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Buenos Aires Obelisk

Require security, respect for freedom of the press, independent justice and denounce the inflation and exchange restrictions. Also protestasn for a possible constitutional reform that enabled Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential term. Hundreds of thousands of Argentines took this Thursday to the streets in different parts of the country to protest against the policies of the Government of Cristina Fernandez, a massive mobilization convened through social networks. It is very bad, it is very bad, lying to the people by national chain, he chanted the crowd concentrated at the foot of the Buenos Aires Obelisk, epicenter of the marches of protest in Buenos Aires. Source: Andrew Adamson. Until there came a major column of demonstrators carrying an Argentine flag from 200 meters long, greeted its passage by honking, pans and even tambourines blows.

Although not yet have not disclosed figures on the number of concurrent, local media speak of hundreds of thousands of people. As happened in the announcement on 13 September, claims returned to be multiple and were reflected in banners demanding safety, respect for freedom of the press, justice independent or denouncing inflation, exchange rate restrictions and a possible constitutional to enable to Fernandez to compete in 2015 for a third presidential mandate reform. They deny that progress is political emblematic avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires was planted with thousands of ballot papers under the slogan 8N I mobilize in defense of our freedoms and rights enshrined in our national Constitution. Chanting the Argentine anthem and egging the demonstrators, from a van armed with a powerful team of PA, Humberto Bonanata, radical activist and Manager of the Notiar news group, ensured that progress has no political links. Vehicle I’ve funded it at particular level, insisted, while a few meters, a truck from the grouping Solano-Lima, linked to the conservative Republican proposal from the Mayor of the capital, Mauricio Macri, distributed thousands of t-shirts with the slogan 8N, I was.

Trazate Goals

What prevents that many people reach their personal goals is fear or resistance to change. In other words, fear to adopt habits, attitudes or different actions to the manner in which we have taken so far. What frightens us is leaving your comfort to face new challenges. Now if you think that what lies ahead is better and does not want to stay paralyzed, you must be well convinced and determined to pay the price to assimilate change. Change you must understand it as a process in which you move from point (which represents where are you now) towards a point B (which is your goal) and the process of change is what happens to you in the Middle, i.e. during this journey.

The trigger of your game to accept the change is what issues you have what level of satisfaction in the personal, economic, social, family, etc. If you consider that you are excellent, because you do not need to change, but if you feel that there is something inside it that cries out for change toward something better, listen to it and takes your game. In a practical sense, the first thing you should do is ask yourself which is the current level of personal satisfaction in general?, replying you will have to do so by placing a score with this question number. (from one to ten) and recorded in writing.Once done this, answer the following questions: 1 – why you’ve qualified with that note? 2 – what is what you need so your score would have been greater? 3 – do things that are missing in your life, that shortcomings have? 4 – that unmet needs have been or that you lack? 5 – that is what has had greater weight to make you calificaras you as you did? Apply it to the areas of your life that you consider more urgent to try is advisable in this plan. Of course you can do it whereas several areas, without neglecting none.Do for example, you can start preguntandote how you feel in your family, social, occupational, spiritual life, etc. and around businesses, professional life or economics, you can even be more specific, the following planteandote questions: 1 – how you see your business? 2 – how you feel with your I work in your profession, vocation work?.3.

How do you feel with your income? Now you have a solid foundation, a start from which plotting your goals. What is lacking now is to define your point B, i.e. your horizon, your goal. Fully knowing this will allow you to go in search of the person you want to be. This, we will see in the third part of this article.

