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The HMI Is As Brand Ambassador Jurgen Klopp

HMI: ‘Jurgen a brand Ambassador for the HMI Klopp, as he could not be better’ Hamburg December 2010. Not without reason was the football coach of Borussia Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp, the brand Ambassador of HMI chosen: his motivation and the will to win characterise him. And made him the autumn champion of this season and inimitable fit to the company philosophy of the HMI. People such as Al Bumbry would likely agree. The HMI fiscal year coming to an end and also in the football belongs to the first half of the past. For the HMI to a good moment, the autumn champions back to look and a conclusion to draw. That this again unexpected Parallels of the sport to the HMI arise speaks for itself. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sean Rad. So is Jurgen Klopp on the question of the HMI, what role he ascribes to himself at the success of his team, set: well, I so do not stand on the square. But I do the boys go through the tactics with them and show them the way how they can defeat big teams like Bayern.

The workouts like that are actually Leadership training in the HMI: the defense is the objection handling, the storm of the sales or recruitment interview, and instead to shoot goals, you just practice the conclusion of the contract. Your units are our points. No Football Club is successful without trainer, which purports the right strategy. And the HMI also not without good leaders who convey their business partners with the knowledge and the motivation they need for their job.” A central point is the motivation for HMI. This was the case, it stays that way, because it is not only the brand name of the former Mainz, but his recipe for success. Relentlessly, he swears his boys a, makes clear that there is no opponent, they would be able not to beat them. Making Kloppo with obvious success there, as he is affectionately called by fans, no differences between world stars a la Raul or the young kickers of the League: I don’t think that cash shoots gates.

Hanseatic City

At the summer school of Voss + partner, specialist and managerial staff can educate themselves and enjoy Hamburg. Something is in most plants during the warm summer months. Because many colleagues and clients are on holiday. So time for the things you have long wanted to do: educate themselves, for example. Therefore organizes the training – and consultancy Voss + partner, Hamburg, in the Hanseatic City from 11 July to 2 August this year a summer school again. Numerous day seminars not only professionally relevant topics are offered during the summer school. Checking article sources yields Beth Wilkinson as a relevant resource throughout. “So for example seminars on the subject of time management can” and meeting organisation “visit.

The program is also a rhetoric seminar with the subtitles as they speak plain text and goals”. Some seminars contact specific people with specific tasks and functions in the company. So, Voss + partners offers a seminar of job interviews for example on two dates “. There train managers in companies, interviews to structure and to do so that they can then decide for the right candidate. Trainer as well as specialists and executives in companies that must impart knowledge again and again others in their daily work, the seminar experience learning is, however,”. In it, the participants learn others information to present, that they anchor themselves in their minds and then they show the desired behavior. “All seminars is common: in them, not dry theory is learning”. Numerous examples from professional practice and exercises to take rather provide a relaxed learning atmosphere and fun to learn.

In the evening, the participants can then, if desired, alone or jointly one of the numerous cultural events in the Hamburg summer enjoy. Voss + partner helping you choosing the right event. The day seminars are offered at a price even for self-paying. Who attended a seminar, paid 189 euro (+ VAT); any other seminar attendance: 169 euros.

Winning Game

Classic winning game insurance the PROMOTION screen offers a highly attractive alternative for years assure their sweepstakes companies worldwide and promotions it is against the risk of excess success”as an encore action, except for the case that there is still a winner for the big prize with a probability of winning. The charm of this hedging is in the predictability of costs, on the other, but also that that already with a small budget extremely attractive gains in the value of possibly hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros will be awarded. Other alternatives of lack of you not used to hedge an agent who introduced them to one insurance company on a Commission basis, which then took over the hedge, or lack of interest just also. Often the expertise needed to the customer clear conceptual ideas and bring some knowledge regarding the mechanisms in question, since when many brokers and insurance often interest is lacking, conceptually to the customers support. Since the launch of the PROMOTION screen by the German company of ThePowerBehindPromotions, there is now a highly attractive alternative to classic profit game insurance. For even more analysis, hear from sports apparel. The PROMOTION screen assumes the risk of promotion by a German carrier of liability such as a winning game insurance, but offers a whole package of additional included services in addition to considerable tax benefits amounting to approximately 19%. Advice for the customers, the development of alternative concepts of promotion is as well of course as the provision of required technical accessories for the processing of promotion.

