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Northern European Representative

The second stage is a disguise. Once hidden or convert the capital, is the task to be legitimate opinion: “disguising the illicit origin and make a reconstruction of the state bodies of control and repression of the paper trail (papertrail). Therefore, the assets are illegal in many accounts and dilute the extract to various companies and countries. Hotels, motels, schools, churches and charities who live on donations, finally, the whole sector in which it is difficult to judge a recipe, lends itself to concealment. At Walmart CEO you will find additional information. The author stresses that this step is a wash, which is objective is to provide active Unlawful disguise of legitimacy.

A resource widely used by the “washing machine” and professionals to use the system “through the cable (wire transfer). The data obtained by Sterling (1997, p. 223), for 1990, speak for themselves: One and a half trillion dollars a day, legal and illegal, and the United States only by electronic bank transfer. A hundred billion per year changes hands in the drug market in the United States and 500 million worldwide. Moreover, even in times of Internet and global connections, in real time, washing systems STERLING (1997) calls the “hidden laundry”, or those whose base waives the requirement for schemes moneygrams American Express a financial institution accomplice. explanations. The author writes: Place large sums of money from one extreme to another map, through the ancient hawala system in Asia, on the basis of a phone call, letter or fax. A brief message from London produces paper currency or gold, in Lahore, in any form without going through the monetary system.

Asian immigrants send remittances to families in this way, the Asian drug traffickers laundering money through the same channels. Together we move between 10 and 20 billion dollars per year in its entirety on the basis of trust (Sterling, 1997, p. 227). The final step in the bleaching system is integration. It suggests, as an expression, which is doing the work of seemingly legitimate assets, “the production system through the creation, acquisition and / or investment in legitimate businesses or acquisition of real simple:” Financial markets and Real Estate Auction for the Arts and rare objects are among the sectors preferred by the washers. Sterling (1997, p. 231) strengthens the precondition that money laundering poses to the reproduction of capital generated by organized crime. The author recommends: Discover and taking money from crime by laundering offense this, the catches at the point of entry into the banking system, via the system from input and reinvested in a law firm, identifying the employed, the identification of its owner the movement, to identify a source money, to use legal instruments to take the money and the arrest of the owner and the movement, ensuring investigations, seizures and arrests across national borders, and do it all without breaking the legitimate right to privacy of the person (…. .)

Reconciling the past with the rest may never be possible. Lawyer, writer, consultant. Secretary General of the Center for National Policy Studies and General Carlos de Meira Mattos Honorary President of the “Luso International Foundation for Education and Culture in northern Portugal”, the initiator of the network of International Schools in Portugal (Braga, Porto, Leiria) , former representative of the Portuguese Association of Defence and Northern European Representative of the Association of Former Students Brazil’s Military School – ADESG. /.

Objectives Development

That teachers are unhappy with the development of their academic activities. a summarize a bit, observing the group process, means he is paying attention to what happens in the group, and seek to understand in terms of other indicators, which have been provided or revealed by within the group. a 6) a This principle is true is given or when the group manages to establish a communication system, fluid, free and spontaneous. Doug McMillon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This will avoid antagonism, mating, polarization and the formation of sub-groups. Decision making and problem solving and conflict resolution are made by mutual agreement between all members of the group (consensus).

Moreover, friendly interpersonal relations, a warm spirit of participation and cooperation, promote decision making by consensus. a 7) a Formulation of Objectives. a The group aims to establish and define as clearly as possible to ensure the smooth running and development of group life. Objectives should respond to the needs of all group members, and they should actively participate in its formulation. In this way, you will feel more united, more cohesive and work with greater energy and interest in achieving them. a 8) a Continuous Assessment: A for the good up and development of the life of the group, the group needs to continually assess whether the objectives and interests of all its members, is being made they were achieved. To this end, it implements the technique grupoa and procedures to individual situations, subject to evaluation. In this regard, it should be noted that, a the group advances its objectives at the speed of the lentoa .

Weight And Exercise

One of the things we know about exercise is that a lower intensity more fat for energy. This basic premise is when we want to prove the theory of fat burning zone, which says that in a certain area rate (between 55-65 beats per minute) will help you solve the problem of how to lose fat. For many years this theory has been around as mentioned but it is actually misunderstood. Working at low intensities is not necessarily bad, just not going to burn fat from your body unless you are burning more calories than you're eating. Frequently Walmart CEO has said that publicly. Tip # 1.