VisNet Generating

One of the banks of Brazil on which we have a high regard is the Itau Unibanco Holding SA (BVSP:ITUB3; NYSE:ITUB), who in the day yesterday announced the second quarter results, which showed a fall in earnings below than expected by the market. The net profit of the entity, excluding the sale of its stake in the credit cards Visa Inc and VisNet processors of the same fell to R $ 2,430 million reals (US $1,310 million), since reais 2.84 billion in the same period of 2008. _ How can we draw advantage as of this strong rise looming for the Brazil Bovespa index and investors from the rest of the emerging bags? Would not wait one more minute, when global economic recovery is top newspapers, already the smart money (big investors) will be entered and pushed up prices, and when realize us, already We will not find cheap prices now. It is the time to invest and opportunities such as these rarely in history are repeated. Follow the link at the end of the article. _ The fall in earnings from the Itau Unibanco in that quarter was 14% year on year and this performance is explained by an increase in provisions for nonperforming loans result of an increase in delinquencies. This result does not generate concern since it responds to the logical evolution of an economy strongly affected by the international financial crisis. Although yesterday the pessimism invaded to the investors who made the shares fell 1.70% (3.59% dropped the price of its ADR), the panorama that is presented to the entity for the coming months is very positive, so there is no further justification the quote of his papers to start a downward trend. A positive element of the Itau Unibanco strategy has been that the entity continued generating funding (appropriations grew 15.1% year to date), despite the negative Outlook that about the local economy generating the external context (which strongly hit Brazilian industry and the population generating a substantial increase in unemployment).

Ninos Tecnologicos

TECHNOLOGICAL CHILDREN… It is the definition having children whose skills in the field of technology are amazing. It is no lie that many times our little ones have surprised us with some very technical words for his age, but are correctly employed, when technology comes. We must not forget that the market is packed with numerous games, devices, cell phones, etc, and the interaction with them is natural for them. According to data provided by the firm Tendencias Digitales, the segment occupied by children aged between 7 and 12 years influence when buying products and services, technological, which evidences the influence of these groups when purchasing these games and which has been growing in recent years.

These groups of children often spend long hours in front of your computer surfing the Internet or playing video games, whether that activity carried out it at home or in the Cyber, the main activity are games or the chat. Among the slightly older kids whose ages are between 10 and 12 years, it happens that they tend to use more Internet, predominate over the use by females than by males. Another interesting aspect to highlight is the deep penetration that have had video games consoles at home, which tends to be on a par with the PC, in this aspect a 36% of children has a computer in their home, and a 5% has video games consoles. This denotes the importance which have switches and video games on children and their daily activities. That is why we must not surprise us when our kids just want to have a Wii, a Playstation, Nintendo DS, or because you pass long hours in front of the computer, since according to studies it has been determined that you for 67% of children video games turn out to be one of the activities most important for them, which indicates that this new form of entertainment is here to stay, considering that there are 150 million users worldwide and approximately 2 billion waiting to play.

But as any activity if done in excess can cause damage, and is up to us as parents control the use of this type of activity, for example the Ipod most advisable would listen to them no more than one hour a day and the lowest volume possible, regarding the use of the computer, specialists recommend that this should not be used for more than two hours a day10 to 15-minute breaks, as well as the use of artificial tears to lubricate the eyes constantly. As we can see the technology has its positive and negative face at the same time, but how all activity that occurs if done in moderation and conscience to future damage may be scarce or non-existent if some of the above recommendations are taken into consideration. M.


Once more De Boer will have the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism in the most prestigious national events to satisfy any need for temporary accommodation for sporting events. Open Spain 2008 Real Club de Golf de Sevilla hosted the 2004 World Cup, 2004 Sevilla Open, among other golf tournaments. The club counts with one of the best courses in Europe as well as a privileged location in term of Alcala de Guadaira, close to the banks of the River Guadaira and the Oromana Natural Park. Read more from Antonio Banderas to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The playing field has a tour, designed by Jose Maria Olazabal, which measures 6.529 meters where 72 holes are arranged. The Open of Spain 2008 will be rewarded with a total of awards which amounted to 2 million euros, prize which places the event in the eighth place in the Ranking of remuneration competing with 29 tournaments of the European professional circuit.

