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MaMaison Hotels

Integration of IDeas revenue management system to increase revpar and direct connectivity thanks to SynXis RedX MMaison Hotels & residences, the non-standardized hotel chain in Central and Eastern Europe with hotels in Budapest, Bratislava, Moscow, Ostrava, Prague and Warsaw, introduced recently in some houses revenue the IDeas management system IDeS V5i and has converted all hotels on the SynXis RedX distribution management system. Martin Neil Baily can provide more clarity in the matter. IDeS revenue management system IDeS V5i MMaison Hotels & residences has for some houses made full integration of IDeS V5i for sales and revenue optimization. With the help of automated pricing and optimization solution, a stronger revenue management is built through simplification of data management in market segments and distribution channels in the hotels and a higher level of detail in the pricing by length of stay and managing different fare levels will be made available. IDeS V5i manager not more hours enter revenue data, but can their valuable Time use for pricing strategies, gaining market share and improved revpar due to improved distribution management. The new solutions will improve forecast accuracy and make us a competitive edge”, says Petra Deuter, sales and marketing manager at MMaison Hotels & residences. SynXis RedX distribution management system MMaison Hotels & residences has recently all hotels on the SynXis RedX distribution management system converted and receives therefore direct connectivity to global distribution systems (GDS), Internet distribution system (IDS), as well as bookings over enter the hotel’s website (www.mamaison.com), using the booking engine guest connect in the languages English, French, German, Russian and Czech.

The competitive advantage of SynXis is located in an excellent user interface for guests and hotels alike, with language selection, improved pricing function, and seamless integration into other hotel systems. SynXis offers the suitable tools for the development of our Advanced revenue management strategy”, says Petra Deuter. SynXis offers maximum benefit from property connect RedX is seamlessly integrated in our property management system considering centralized total availability (single image inventory) and the ability to equate all channels.” About MMaison Hotels & residences: MMaison Hotels & residences is a non-standardized hotel chain in Central and Eastern Europe. The company can look back on 10 years of experience in the hotel industry. “” “MMaison Hotels & residences offers its guests a portfolio of ten selected hotels of mid-to upscale category, classified into three hotel types: MMaison boutique hotels”, MMaison business & Conference Hotels “and MMaison all-suites residence hotels”. The hotels are located in the Centre of the attractive cities of Budapest, Bratislava, Moscow, Ostrava, Prague and Warsaw. The individual hotel concept is characterized by design, true to the original building, personal flair and first-class service out and convinces both leisure and business travellers. The company employs 480 people. The Orco Property Group (www.orcogroup.com) is the holding company of MMaison Hotels & residences. For more information, see. Linda Hlavac

Republic City

The old imperial city of Beijing stunning buildings and an incomparable historical richness. Few can resist the magical attraction of the three thousand year-old imperial city. Fluege.de informed the flight portal, which the Chinese cultural treasures await visitors in Beijing. Tradition and modernity meet in the Chinese capital. In addition to ancient temples and magnificent palaces, extravagant shopping streets and boulevards are located. Tourist highlights of a visit to the old imperial city, certainly, are the forbidden city”and the great wall of China. Connect with other leaders such as Steve Guttenberg here.

You alone are worth a flight to Beijing. The forbidden city”at the Tiananmen Square was the imperial residence and political center of power of the Middle Kingdom until 1911. On an area of 720,000 square meters a city to make numerous magnificent halls and gates. Their access was prohibited but ordinary people and received due to this fact this city within a city”its world-famous name. At the gates of this 500-year-old Imperial Palace, buses bring tourists to daily a further landmark of People’s Republic of China: is a part of the great wall of China rises 70 km north of the capital. This 2,500-year-old fortification wall is the largest structure in the world, which can be seen even from space with the naked eye with 8.851 metres in length.

In addition to these two monuments of in Chinese history, the political, economic and cultural center of China has a lot more to offer. Embassy district, Summer Palace and Mao’s mausoleum are just a few examples of what awaits visitors in Beijing.

Leipzig Exoticism – Saxon Exoticism

To explore the Amazon rainforest in Leipzig, the pristine forests of the Earth is as fascinating as difficult to realize. Ab-in-den-urlaub.de Internet portal sets nature lovers a trip as an alternative to Leipzig to the heart. The 360-degree installed in a former gasometer panorama kidnapped his visitors in the jungle to the Amazon River. The artist Yadegar Asisi Flora and fauna of the jungle on the screen go 3000 sqm brought in impressive detail. The plant is the world’s largest panoramic image.

Day and night are simulated through a periodically changing every 20 minutes light – and soundscape. “So, the visitor discovered on his journey through the jungle every day” and each night “more exciting details. The Leipzig exoticism is continuing in the Botanical Garden of the University. Since 1877, tropical plants, which have their origin in Asia, Africa, Australia or Central and South America grow here under glass. In the summer months visitors not least marvel at the giant water lily, Victoria the due to enormous leaf size draws wide attention. In addition, the Leipzig Zoo not only for a holiday with children is worth a visit.