Exercise yourself constantly: * You will become more efficient to deliver and extract oxygen, helps your cells burn fat more efficiently. * You will have better circulation: It will help move fatty acids best of your blood and muscle. You're going to consume more fat. * Increase the number and size of mitochondria, cells that provide energy to your body. Regular exercise will help you manage your weight. The more physical activity you do the more calories you will burn, and the easier it will create a calorie deficit to lose weight.

To become consistent need: * Calendarizarte exercise three times a week. * If you can not do the whole routine in 45 minutes can do in three phases of 15 minutes, morning, noon and night, will be exactly the same. * Change your lifestyle, walk more when you go shopping, is a good example; Use bus. It will help you be more active. * Focus on your training and make the day's schedule agreed on this, so you will not be so easy to get out of your appointment with your body. If it is not a priority, simply will not. Tip # 2. Lift weights. How to lose fat? No doubt adding more muscle with weight training, especially when watching your eating habits. * Preserve your muscle mass: Be careful that you run the risk of your eating habits to lose muscle and fat at a time. Muscle is active tissue, so when you lose, you lose fat burners, as these are the muscles. * Keep your body active: Some studies have shown that dieting slows down metabolism by 20%. Muscle lifting weights keeps your metabolism always up. Do you want the exact formula? If you want to know a strategy that is proven to help you lose fat visit and begin to apply the methods and techniques you'll learn there. You suffer no more, is not just for you, if you want you back in time or take a new path in your life … today and then begins to implement the action plan. Imagine your body with several pounds less, it is shown that the longer Dures making this decision more difficult it is. It's just you reach your dream and is just a click away. to find out everything you need to lose weight is a personal trainer Melissa Barrantes and professional issues related to weight control, fat loss and fitness.

Old Labor Movements

Social needs compelled to mass action. But traditions for example, the old labor movement in Western Europe and Europe’s economic backwardness Eastern frustrated the fulfillment of the historic mission workers. Western Europe saw the masses defeated fascism and the rise of Mussolini and Hitler, while the backward economy of Russia was developing a “communism” in which the distinction between class and art, the specialization of functions and the regimentation of labor reached its most high. In Venezuela, the role of the masses is very relevant today, especially at the end, proposals of the Bolivarian Revolution has given way to a new paradigm or a new way of looking at social movements, about the changes that have occurred , before the conflict between the groups opposed to Socialism and its supporters. Faced with this reality shows that if the traditional way will assess the social movements in Venezuela, we could conclude, with few exceptions, which are characterized by a purposeful organizational weakness, a certain dispersion and disintegration, lacking visibility, without control platform clear, suffering from self-censorship, lacking its own political initiative, level of institutionalization of some and more in an almost vertical alignment with government policies.

However, possibly the Bolivarian Revolution is also offering us a new era for social movements, giving them a leading role in public policy and in shaping a New Model of State. While, internationally, the Venezuelan government develops smooth relations with almost all social movements in Latin America and the rest of the world, unpublished spaces as a result of the Advisory Council on Social Movements of ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas).

Contextualizing Education

Contextualizing Education is a process that trains people to participate in the construction of harmonious relations, specifically environmental education is intended to bind the partnership with the surrounding environment, promoting awareness about attitudes, the acquisition of values and habits of participation in environmental protection, developing skills in turn allow students to analyze critically and reflexively natural and social environment, and participate in the search for possible solutions or alternatives for dealing with environmental problems, this requires that students acquire knowledge that you can understand the structure and functioning of the environment, actions that man has on it, the interaction between them and the problems derived from this relationship. For these reasons as part of our teaching we believe it is vitally important to implement measures at our place of work is the beautiful city of Anton Lizardo, where through discussion and analysis made by the teaching staff, we have observed severe Such environmental problems such as deforestation, pollution of soil, water and air, but we believe that the means of most impresses pollution our town is "garbage." The congregation of Anton Lizardo is located on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, within the territory of Veracruz-Llave. It belongs to the municipality of Alvarado has limits Boca del Rio, Ignacio de la Llave, Tlalixcoyan, Tlacotalpan and Lerdo de Tejada. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Marc Lore. Anton Lizardo, Alvarado, Veracruz, is the largest community after the county seat, which is the town of Alvarado. It borders with other congregations, small as Guadalupe, El Rincon del plumage, El Zapote, etc. . Filed under: NBA.