The first 65 players classified on the Open of Spain will enjoy the Grand Prize. Installations De Boer for this tournament, the Open of Spain 2008, De Boer It is to build an area of temporary accommodation and hospitality of more than 2500 m2 that will highlight President structure that will house the VIP area, as well as several Alu Hall and Pyramids for the shopping area, cafes, press, among other facilities. The presence of De Boer at the Open of Spain 2008 confirms the professionalism and experience of De Boer in the sector of temporary accommodation at sporting events. To read more about this event visit: about De Boer De Boer is the leading European Agency to rent structures and services for a wide range of events and temporary accommodations around the world. De Boer offers innovative solutions and temporary accommodation for major events and festivals, storage, management of baggage and supermarkets. Headquartered in Alkmaar, Netherlands, it currently has offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, China and Qatar as well as in United States. De Boer has 350 professionals around the world, offering temporary work to more than 150 workers. Since 2005, NPM Capital is part of its main shareholders. For more information: Tel: (+ 34) 93 481 52 52 Fax: (+ 34) 93 481 52 50 original author and source of the article.

Operation Jaque

Camova this year has been fatal for the Organization of the Farc guerrilla, has suffered blow after blow, since death of its main figure, ranging from its leader Humberto Maturana, until the release of their key pieces as they were: Ingrid Betancourt and the three Americans, who could help him in negotiations for release of hostages, which the Colombian Government maintains with respect to the guerrillas that they have been captured. Everything seems to indicate that those years of struggle where have killed a significant number of people, has been in vain for the FARC, at a cost to social, political, highly significant and very repudiated by the world, fifty years which seem to be coming to an end, most when they have demonstrated fragility in their defensive and even political structures. The recent bold operation carried out by the military forces of Colombia who was tricked the rebels to release Betancourt and 14 other hostages, including three Americans, has been a hard blow the oldest insurgency in the continent, demonstrating that the FARC is already weak faced with these facts, fractured since the recent events that have occurred in the year. Ingrid Betancourt’s Liberation figure very highlighted in recent years pro his abduction, suffering, penury in captivity last equals that all the hostages that the Farc keeps has ceased to mortally wound the FARC, as well as the three Americans who are already in their country of origin. Now the Facr won’t have much to offer for the exchange of prisoners, its weakness demonstrated before this operation, has made stronger to the Government of President Uribe, especially for the way in which freed 15 people without bloodshed, without death where his rescue showed, that the military forces of Colombia, is prepared to deal with this kind of operations. Very good informations are obtained with the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt, soldiers of the armed forces, which is the form of operability the Farc and that the Colombian army’s intelligence services provide the form how to penetrate them until reduced completely. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Austan Goolsbee.

Los Entrepreneurs

Greetings my dear reader and my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. A special content on the quadrant of the cash flow and the relationship that has with the being of each person and not so much with the taking of every entrepreneur.This recommendation is essential for the development of our economic intelligence and that of our financial future. Continue reading Reuerda and keep in mind that this article has been written based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading compulsorily to take advantage of everything of value that it contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. () However, it is possible to do so. And that mainly what this book. It is not so much a book about how to make do to become free from the financial point of view.

This book is not about that shares purchase, or investment fund is the safest. () – The book that gives us and shares Robert Kiyosaki is not what kind of business open or that model adapts to each person or entrepreneur. It is much less what investment is the least risky or the most profitable or what properties of real estate are most appropriate. It goes beyond what we should do. () This book is primarily about the strengthening of their thoughts (be), so you can perform actions (do) that will enable you to become free from the financial point of view (having). () – Why is it called financial education, as well as we learned the concepts and rules on lead a civilized life when we were small – now learn to lead a financial life successful or at least stable – since we will be people with basic financial knowledge who know how to react to the drawbacks that we present. Always gives me pleasure have been able to help throughout the Hispanic community of entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors citing Robert Kiyosaki par frequent and their councils so that everyone can take advantage of and enjoy the quality of information that It offers us to develop our financial and hence our future economic intelligence. I say goodbye and wish you the best.