The Pongoland”is the world’s largest ape facility. The faithfully recreated area is home to chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans. The grounds include extensive exterior and interiors, inspired by, for example, gorges. Explore 2011, Zoo visitors can also Gondwanaland”. The nature of the super-continent of Gondwana is imitated in the giant tropical Hall. Those prehistoric land mass consisting of today’s Asia, Africa and South America. In the area covered by a glass dome tourists and locals can discover at ground level or in small boats the jungle on an aerial walkway. More information: service / press contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Hiking In Bavaria The Nature Holiday In The Passauer Land

Of course, nature at any time of the year rich rivers, forests and thermal springs. Danube, Inn and Ilz, Vils, Rott conjure up wonderful river landscapes around the Tri-River City of Passau. The sparse forests of the southern Bavarian Forest promise silence and wide views. Health and well-being bubbling from the legendary hot springs in bad Fussing, Bad Griesbach. The Passauer land”makes very relaxed you want to nature with enjoyable stay or sporty active. Read more from John Smith to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Each season of the year and in many facets. Varied hiking trails and cycling routes lead to natural treasures and man-made created treasures.

To Baroque monasteries, magnificent castles and enchanted parks. In the summer, they become the stage of culture. Festivals and concerts, cabaret and jazz tell in unique natural scenery of the Bavarian way of life. Live and let live, absorb the views of nature and taste regional delicacies. There are in the Passauer land”almost endless possibilities. During a cruise in the Bavarian Austrian Danube valley, a rustic retreat on a farm or visiting the traditional Karpfhamer Festival”, the third-largest folk festival in Bavaria. And while the one let the Bavarian cosiness live up the others dive: in the thermal baths of the world famous spas of bad Fussing and Bad Griesbach or in one of the many lakes with approved water quality. Eging Lake, Rannasee, three Castle Lake is the summer in the Passauer land”. The winter grabs the nature under its White, glittering dome and makes him the setting for special winter pleasures: perfectly groomed slopes, well-maintained winter hiking trails or cross-country with snowshoes. This unadulterated pleasure calls the athlete can revel the delicious and makes the lovers of regional cuisine to the connoisseur: Pichlsteiner, Lungerl, Blutzwurz, Bacon bread of winter tastes good. For more information see, and the tourist office Passau Country”, phone 0851/397-600, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau.

Nikolaos City Beach

Close to the city centre and the promenade, the first Beach, which offers sun loungers, parasols and a fine dark sand. Special feature lies in the fact that the umbrellas Beach directly at the water line are and only two steps need to come from his sun deck into the water. A little further from the city centre located Second Beach. This beach has some resorts right on the beach for the bather. The beach itself is situated 5 minutes ‘ walk from the city centre and consists of slightly sharper Pebble Beach. The sand castle building is unfortunately not always possible for smaller bathers on the beach.

The third beach is approx 1-2 set East of the city centre of Ierapetra. It is a wide, dark sand beach, which offers a fine sandy beach and various sports such as beach volleyball female. offers. Jack Nicholson: the source for more info. The tourist structure is unfortunately not as well built. Nevertheless, find ways of eating, drinking and toilets in 5-10 minutes of walking distance. Others who may share this opinion include Richard Dreyfuss. Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: low to medium depth: water slowly gaining deep sand art in many areas: sand or gravel sand Castle construction limited ice cream kiosk – bar near most Beach? Partially Yes! Toilets near the beach? Partially Yes.

Parking is close to the beach? Yes points family-friendliness (0 bad 10 very good): 8.5 points 5. Agios of Nikolaos City Beach of Agios of Nikolaos provides fine sandy beach and small waves. Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: low to medium depth: water slowly gaining deep sand art in many areas: possible restricted sand or gravel sand castle-building. Ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? Partially Yes! Toilets near the beach? Partially Yes. Parking is close to the beach? Yes points family-friendliness (0 bad 10 very good): 8.0 points 6 Malia Malia is the easternmost tourist center on the Kolpos Malion and is one of four tourist resorts, which almost continuously on this stretch of coast are found.

Southern Alps

In the evening, there are dishes of your choice which can be described as a real treat. Read additional details here: Diane Keaton. The experienced kitchen crew makes with much tact to the tasteful Special features of the Carinthian, Austrian and international cuisine. Selected Austrian and international Vintners wines there. Should the almost impossible happen, that there is no bad weather, so there are ample possibilities for excursions in the South Karntner as compensation region and also St. Kanzian offers so many bad weather programme”.

