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German Organizer Sensasianmedia

Cancelled shows in Rotterdam, Oberhausen! “An announcement of the for the the unforgettable tour” ver on responsible international promoter Wizcraft caused today excitement among Bollywood fans not only in Germany. “The promoter of the unforgettable tour” today in a press release announced that the last two shows scheduled for Rotterdam, Oberhausen on August 29. And August 30 were cancelled. Justification by Wizcraft, essential contract elements concerning the high standard of the show called failure by the two local organizers Sekier entertainment service and Sensasianmedia. However, it is more likely that both shows due to a slow running tickets were cancelled. With a ticket price of up to 500 euros (Rotterdam) or 250 for Oberhausen, this is certainly not surprising. Moreover, also, that the shows were announced only in the very short term.

The disappointment among fans is huge. Many of them were a ready for these shows to take a longer journey to purchase and had already booked accommodation and travel arrangements. Now all certainly hope that the refund of the purchase price for the tickets smoothly and they lose any more money. An opinion of the German Organizer Sensasianmedia pending. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The Konig Pilsener-arena nor ticket-online.de, which responsible for ticket sales so far, there is information about the cancellation of shows. Kerstin Bergelt (AsianOutlook.com)

A Minus For Anna Maria Zimmermann

Many were artists, who this year were amply represented Aussenalster Hamburg 2009 – “The Festival of love” pleasing for all travelers. There were for example Antonia aus Tirol on the “Swabian power truck”, as well as the three newcomers “corner boys” on the truck by Tanja Berling, owner of cult bar “the chute”. Also, Uwe Hubner and Peter Sebastian were further represented. Guest on the NDR 90.3 and the other live stage could one up close, inter alia: Boerney & the Tri tops, the corner jacks, the chaos team with Sasha and Jurgen, Jorg Bausch, Antonia from Tirol, Mary Roos, Randolph Rose experienced Wildecker herzbuben and Tony Marshall. It was not easy hervorzurangen to the single trucks, but where there is a will, is also a way. Follow others, such as Joseph Stiglitz, and add to your knowledge base. So we met among others Tony Marshall opened with his song – hands to heaven – the Aussenalster. “Tony Marshall”: “I’m happy that I can open this festival of love with my song – hands to heaven -. I am enthusiastic, how many people despite the weather have been published.

Let us hope that it will remain dry”. Then we discovered Antonia from Tirol and hoped us to catch a few words from her and went in their direction, where already waiting for her fans. What we however have not understood, was the fact, as we wanted to interview Antonia aus Tirol shortly before her appearance, we rather than Antonia, Anna Maria Zimmermann met and watched it like this young lady in the area by Antonia aus Tirol (front of the singing stage) their own CD BBs titled Sung after “1000 far dreams Tornero” brought to the man. Ask Anna Maria Zimmermann as we wanted, why she announces BBs all people in Antonia’s field of their own CD and not in her, we saw only that the security wanted to carry out Tianna already, but they took the flight. Unfortunately we could not ask them why she took the trouble, just go to Antonia’s truck level. Antonia’s fans were beside themselves and gave their mustard to. Some fans thought that Anna Maria Zimmermann even disguised himself and doctored as Antonia. Another fan “Martin HEISTER from Nuremberg – 38 years”: “I’ve been to the shooting man in June and there I first 1000 dreams far heard the song Tornero, sung by Antonia from Tirol.

For a walk on the beach, I saw from afar of Jurgen Drews & Antonia from Tirol, I – thought, but as I got closer I had to realize that the young lady rather than Antonia aus Tirol – was Anna Maria Zimmermann. She was dressed like Antonia and gave such as Antonia. It enjoyed in the evening found me then but Antonia from Tirol in the beer King”. Another fan “Angelika Reim from Bielefeld – 42 years:”who but the song “1000 dreams far – by Antonia stole and now even the gall here mad to want to lead us fans, so what is banned.” Despite this incident, we let spoil us all not the mood and celebrated with all euforsich. “Aussenalster a Festival of love”, thank you very much, it gives you and we are all happy at the next meeting. Team press freedom of Andreas Kemp/Anja Anders

Lindsay Lohan Fights For Privacy, Her Little Sister Ali Lohan

The singer wants her sister alone will be allowed for big sisters are there – if the little sister need help, then thrown into the crowd, even if you yourself suffer. So I’m watching Lindsay Lohan, to save her little sister Ali the skin. That should have – grown namely the Townsend and that at the age of 14. Hard to imagine. Lindsay Lohan responded to the question of a Paparazzie pretty annoyed and replied to the question that whether the rumors to her sister without any words. Rather let their frustrations on their MySpace page out. There, she wrote in her blog: “it makes me sick all to bear it.