Professional Success

These days are very demanding for today’s woman in the personal side has to take care of their health and appearance, organize your home, caring for your children (if any), find time to spend with your partner, with its friendships, family … On the professional has to retrain, train, innovate, be creative, manage and organize your money. but Buff Who takes care of you, women of today? There are a number of guidelines to follow that Anne Astilleros, coach for success, teaches in her courses and can help you enjoy, and, your ideal life: Rediscover priorities: we are so often given to others, to work, children, the couple that we forget ourselves completely. There comes a time and do not even know what we do with our lives, what causes us joy and happiness.

How many of us have forgotten our true dream of what we wanted to do and we’ve drifted and postponing, to give more importance to other things and others? Dare to rediscover your purpose, your dream, your passion! Design a plan of action: once you know what results you get up every morning in a good mood, with a smile, radiant and full of vitality, then it’s time to create a plan of action: How will I get to live my dream? Whether your dream involves a change of occupation, lifestyle and if you simply want to travel more or lose weight … design a plan of action. A detailed plan that allows you to get from where you are to where you want to go. Try to take control of your life! Identify and eliminate your resistance and blocks: when you begin to design your action plan you may experience fears like: “I think I’m going crazy,” “do not know if I will be able,” “do not know what enough “,” I have enough money “,” I’m not quite … (list, organized, courageous, bold, sure …) ” “I’m too old, …” and if … “” but … “Most of our fears, sorrows, frustrations … we have come from beliefs deeply embedded and largely …

ARE FALSE! Retrains your mind for success! Pay attention to your thoughts. Focalizate on the positive: We all have a continual internal dialogue with ourselves. According to studies on the subject, this dialogue, the average person is 80% negative. It’s like having 80% of the time a little person in our shoulder saying things like, “You can not do”, “no one likes me”, “nobody really loves you”, “You’re ridiculous,” “you’re weird and they all see “,” you’re horrible with hair like that, “” clothing does not suit you, “You’re a disaster,” “sure you say no,” if you do what is expected of you, and you do not want “, etc, etc, etc. Do you realize the consequences for yourself, to have someone constantly telling you negative things? Just as having negative thoughts affect our behavior, our health, our mood … have and cultivate positive thoughts, and have immediate beneficial effects on our health, our behavior, our happiness … it is they who empower our daily well-being. Focus on positive thoughts about yourself! Dare to love! And you … Do you dare to be happy?

Observe Hunger Eradication

It is pertinent to ask: who has the authority or power to grant rights such as life? on other occasions I have written that if God created the world was a perfect spectator and liked what created this for that of non-existence of God and not engage in polemics, life is a gift which we could not determine how originated, but theories and beliefs, what then? who has such authority or power to give us the right to life, will say: governments, and it is another question to what extent governments around the world participated in the creation of life?, something that if you have the duty is ensure the conditions of life Coson our existence as human beings we are and the right to live in nature. “Millennium Goals” read, “Millennium” and although there are goals to be in less time: not many years a thousand years to reach them? Or perhaps there is no real will to give us a better way of life for all, if not igvual for all, at least acceptable by all. – Drinkable water to the world’s population – Observe Hunger Eradication of the goals of the millennium is good to ask: if we put the pipe necessary to each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet (families) When will the water? Does invent? that the eradication of hunger is not it a song without end or litany of church?; campagina or not there is a distortion to the universal declaration of rights as the right to work to a property or the right to life. Under most conditions Frank Ntilikina would agree. the right to property is forbidden because the land is a capital and as such has high price in the market, besides the rural land has lost value and importance to the land of cities, the absence of rural life, such as close to nature, has forced us to live in cities locked with the usual imbalance that causes spiritual instability cities . The proposed Homonatropia goals of the decade 2010 – 2020 – Rescue and protect the tributaries and streams of rivers and streams to protect water generation – Encourage widespread Artificial Recoverable Resource Processing (garbage or waste) to generate sources of employment – to rescue the areas affected by mining, logging, oil and try to repopulate human, animal and plant – Encourage widespread breeding and planting of food animals and food without the intervention of genetic modifications – Redistributing the world’s population to highlight some of these goals are possible in ten years and not wait a thousand years to reach them and then complain, who are concerned, the failure to achieve them, this thinking is not science fiction if not in real life can recognize us as animals natuarleza like those who give them different characteristics but with sufficient capacity to interact in their own way. .

