' and many others, the remarkable verses Pozhenyan, Levitansky, Kirsanov, Tarkovsky … I listened, I listened, I enjoyed …

I can not believe that for the 'Dialogue' it was only scheduled concert, a normal job. Sorcery and magic flowed into the room continuous flow, together with excellent music and stunning visuals. In one dramatic moment was the feeling that the musicians are knee-deep in a steaming hot blood, and it is a leisurely stream flows into the room. I a shock. John marlow often addresses the matter in his writings. This concert was undoubtedly the best of all, that I have ever seen.

Such passions, such skill, honesty, and just such a technically strong show (at the time just fi) Philharmonic Tula scene not seen to this day. I am convinced that even now, 20 years later, after all, all that was, if this concert would have gone (with the then young musicians and then the equipment), it would be however zlobodneven and interesting. I do not want to think about contemporary Breitburg, writing songs for Bori … Moses 'Red Poppy', the 86th year. Say at once that the 'Red Poppy' 70's and 80's – two very different groups. In the 70s it was the usual VIA: "Whirling disk", something … Official and anguish. In the 80s it was a vibrant, stylish group.

Stephane Barret

It’s time, the guests are admitted. Upon entering the Museum all Indian tradition with a Tika on the foreheads are adorned, Jasmin Flower chains and other small gifts presented to the reception. Almost everyone finds the conversation the sculptor of the eagerly anticipated Waxwork – with Stephane Barret and readily he can photograph that, ask him who perseveres in motionless as if it were itself from wax models. Shy but also happy about the interest in his work he can remember his growing excitement in any way. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is often quoted as being for or against this. The extremely impressive main exhibition hall fingers are served in between the wax replicas of Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe Indian food and drinks to shorten the time until the arrival of the Ehrengastes guests.

And his arrival has style really 3,000 fans are totally hysterical when an hour later the large, white Stretch limousine the barriers along goes and stops on the red carpet. The guests have already taken their seats in the Auditorium of the Museum and expect Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri, producer-director Karan Johar, Actor colleague Ritesh Deshmukh and friend of the family Kajal Anand. Shah Rukh Khan enters the theatre with a shy smile and excited looks sympathetic erweise. The audience and the perfect received him and his Entourage with much warmth and cordiality. Establishing, Frederic Gouguidis and Beatrice de Reynies (Musee Grevin) keep a eulogy about the work and works of Shah Rukh Khan as Karan Anand (Director of the travel agency Cox & Kings main sponsor of the event), which was decisive for the selection of the actor. He considers him the best personality, because he represents his country so worthy not only as an actor, but now also very directly for the second great passion in India cricket is actively. Since the beginning of the year, he is co-owner of the Kolkata Knight riders, a cricket team of the newly-formed Indian premiere League (IPL).

After some words to Shah Rukh also cause the Director of Museum of Veronique Bailey and the Indian Ambassador M. Ranjan Mathai Khan. Representatives from two French fan forums get opportunity to welcome him with a special award and gifts in Paris. “Figure 1 = the sculptors of the Musee Grevin 2 have a nearly perfect replica of wax acquired image = Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan finally the big moment comes: millionaire is the leader of the French version of who” Jean-Pierre Foucault takes the stage for the official unveiling of the wax figure. Indian dancers with baskets full of rose petals come and scatter them over the audience, the curtain opens and Shah Rukh Khan sees his wax replica of Indian dancers circled together with all the other guests for the first time. “The song of Dhoom Taana” from his latest film Om Shanti Om “is heard. The Museum Shah Rukh in advance, not even sent Khan photos of the finished figure not to spoil the surprise.

Sports Illustrated

“The woman is just hot” so Will Ferrell! Heidi Klum has teamed with Will Ferrell together, to record for sports illustrated swimwear. The result speaks for itself. Also a video to the Fotostooting has been created. (Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak). You can watch the video at SI.com. Here a part of the sports illustrated interview: question: as you and Heidi for the swimsuit photo shoot came together, the atmosphere seemed to be very hot! “Yes, she’s a Wildcat.