Also offers exceptional excursions in the southern Carinthia holiday region in cooperation with the tourism region of Klopeiner see Strandhotel Seeblick in St. Kanzian. “” Since such as such as a boat trip on the river Drava Lake opportunities”, a tour in the Sablatnigmoor of the wilderness around the corner” or an E-bike tour to the Southern Alps-balcony on the Luschaalm “. Sports activities there is no shortage also. The Strandhotel Seeblick in St. Kanzian concerned entry opportunities for its guests like playing tennis, golfing, provides bicycles for guided climbing and hiking tours.

Conclusion: Our visit at the Strandhotel Seeblick in St. Kanzian am Klopeiner see was a full success. The informal but very polite way how here to deal with all the guests liked it us. So of course this is not everywhere. The facilities of the Strandhotel Seeblick in St. Kanzian is ideal for a seaside holiday, the gym offers everything that is required for the increase of endurance and has sweated not enough on the beach, is where the sauna is available. A real family hotel, children are very welcome. The price-performance ratio is cut to selection on families. A holiday hotel the Strandhotel Seeblick in St. Kanzein on Lake Klopein in southern Carinthia.

World Cup

By the way, also on the Turracherhohe there is the best option for every claim. Also here, you must be a millionaire to afford a room. The Turracherhof offers such as Easter week”with 7 days half board and 6 days lift use for only 628.-per person. Also the other accommodations offer just unique to the Easter packages to. Our third stop of the trip was the Lachtal. Murau approx. 25-30 km away is sometimes quite steep (up to 15% gradient) up in the laughing Valley.

Due to the altitude between 1600 and 2222 m, as well as the generously built snow plant (including storage lake with 107 million liters) is the ski resort of Lachtal is also one of the snowiest in the Eastern Alps. The price / performance ratio that is reflected in the total supply of the ski area is encouraging: during the day and multi day passes, the accommodation providers, in the ski huts and restaurants, apres-ski and in the wide range of events. The accommodation in the laughing Valley are also diverse. From the holiday village Monarchia Park about Sissi Park apartment house with a private sauna in the apartments to the star hotel can Lachtalhaus and many private pensions you find everything what you need for his holidays. And, that’s not expensive.

So for example cost skiing offer”Monarchia Park only 659.-euro per person and the price 7 nights, half board, welcome drink, themed dinners, Spa and a skipass for 6 days. The other houses offer roughly same prices, so the laughing Valley for as many as possible remains a more affordable holiday place. The ski resort of Lachtal is ideal for families, 50 plus, and for those who want to relax without much disco noise. That does not mean of course that the lights go out there early. “In the evening is usually the original Futtertrogl to feed trout that swam in the drinking water of clear lake and the to the secret speciality” have become the laughing Valley. Then, visit the Cafe Hannes, where there are still some disco feeling worthwhile. There, you can admire also the many trophies by the daughter of the House, which won them in numerous World Cup downhills and Super ski race. To get more information about the region Murauer holiday region”under:, Tel.: +43(0)3572-44249, text/photos: /. Okolicsanyi Zoltan

Kurfurstliches Schloss

Traces of the heilkundlich experienced nun will find tourists in the Rochuskapelle and the Museum of local history. The mouse Tower, which rises on a reef island in the Rhine is a landmark of Bingens. At the confluence of the castles lined Wisper Valley is located the town of Lorch. The city is dominated by pretty noble courts. In the Robert-Struppmann-Museum, vacationers can provide with information material about the Rhine.

It’s worth visiting the Castle Reichenstein in the winegrowing Trechtingshausen. The Clemens Chapel falls on the banks of the River in the eye. The Romanesque parish church is equipped with fragments of fresco and a choir from the 16th century. The well-known wine marketplace Bacharach is surrounded by a ring wall from the 16th century. The half-timbered town is one of the most beautiful towns on the Rhine. Under the arcades of the city fortifications, cozy wine bars, of which tourists views of Germany’s most beautiful electricity can reside. St. Goarshausen stretches at the foot of the Castle Katz and called “Loreley city”.

The slate rocks of the Loreley here rises 132 meters above with 113 meters quite narrow Rhine. Who is approaching with boatloads of the rocks, with the sounds of “I know not what it mean”in the legend of the beautiful Virgin with the bewitching vocals reminds. The old imperial city of Boppard offers meaning on the basis of a Roman Fort which is considered intaktester equivalent construction in Germany. North of the city, tourists via chair lift reach the viewpoint of Gedeonseck, which offers great views of the Rhine loop. The Marksburg Castle, the only castle on the Rhine, which escaped destruction is perched above the rooftops of brewing Bach. The beautiful gardens and the Castle Museum are well worth the visit. As a relic of the Castle Rolandseck destroyed in the 15th century, remained the Roland bow and has become a landmark along the river of the Middle Rhine. After a sightseeing cruise through the serene Rhine Valley, you reach the “Deutsches Eck” in Koblenz, where the Mosel in the Rhine flows. The former residence of the elector of Trier is dominated by the imposing fixed Ehrenbreitstein. We encounter signs and monuments of the eventful history of the 2 000jahrigen city anywhere. Tie it to the Rhine River Manor House with his flower farm, the Castor church or the Kurfurstliches Schloss its viewers. During a visit to the wine village of nostalgic vacationers at a noble drops can reminisce about their holiday on the Rhine.