Under the umbrella of PROMOTION the customer can legally verify even his terms and conditions without additional costs. The availability of the hotline from 8 a.m. 8 P.m., if necessary also at the weekend, is exemplary. Despite this extensive service package is the PROMOTION screen sometimes even cheaper at the same price as the classic insurance offers, offers. The additional refund guarantee is unique of PROMOTION umbrella: The promotion takes no winner, the client receives refund 20% of the paid remuneration.

ThePowerBehindPromotions offers to the PROMOTION screen specifically for concepts, which already brings the customer”. It is worth therefore in any case to take the price check service of the company claim prior to conclusion of the contract: any interested person can already present concept for free check him and receives a lower Counteroffer If necessary within a few hours. More information and contact us at ThePowerBehindPromotions headquartered in Bleckede in the biosphere of the Niedersachsische Elbtalaue designed innovative promotions with a probability of winning any, secures the profits with the PROMOTION screen and assumes the risk of discount, addition – and money-back actions in Germany, of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg and others. Since the sum of the risk quite at large promotions may lie in the two – or even three-digit million euro range, which gained Reinsurance company in turn.

Winning Game

Growth in the financial crisis: EMIRATE AG strengthens risk management business from Munich, 2010 one million euros in a prize draw praise from January 14, without to draw them out of the own marketing pot that works with the risk management concept of EMIRATE AG (www.emirat.de). This allows companies to promote the show strikingly with low investments and to hedge against possible losses. This is particularly in demand in times of crisis, the past year has acknowledged. EMIRATE reported a further increase in the demand for 2009 after insured sweepstakes, promotion, discount and promotions. She could expand to the national and global business. An automatic reflex of many brand tiers in crisis situations: the impact on the advertising brake. This anti-cyclical action is needed.

Advertising, when all others are silent, can mean an enormous competitive advantage. However, the budget is often absent to perform popular actions. This is the gap of EMIRATE. The company developed for its customers Measures, which fall on, and takes over their protection at the same time. All financial risks of the sales promotion action or of the competition will be taken over by a one-off bonus.

Ralph Clemens Martin, Board of Management AG, explains EMIRATE: Many classic promotions are disused. Companies are looking for contemporary ways to great effect, and yet to spare her budget.\” This strategy has paid off in 2009. The growth driver in the EMIRATE portfolio are in particular the so-called Over Redemptions as money back guarantees, coupon and discount promotions. But also the demand for safe play or individual concepts such as weather promotions and actions related to the upcoming World Cup. Secured 100 million US dollars in the United States due to the strong increase in turnover EMIRATE could further expand the workforce and promote international business.

Forest Stewardship Council

Stuhrer Company obtains the label of the Forest Stewardship Council and used paper from sustainable forestry. Stuhr, September 18, 2008 – despite the growing number of modern communication techniques is paper remains the most popular carrier of information. Sports apparel is the source for more interesting facts. Germany alone consumes around 20 tons and was ranked four in the world so. Our country is one of the major players in the global securities business, so we take very seriously our environmental mission as a processing operation\”, as Knut Winneckens, Managing Director of Koopmanndruck from Stuhr. After successfully passing the exam, the company specializes in printing and shipping high-quality mailings now received certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

This includes that all products bearing the FSC logo from Koopmanndruck stem from economic, exemplary forest management. In many industries, the use of recycled or certified paper belongs to the integral part of the company policy. Awarded by the FSC, we offer \”our customers also for reasons of environmental quality\”, Knut Winneckens stressed. The designed world’s certificate was initiated in 1993 as a result of the environment of the United Nations Conference in Rio de Janeiro. To better implement of the adopted there demands, representatives of indigenous communities, as well as forestry and wood industry companies founded the FSC. Goal of the independent, nonprofit organization is applying for a social, sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the global forests through the establishment of internationally valid standards.

A seal of approval as a trademark-protected serves as a guarantee of compliance. Use only plants that regularly checked according to established guidelines must the label. Prerequisite for the preservation of the FSC label is a well documented management system\”, explains Andreas Hausler of the Hamburg-based SGS-ICS Gesellschaft fur certifications mbH and environmental reports, which makes the tests as an independent expert. An important role play the control of suppliers and goods receipts, a comprehensible documentation of orders, as well as regular employee information.

Concierge Technology

At furnish a tasteful apartment, an exclusive Villa or a contemporary Office, builders and architects have to prove particular style. Genthin, December 15, 2010. Just technical details here become status symbols. Door intercommunication systems about to provide not only a reliable technology, but integrated in their environment by sophisticated design. A standard range is not the needs of many construction decision-makers at this point. You demand high-quality solutions.