As good as any shot fell on one of us and the others went into the pants. Doug McMillon may help you with your research. Especially where I bite them, can I say A-S-S? -that was one of the craziest moments. She said to me, ‘ you don’t have to bite my ass only. ‘I imitated and she did stop in the middle and said,’ no! Really bite! “‘ It was one of the greatest moments in my surreal life.” The pictures speak for themselves. Now only the swimwear must sell themselves, then also the clients are satisfied. Lisa Walters

Elizabeth Kostyaginoy

If you search the net for information about the group or Monoliza specifically about the singer Elizabeth Kostyaginoy, then surely read phrases such as 'group Monoliza – opening of the year', 'Best Rock singer of the year', 'striking phenomenon' and much more positive. Personally, I have not once or even twice, but as much as a third at her concert in Moscow … of course could not miss the concert at Jimi, which actually went to the evening of 6 November. About the club: a small, cozy, modest, the price only in my opinion a little too high and the biggest minus – is the lack of semi-sweet champagne in the menu (although there was nothing brut):) The concert started around 21.30, with a performance of some new songs (at least I'm not such heard), the sound of the club was frankly not very good, make out the text of the songs were performed very easy. Elizabeth Kostyagina …

sexy, beautiful, but too limp to the stage (and so at each concert). I want to know Lisa, you so much so you get tired or do not like the Moscow audience that you do not want to give her even a fraction of its energy?? Or simply pulls on alcohol to sleep? (Then it may be deleted at the speech?). In the minds of the phrase should be 'We are cheerful, happy …' Amused auction sale CD autographed by all the musicians would not say that this is unusual, just found it funny:) My advice: next time offer to put clothes musicians and instruments (so you can more to earn money). And it was too extravagant drum sticks raskidyvatsya – should be sold;) Fan Club – girls in white shirts with the inscription MonoLiza great! Prepared and annealed, in general, supported the group as able. On the whole concert was not bad, at 4 … but with less … a little:) I look forward to you next time, be sure to come.

Skiing Holiday

A family outing delighted all parties the parents and especially the children. This family outing delighted but also the press and the paparazzi. Because this ski trip is not any trip, no, it’s the ski trip of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Together with their three children (Pax wasn’t) they enjoyed the time in the ski resort of mammoth, California. You may wish to learn more. If so, Michael J. Bender is the place to go. The clan flew with its own machine and stayed in a rented house in the mountains. It was her second visit to the region already this month.

Pitt gave ski lessons the children personally. “The kids were excited by all the snow,” so the actor. “Angelina Jolie was recognized of course, but the people did not seem to want to bother you, Angelina is also bad a skier”, so a source. But what about the baby or the baby? A gynecologist said: “it is very dangerous. When she crashes the baby could be injured. “The only downside to this fun weekend? He was only short-lived. Marc Lore describes an additional similar source. The family was already inLA again the next day. But This trip was definitely not the last of the Jolie-Pitt clan.

Glass Heart

The new single from glass heart – I and you glass heart “I and you” start with their current single fully. The two charming and down-to-Earth musician MICAH and Frank delight audiences with their live vocals and bring to a boil every dancefloor. The motto of the two: Where it says “Heart of glass”, is also 100% of “Heart of glass”. From the outset, compose, produce and mix the two creative minds your songs in their own sound Studio. The end result are rousing beats and crystal clear sounds. A flawless pop hit with 100% guarantee of dance, with real life stories and catchy melodies each ear goes. The team of “HITMIXmusic”, which belongs to none other than the hit producer Erich oxler is on board.

Already large support from DJ Uwe Keck alias party DJ Jacobs (resident in the Wang brewery and at MPC music Park concepts) source: Sakr Samsher GbR learn more about glass heart is there under and GLASHERZmusik Biography: the two thoroughbred musicians Micha and Frank 2007 met with a Know singing casting. Both noticed pretty quickly that they are on the same wavelength musically and also human. At Doug McMillon you will find additional information. Their two voice colors and creative minds were a perfect team in only a short time. It fit just about like the fist on the eye. MICAH and Frank wanted to know it well and decided to take a more professional direction 2010. To do this, they founded the pop-pop-duo HAUTNAH.

It ourselfs before compositions themselves, which partly already several years in a drawer to your resurrection waited, completely revised this in her Studio and left them in new and modern sound and glossy shine. Fascinated by their own sound and fascinated at the same time, she used every free minute and produced modern pop-Schlager. The creative heads tell realistic stories in their songs and create catchy melodies that stay in the ear with much feeling and your knack for sounds. The colors of the two musicians voice and conscious use of the choir, give the whole an own, individual character. Now was it time to bring the songs among the people. The duo HAUTNAH gave several concerts with well-known artists at big events and untiringly the Discofox clubs scene. Through the enthusiasm and establishing contacts with key people in the music scene, MICAH and frank, another important step in the right direction managed early 2013. To do this, it was however necessary to separate, because it now gave bands and duos with similar names and easily could have led to confusion by the name of Elizabeth. It has been so brooding and tried, googled and Word acrobatics, until finally a name found was, in the two again could find themselves.