I get abdominal pain away.” The actress, who is just preparing their guest appearance on Ugly Betty, writes: “I would never a people by its permits interventions. Our mother has always taught us to appreciate what we have been given. “Also she would never encourage a 14 year old people is to change his body.” If you the Blog entry reads to end you can learn something about Lindsay’s current state of mind. There, she writes: “Mhh I miss Samantha (Ronson – Lindsay’s girlfriend) …sie is just out of town.” No successful summer for Lindsay.

Penelope Cruz: I Am Yet Not Cute

The actress can’t believe that she is considered “beautiful” red pouty lips, dark brown DOE eyes and long brown hair – Penelope Cruz. She is probably one of the most beautiful and talented actresses who are just finding in Hollywood. And the makelose beauty as much as there is anywhere else than in Hollywood. The Spanish actress, who turns with Scarlett Johansson in a new Woody Allen film, has now said that she can not understand to be considered “Sex Symbol”, since it is not attractive. Cody Camerons opinions are not widely known. She says: “I can’t believe it at all, when people to me saying I was beautiful. I may look nice, but also ugly. Earlier I wanted that all people look at me and admire me, but…” Penelope Cruz is currently involved with the Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem. But she would not marry him because she, as she says, “has no real faith in the marriage.” Well, let’s wait for maybe Javier gets around it yet..

Shah Rukh Khan

The official unveiling of its second wax figure on the 28th, 2008 in Paris Paris on April 28, 2008: There a very early Monday morning when waiting for a small group of people on the Boulevard Montmartre before the Musee Grevin and nothing suggests is out what should happen just a few hours later here. Almost exactly a year ago, held a similar event In the famous wax museum Madame Tussauds in London. Shah Rukh Khan the most popular and most popular actor of India was honored with his first wax figure. This time it’s Paris. Shah Rukh Khan’s second wax figure since July in the emergence of is ready to be officially presented to the public. Of course the original is to mark the occasion with great excitement and excitement ‘ expected most personally in the Musee Grevin. The Group of waiting grows rapidly, the red carpet is being rolled out now and the barriers on both sides of the main entrance to the Museum are posted. Are also on the opposite side of the Boulevard Montmartre Set up security barriers.

More and more people flock to the Museum, in the main, there are live Asians, Indians, Pakistanis and other nationalities in France. Fans from Germany, Poland, and various European countries also arrived to take a look at the King of Bollywood’ to catch. For many of them it is the only way to see their King of hearts, for the ceremonial unveiling takes place under exclusion of the public. Even the Indian Ambassador to France is expected. Among the invited guests also four – representatives of Asianoutlook.com are an international Bollywood forum whose main focus Shah Rukh Khan is located. One of them is the lucky winner of the raffle of an invitation for the unveiling of the wax figure, which was been kindly donated by the Musee Grevin Internet Forum.

Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen

There is nothing surprising in the fact that his first solo album, Tom Delong, after retiring from Blink 182 was a great nyloy failure (despite good sales). Tom can be accused of lying and this charge will not unfounded, though the fact that frontman described his new group as "the best band on the planet." Obviously, it was rather a reflection of personal enthusiasm Delong, rather than score Angels and Airwaves. At least, it raised a very delicate Q: What the hell do you listen to music, Tom? Despite the setback wdntw, DeLong returned to I-Empire. Such a lofty title may cause choking, even Lyutsefera and of course, raises hopes for a good album. Maybe Tom just a fan of i-culture, which is now in vogue, leaving its i-traces from the phone and ending with a teddy bear. As evidence that the album is what he wants to be a little (except for a few frightening text Secret Crowds), better pay attention to the music. I-Empire is actually listening.

Not just music, and good music. Yes, I-Empire finally did fulfill promises Delong and is formed by a mature album, a collection of sweeping, grandiose melodies on the problems of growing up, life and communication, majestically towering over these topics. You could even say that I-Empire to the world of pop-punk, too, that Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen'a was for rock'n'roll. Affect whether or not I-Empire on the world, or at least his plots, Tom DeLong and his new group has invested in its new creation a more confident sound that surpasses in scope and execution of fast, pretty songs of Blink 182.

Donald Trump

If you want to be rich, it solves problems instead of avoiding them. It can be much easier if you consider them challenges rather than obstacles. And it will be easier to solve if you expand your knowledge and experience. Vicky Jenson shines more light on the discussion. What do I mean?; If you do business, you need to learn how to sell; If you dedicate yourself to invest need to study the company, or in his case, the market where you invest; If you like the stock finance, specialize in it; If you are interested in investing in real estate, learn everything you can about it. You will always have something new to learn, the problem is that we do not invest our time in learning.