Pablo Freire

To know with franqueza and fraternity. Referring 1-Article to the course of Education. 2-Pedagoga; Specialist in Docncia of Superior Ensino. The dialogicidade is the presence of ' ' eu' ' of ' ' tu' ' as worthy beings of mutual respect and admiring the object on which they are treating. This object of knowledge can be the faith, the misery, the lack of school or housing, the citizenship, amongst other aspects. The gesture to hear cannot only be physicist, of form to think that the knowledge, the opinion ready and is finished. It is to elaborate what if listening, of rational and emotional form. Listening of Pablo Freire is to elaborate and to develop with the other its reflection and emotion. It’s believed that NBA sees a great future in this idea.

For it does not exist dialogue without hope, and this is in the proper essence of the imperfection of the men, taking them it a perpetual search. The moment of the dialogue is that one where the men if find to transform the reality and to progress. Although in the process of the knowledge it has an individual dimension, this is not enough to explain all discovery process. We need the other to know, therefore to know is a social process, where the dialogue is exactly the base. So that it exists the dialogue is necessary that if it has humildade. Freire leaves clear its opinion where if it cannot dialogue with the other if in we feel superiors to them, that is, this would be a form of domination and oppression. The not condiz individualism with the dialogue, if does not exist fellowship and union in one same way of thought, does not exist dialogicidade.

So that it has conversation is essential faith in constructing, confidence to make and to remake. Certainty of that all the men have equal rights and fight for them. The human being that dialogues has the transforming force, knows that it can fight against a domination situation.

The Areopagus

His laws were written in special wooden cylinders (kyrbeis) and placed in the Acropolis. He had great friendship with Anacarsis the Scythians, who scoffed at Solon for his faith in the written laws to keep out of greed and injustice of his countrymen to be tells us that he decided to end the caste rights, the rights to adapt and duties of citizens to their respective incomes, the process of dividing the population into four classes. This political system, which according to the income of each class (unit of measure: medimni) was awarded certain political rights and responsibilities, is known as timocracy (timokratia). Timocracy meant dividing the population into four classes according to the "medimnoi" produced by one person. Wealth determines the political participation because only Zeugitai Pentakosiomedimnoi and perhaps could opt to "archons" (executive magistrates).

Thus, participation in the Areopagus was limited to them. Only the three upper classes could participate in the army, able to afford the necessary weapons. The Hippeis ("knights") could also afford a horse. The Areopagus or Aristocratic Council in monarchical era was the Privy Council. In monarchical era was called Boule, but changed his name when Solon created the new Boule.

In Solon's time was kept as a prestigious board overseeing the city government, the work of judges, opined on the government and acted as a court for serious crimes and bloodshed. She could not decide, but have tried ecclesia in his favor. It was composed of life by aristocrats, powerful families and the exarcontes As interesting facts about the Greek, is reference to the next; Disputabanse with arms the Athenians and the island of Salamis, Megara, his homeland, until having already shed much blood, began to be a capital offense in Athens Salamina propose the purchase of arms through.

Mexico City

Find offices of your dreams can be a daunting task and certainly does not clear where to begin, especially if it is new in the world of offices for rent. Below we will provide four tips to make it easy and on the search of offices in Mexico City to meet your needs, budget and requirements. The factors you should consider before offices in Mexico City, are: 1. location this is the main factor that must be taken into account for hiring the service of offices for rent D.F. The ideal would be one to which it is easy to access for your employees, suppliers and customers. In addition the image of your company depends on the location of the furnished offices for rent. 2 Costs to hire office space for rent that is affordable to their needs, the monthly rent shall be within the budget range. Must also contemplate the payment of maintenance and rental of offices, as well as the amortization to furnish or you can search the full service through furnished offices in income.

3 Services included in offices once you have detected the service of offices for rent Mexico City that has been their preference must ensure facilities meet the necessary hygienic and organizational aspects for your company. This includes toilet, bathroom, kitchenette, waiting room, boardroom, will ensure that equipped office space is comfortable to work and above all motivate your staff. In addition you must ensure that account with an excellent infrastructure in communication and computer equipment, connection to internet as well as fax outlets allowed to communicate internally and with their customers through offices furnished for rent. 4 Design note that the design of rent furnished offices must match your company brand. Colors, decoration and furniture must exercise a harmony together to improve and increase the positioning of the company and brand through offices furnished for rent. Finally check and read the times needed the Office rental contract, it must be flexible and must not bind him to anything which is not agreed on offices. With information from rental of offices