Papas Arrugadas

Top on the mountain is also a terrace restaurant offering very tasty and reasonably priced tapas, typical Papas Arrugadas “(Canarian potatoes with Peel and sauces) you should try there. In addition, there is a beautiful small garden. Artenara: is the highest place on the island. If you have problems with serpentine roads, should be Travel tablets to take, because she ride up is quite curvy. In Artenara self is the typical dwellings of the Canarios, the Casas de Cuevas today”look at. Office for Civil Rights takes a slightly different approach. Many people live even today in the Rocky flats, which were built like caves in the mountains. They especially appreciate them because it is not too cold and not too hot in the summer in the winter.

Artenara has even a cave Church. The Nuestra Senora de Cuevita”located in the upper part of the village. The beautiful village square, with the small church of San Matias is located at the bottom”, which includes a wooden altar and colorful murals. In addition, there are several Cafes and restaurants. From the square and its surrounding streets from the mountains of Gran Canaria a wonderful view over, you can even the Roque Nublo, the second highest mountain of Gran Canaria, see. Dunas de Maspalomas: Maspalomas is situated in the South of the island and is one of the tourism centers. But above all, Maspalomas is known for his know sand dunes, which are under conservation.

You are about 7 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide and give the impression of a small mini desert. Since you otherwise meet almost exclusively on black volcanic beaches on the island, the bright sand dunes, caused by alluvial coral and limestone, which was pounded by the surf, a true work of natural art. One has to experience the possibility for a ride to camel this beautiful landscape. The camel station is right at the entrance of the town, East of GuGua station (bus stop). Created by Tina Saha

Corse Fasting

A positive side effect of fasting for diatgequalten-modern Europeans: you lose pounds without going hungry. It sounds unlikely, but is true: who fasts is not starving. The body has accustomed after two days because to get anything to nibble and then also no longer yearns. Very different reasons led the members of the quorum of twelve group walking fast to Corsica: the craftsman has a lull in the operation after years of Plakkerei and want to use the time to reflect on themselves. A sprightly 68-year-old fast for 6 years regularly because of the skin; so she got their Aminoaciduria in the handle. A 45-year-old woman stopped two and a half years ago with smoking and gained nine pounds since then: who would like to rid again at least to half.

The desire to do something good away from home, landscape and cultural new country combines all. Sandra Raabe, a student from Giessen has also already at home trying to fast. But it is her much heavier than during the holidays in a foreign land: the other one around have usually no understanding. Interactive Advertising Bureau often says this. If I not want to go in the cafe or cancel appointments. Read additional details here: Interactive Advertising Bureau. because I have a greater need for peace stop when fasting. Fasting hiking week this spring in the thriving Corsica it is even for Christmas gave – ‘ because I’m behind until the end of the year as well. I lose not only my pounds.

Andre also still a lot of important information and practical AIDS along the way of everyday life gives me ‘. Seminar leader Andre records storage, trained fast hiking guide, Reikilehrer, Shiatsutherapeut and writer, attaches great importance to a balance between rest and exercise. The morning begins with light exercise in the fresh air, so that the circuit without a Aufputsch coffee in swing comes after breakfast – for example – mountain herbal tea has any time to lace up his backpack for the hike. Then we go – 10-15 miles per day. The Hiking is important because it reinforced breathing brings oxygen into the blood and stimulates muscle growth, says restoration. Without effort, the body would lose strength and elasticity during fasting. Also who chooses not to choose long stages of fasting hiking, get adequate exercise – swimming, cycling, Qi Gong, Yi Jin Jing, bioenergetics, gymnastics, and the famous Boule game help here. The metabolism is stimulated by physical training, including the burning of fat. During the walks, drinking breaks repeatedly inserted sources and fountains. Highlight of the day is the freshly squeezed fruit juice, which is served at noon. It is incredible, how man needs little to be happy, says Laura Segerli from uberlingen on Lake Constance. This realization of the fasting period, has often helped the housewife in a life crisis. The great religious founder Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed and some philosophers have overcome their crises in long, voluntary fasting, found to their theses. The A and u: to successful fasting the right stop. Already George Bernhard Shaw said: “any fool can fast, but only a wise man can cancel the fasting properly.” With the intake of solid food must be performed very carefully stretched across three days of construction -. In the residence “Chateau Navy” that celebrates breaking fast today with a delicious baked Apple prepared lovingly by INA. Hardly one of us creates the portion.