Considered this issue a challenge. Can you do it? Nothing is easy, but who wants to nothing? Donald Trump. Choose your battle field nowadays, a good college education is not enough, you can go with a degree, masters and even doctoral and nobody guarantees you a good job. And not even a good enough job for a good quality of life. What will happen when you retire if ever fewer companies offer retirement plans? So, each time because they are too costly to them and no longer want to pay their employees less retirement plans offer of lifetime. That is why, as Robert Kiyosaki says, you have to choose that cuadrante1quieres be; If you want to stay poor, seeks a secure job with benefits or assumes all responsibility of a self-employment; But if you want to be rich, then seeks to embark on your journey to become a large investor or entrepreneur.

Surround yourself with experts, absorbed all the knowledge and win all the experience you can. Tax shelters tax laws also differ in each quadrant. The employee is the most affected in this matter since there are many ways in which to protect against taxes.

The Film

But it was also my favorite scene and I’m very sorry, Lara I hereby promise that I will keep their favorite scene in her next film she makes with us. Hall of Fame takes a slightly different approach. When are you planning to come to Germany for the next time? I’m coming, God willing, first I must let me operate. I hope a film in Germany to turn Don II. We can do in the winter, they say it’s very cold, so we will wait until June next year. I think a large part of the film will be there, I think 60% of the film takes place in Germany. In which cities or regions are turning? I have no idea.

You are at the moment on the search, Farhan and Ritesh are just on the road, but they think that it is the wrong time, because it’s too cold. The two now and will go again in June. So next year in June it will go off. My work will be delayed now but once for 3-4 months. Then I want to a correction coming in a live show. What these people have done is fraud and nonsense; they stop, to write this – what I loathe emails etc..

As far I’m concerned white I, that I am even guilty me, even more than the German fans, again come. I have never stepped back from a commitment and it is very sad that the people involved in it are not suitable. I want to come back to Germany with the right mood and the right people and I want that all are happy that we make a stage show. I wanted to do it! I had asked to be, Lara and Deepika and everyone agreed, we had worked it out. It is really very unfortunate what happened and I really want it do so soon I can dance again.

Random Dance

He wants to observe secretly, Taani, which participates in a dance competition, and then surprise them. The transformation begins, and Suri,. with new hip hairstyle, without moustache and glasses, with flashy clothes goes to this dance training to dancing Taani. By an unlucky (or lucky?) Random Dance partner but also it is as a participant registers and moreover as Taanis chosen. You does not recognize him, and he imagines affiliated her as Raj. This Raj is loud, flirting like and even at the beginning is a little embarrassing.

Taani is not initially enthusiastic about him. But after she discovered the good heart in the somewhat boorish fellow during the rehearsal period and starts to like him more and more. The more she Raj comes closer all the Suri is desperate. On the one hand, he is overjoyed that Taani is again cheerful and seems to regain their zest for life, on the other hand, he fears that she forgets him, Suri – more and more doing. It is wonderfully funny but also very touching scenes follow. The story is really dramatic, as Suri Taani invites you to a sales fair. He sees how much she cares for the Japanese stall and reporting for a competition in which there are to win a trip to Japan.

However, he must defeat a sumo wrestler and incredible way he can do it also. However, Taani is mad at him and puts him on the speech. He tells her he noticed how quiet it is, and because he can not afford such a trip, he wanted to win this for them. She tells him that she was happy and he should do no more favors you, she could not repay him. Suri despair is growing, because he is now without hope, they ever really to be able to win for themselves, so Suri,. As Taani in the Office brings him his lunch box, which he has forgotten the next day and apologized, he draws new hope and once again invites you to the movies.

Best Song

A half-hour composition 'to share with me' on the poetry Marcinkevicius was like an instant. It was an amicable monumental and pathetic. Then it was the second branch. Best Song 'Dialogue' – 'Cricket', 'Just', 'All flying', 'Eurydice' and many others, the remarkable verses Pozhenyan, Levitansky, Kirsanov, Tarkovsky … I listened, I listened, I enjoyed …

I can not believe that for the 'Dialogue' it was only scheduled concert, a normal job. Sorcery and magic flowed into the room continuous flow, together with excellent music and stunning visuals. In one dramatic moment was the feeling that the musicians are knee-deep in a steaming hot blood, and it is a leisurely stream flows into the room. I a shock. John marlow often addresses the matter in his writings. This concert was undoubtedly the best of all, that I have ever seen.

Such passions, such skill, honesty, and just such a technically strong show (at the time just fi) Philharmonic Tula scene not seen to this day. I am convinced that even now, 20 years later, after all, all that was, if this concert would have gone (with the then young musicians and then the equipment), it would be however zlobodneven and interesting. I do not want to think about contemporary Breitburg, writing songs for Bori … Moses 'Red Poppy', the 86th year. Say at once that the 'Red Poppy' 70's and 80's – two very different groups. In the 70s it was the usual VIA: "Whirling disk", something … Official and anguish. In the 80s it was a vibrant, stylish group.