Answer Surveys

There are many sites on the net today that charge you an amount to register in their files and allow you to use its database of companies that paid to answer surveys for money. You should not pay hundreds of dollars to these sites for several reasons. The first reason is that you can find many sites surveys only in an hour of search and save you money. These sites that charge of exaggerated form may be that give people a service that you don’t have time to search for information in person but the truth is that if they don’t have time to find the information they will neither have time to complete paid surveys. A paid survey takes between 5 and 30 minutes and are completed at times repetitive questions, someone who does not have time to use a search engine to find paid surveys, should not register to complete them. Many sites that force you to pay to receive information make you believe that they are what make the polls and those who get paid for your services, these are the most difficult to detect. In the majority of cases is not true. These sites are intermediaries that are actual sites that make money selling you the contacts of real pollsters.

If you are thinking on register for a site to answer surveys for money that comes, you will have to ask certain things before doing so. Search in its web site if they have a contact e-mail address. Ask them about their program and notes that as soon they respond and with what attitude you respond. A one word response or no response are bad signals that you must pay attention and consider them seriously. Another thing you can do is find the Web site relating to the word fraud to see what results you get. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Mexican Society

Communication and its importance in Mexican society. Geno Smith is full of insight into the issues. Communication is a very important aspect of our society, is the only way in which we can express ourselves among ourselves and communicate our ideas, thoughts and feelings to other people in a clear and effective manner. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how to express ourselves we are influencing all those who surround us, either for good or for evil. The essay deals with two important issues; the way we express ourselves with our loved ones and the way we express ourselves with society. Family is the center of society, in it we grow and we operate, developing every aspect of our personality, thoughts and beliefs. Martin Neil Baily is often quoted as being for or against this. Therefore, it is not strange to observe how the communication in the family completely affects the personality of a person. I.A. Richards defined communication as the way in which we express our experiences to achieve in turn affect those around us and get them to experience a little of our experiences.

This way when a family member is Express, all the experiences passed to other family members. The family atmosphere is generally, the environment in which we spent the years most important of our human development when we are children, therefore the type of communication that we experience is crucial for optimal personal development, since children are particularly sensitive to the communication of their parents, in such a way that it affects them until the lack of communication, since it is the only bridge towards an intimacy with our beloved. Therefore I conclude that at the family level effective communication is crucial in the family since it affects people since its birth, affecting his personality completely. This second topic I will talk about how we communicate with other people, and as this has a direct effect on society and our culture..

Club Orono Rosario

promote personally, means the person who is out of work must go to work sources, related to its ac-tivity or your work area. 2. Send the famous CURRICULUM VITAE, this is a documento by means of which we disclose to a potential employer our qualifications and work experiences. This document pregunta specifi-cally: to) who you are. (b) as it can be. c) which are their studies. Attach copy of certifica-dos. (d)) that has experience.

Services provided and lo-gros won. c) that kind of job search. Services that you can provide. This document should be well prepared to make good impression, should be accurate in the information. It should be easy to read.

In case of being ne-cesario can be accompanied by handwritten letter. Examples of letter attached to your example curriculum at my highest consideration: I am writing to offer my services in gastronomy. I can offer your organization more than 5 years of culinary how aggregate experience to insti-pattern as the Club Orono Rosario, Pilusso, Milenium, Iguana Guana. Attached my Curriculum Vitae as a first step to assess my transfers – des work in your organization. My latest project consisted in attending an ice cream shop and the creation of different drinks and tastes. In addition, wrote, the sketch of instructions for the preparation of frozen drinks. As a worker of the cuisine, I can bring to your organization an interesting creativity in a variety of meals and drinks, which will strengthen your business. On the other hand, I’m used to working in teams and has experience in culinary project management. My interest in your company lies in my interest in developing me with all professionalism in this race, and develop a broad vision of the nego-cio grateful that they kept the confidential nature of this request-tud of employment. If you think suitable, they can contact popniccom-go for an interview on the date that suits them best.