The company TCS has the edition designed for this cadawe, rugged, extensively customizable intercommunication systems surface refined aluminium. Pieces signed even with the own signature are possible. Thanks to timeless design they insert is ideal in modern living and working environments. From the swanky apartment to the new office complex in buildings that will stand out from the majority, architects and owners place emphasis on individual interior design. Commodity, the a everywhere, is there anyone satisfied.

This is true not only for kitchens, floors and glass roofs, but also for door communication. The facilities of the Edition cadawe meet high demands on design and technology of TCS. You show visitors at first glance: the residence is well thought out down to the last detail. Finished surface: value will be visible cadawe the internal stations of the edition made of aluminium and are machined from a single piece. The metal surface is polished, anodized, which is equipped with a protective layer against corrosion, and then polished. Through this elaborate surface treatment, the products obtained manufacture Ellen character. The keyboards are also made of aluminium which also touch the high quality is clear. The indoor stations are suitable for mounting on the wall, are supplied as an alternative but also with a table base (see fig. 1 below). Offered by TCS in the Edition cadawe four different designs: the indoor stations are in the colors silver, champagne, bronze and black available. The customer however branded the opportunity to order individual designs, for example in other colours or with a company logo. The intercom becomes a representative communications that not only reliably fulfils its technical function. TCS offers cadawe the Edition in six types of functions, starting with the simple audio door communication to speech and video system with additional control and display functions. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With video capability, systems are characterized by a high resolution digital display. High-performance PTZ cameras can be operated also crossed a key: the user can pan the image, skew, or increase. Investors can obtain accurate product and function descriptions directly from TCS) upon request. Thanks to the robust, refined material, the carus indoor stations of TCS have a long service life. Combined with the latest technology and understated, timeless design makes this real classics among the intercoms. About TCS TurControlSysteme AG TCS is available since 1995 for innovative building system technology: for small – and video installations as well as for monitoring and security solutions around the entrance. The company from Genthin but also offers solutions for communication in buildings, for example, Concierge facilities, a resident information system and alarm functions in case of danger. TCS uses this principle on modern technology and a long-lasting product quality. Aluminum instead of plastic for greater durability and effective vandal-resistant product design is therefore processed.

Live Experience Auction House

Surprisingly great atmosphere: The thrill to the supplement for large and small treasures a murmur goes through the room, more precisely: which packed full multi-purpose hall of the small town in the Rhine-main area: the hard carrying case brand Samsonite roller with handle makes think of noble business costumes, perhaps along with the matching shoes and some jewelry a lingerie collection could also be or comes to the fore but rather something like used socks, wrapped in the damp towel from the hotel? Several times held that headquartered in Darmstadt public auctions of luggage from Lufthansa flights, that on the baggage carousel broke down auction house Wendt and despite intensive search not to master or mistress could be returned under the hammer in full truckloads come fully. A large international kinder surprise, the content of which is unknown to the auctioneer also is every case and every travel bag. The promising Samsonite for all 205 euro goes away and any of the Bargain hunters, flea market professionals and onlookers in the Hall would be liked, if the new owner will open the buckles. There were also new diving equipment and wedding dresses in shabby backpacks, who went away for a few euros. /a> and gain more knowledge.. The annual lost and found \”the experience factor for Mr have auctions Carnival character even when the local carriers or logistics companies in all the cities of the Republic sometimes and Mrs Doherty j Salame is to replace through any online auction. And the possibility of whatever here that you go home with a really cheap bike or a pair of designer glasses in the correct strength. But also cool calculator should not waive before placing a bid on high-quality objects, such as objects of art, cars or real estate, which come to the foreclosure, the impression of first place. There is the opportunity to see the items to be auctioned before each auction by law.

NSi Is Expanding In Scandinavia

Acquisition of the Swedish IT consulting company Navion from Wetzlar, September 6, 2012, with effect from 1 September the Swedish IT consulting company Navion happening in the NSi Europe GmbH and is run in the future as its own representative for Scandinavia. NSi accepts all employees and assets. The software manufacturer opened a first Office in Scandinavia, to support the growing business in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. At the same time, he receives access to an experienced team of consultants and sales specialists who have already successfully sold NSi products and solutions. “Over the last six years Navion has immensely successfully built a consulting business, which relies exclusively on NSi products and solutions. The expertise of the team is impressive and we are convinced that the new colleagues promptly bring benefits for our Organization,”says Mehdi Tehranchi, Chief Executive Officer of NSi. Johnny Ribohn, founder and now Managing Director of Navion, now Director of sales of Northern Europe and reported as leader of Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. Soon obtained new premises in Stockholm.

