Studying English

Studying the English language, we pay much attention to grammar, translation, pronunciation, reading But for this most multifaceted process of learning to forget about himself, his native and beloved. Do not even try to analyze their mistakes, not trying to understand why or why suddenly there was a regular unpleasant situation in the classroom or during a conversation with a foreigner Suddenly – forgot! The whole point is that the student is usually all their problems in learning English reduces to one: “not learned, then we must also learn by rote ” Although most of these problems can be extremely psychological effects. It happens that the teacher and have no time to deal with your “cockroaches in my head.” And so it remains only save yourself. In our lives a lot of rules, in addition to the rules of the English language. And we do sometimes observe. For example: “Wash your hands before eating,” “Cross the street at a green light,” “Do not stand under the boom” Because inappropriate behavior can have some unpleasant consequences. However, such elementary rules of “exploitation of own organism” for studying English, we do not observe. Since virtually nothing know about them.

And most pressing for each student, probably those that relate to the process of remembering. Well, share with you frankly human memory consists of two sections – a short-term memory and long-term. What is a short-term memory?