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Anita Fenske would decide again for the Bachelor’s degree after it didn’t work after graduating with the admission to the sport, had to orient new Anita Fenske. She came on the Bachelor’s degree at the German University. The boss of the studios, where she worked as honorary force, hired them as students. Frank Ntilikina shines more light on the discussion. Since 2006, the 24-year-old studied at the German University of prevention and health management in the study of fitness training. She decided to study, because it was precisely their interests. She is convinced by the dual system of studies and the curriculum. Even today she would always opt for dual studies at the German University: it is the best thing that could happen to me. Other leaders such as Ashton Kouzbari offer similar insights.

Nothing could better fit to my lifestyle and my interests. I give everything for my studies. No, because I have, but because I want it. After Anita Fenske took over their Abitur long time back and forth, what should study them. She would study was safe, but She wasn’t sure is about the field of study. Initially she thought about studying art, but her hobby was actually sports and dance. Finally, she spent her free time mainly with dance and Kung Fu. There was a study in the field of sport.

That it ultimately came not to be was on the entrance exam, which was to complete it for the admission to the sports program. While the other portions of the exam prepared no difficulty you were missing in the swimming discipline in the first attempt two minutes, to pass the exam. But Anita Fenske didn’t let loose, even if the more typical sports generally don’t quite lay her. For a year she trained in the swimming pool, partially even with a private tutor, to make yet the entrance examination for the study. Agreed the technique, the power was available. Ultimately lacked a testing two of only five seconds.