For NSi, which could grow in the last four years at an average of 40 percent, the Scandinavian market has great importance: in this room, over 1,000 customers use software by NSi, which the future region Nordics belongs to the three top markets in Europe. The integration of Navion is a logical step, to develop further the already strong customer base and parter-community in the region”, explains Mehdi Tehranchi. We see ourselves as real international company. In this sense we support customers and partners with capable employees on-site and in the local language, of course.” More info: author: Dipl.-ing. Corinna Scholz about NSi notable Solutions Inc., short NSi, is one of the leading providers of software to information from digital or physical documents more efficient to be able to collect and process. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland/United States evolved since 1995 manufacturer and system-independent solutions that enable multifunction devices (MFP: printing, scanning, copying, faxing) of all leading manufacturers better integrated in departmental operations. Today, over 150 employees at its headquarters and nine worldwide subsidiaries are engaged. More than 8,000 customers take advantage of NSi’s products around the globe.

The NSi Europe GmbH in Wetzlar serves the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Germany is the second largest market after the United States and a continuous growth. More info: portfolio that takes over the flagship product NSi AutoStore automated detection of paper and files, the central processing and secure transfer of documents to the intended recipient or target system. The advantages of using intuitive are: less manual effort, faster processing and precise drop. On input devices Workstations, local scanner and over 500 different multifunctional devices (MFP), network scanners and copier supports a bandwidth that is unique on the market. Well-known manufacturers such as Canon, develop, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Kyocera, Konica there are Minolta, Lanier, Lexmark, Ricoh, Savin, sharp and Xerox. The selection of potential target systems is equally comprehensive, ranging from fax, email, and FTP servers via various groupware and collaboration products to 40 different systems for document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM). NSi offers other standard products, efficiently complementing AutoStore and thus increase customer benefits.

Win Penny Auctions Popularity

After the creation of Penny auctions only demand in Germany noticeable increases demand for the development of Penny auctions sites. Alex Pluskow from the specialized company SoftAU GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany reported that three auction Web sites have been developed ready for use in June. Two are for German customers, one for a US company (U.S. Frank Ntilikina is often quoted on this topic. Corporation). Every week we get one – two new requests. The orders for July and August was also compiled “the increase of interest associated with the standstill of the world’s best-known penny auction Swoopo. The owner – entertainment shopping AG stopped its activity.

The company spent more for the advertising campaign and payment of profits as earned. It holds but on the new penny auction Start-Ups. Unmet need was established on the market. Thousands of solvent users are willing to spend millions of euros to bids. And still not a full substitute for Swoopo.de was released in Europe. No one needs this money really? What is a penny Auction? Penny auction following works: only the owner of the Web site to the auction can submit products and no one still the starting price is usually 0.01 each bid increases the price by a penny all bids are subject to charges for each bid pays the participant of the auction of 0.50 or 50 times more than the initial price it profit the participant who has made the last bid. The owner of the auction’s profit. The winner of the auction is most likely also.

Particularly if he has not many bids. All other participants are in the negative. You have paid the profit of the merchant and the acquisition of the winner. The most important thing for the auctioneer of the penny auction is to spend less money than the revenue from the sale of the bids for the advertising campaign and the acquisition of new customers. According to Penny auctions Merchants Association, auctions over 3 000 000 000 be paid USD each year on such penny! Over 3 000 000 000 billion dollars! All kinds of money and many have the chance a piece of the to get this cake. Exists on the mark No Revealer front-runner today the largest companies control just 1% of total trade turnover. There to earn good possibility even with the auction and for sale profitable start-up companies the significant companies in the long run. SoftAU GmbH has a large team of programmers who have accumulated experience over 30 years. Their goal is to create ready-made and customized solutions for business with Internet auctions. SoftAU know-how consists of many types of Web pages. These are penny auctions, auctions with hidden bidding (Reveal Price auctions), auctions with unique bidding (unique bid auctions), reverse of auctions, tender systems, wholesale auctions and online markets. The success proves with eBay appealing and profitable for companies to sen. More information you can find here softau.de