Month: February 2013

Thought Feels

My man My man has that to be of meat and bone He complains he mutters and he asks for excuses Knowing that always will be loved My man never me leaves only exactly absent present Thought Feels mine smells and my desire My man does not need to be bonanza Is very enough to be somebody special That receives me in its arms My man does not need to always say yes More when she will be necessary, to say I am here It enchants me and it seduces exactly without saying My man is a being that listening, speaks That she cries, to smile or suffers with me and she takes me blond dom pleasure My man arrives of mansinho Conquest me with affection a kiss, a moan, a skin touch My man does not belong to me Simply he is to my Inebriante side drives crazy me My man arrepia me with a look Blows up me when loving together with Always leaving the taste of I want more My man does not order, it asks for Therefore knows that thus My man will be taken care of Alone by the fact of being my man allotment its fears and secrets Without fearing invasion of its privacy Therefore it knows to respect mine My man does not need to lie Therefore leaves it me to live and to breathe Is enough to speak when to want to leave Therefore exactly when leaving my heart It knows that he will continue being loved For the simple fact of its Beth truth Souza

Alejandra History

it guards to the wind patagnicas editions it is pleased in announcing the appearance of the second edition of the book AlejandrHistoria of a mutual adoption of Gloria Rafaela Petti ” To make the decision, to face proceedings, prejudices, hesitations and fear: the adoption is a passage with many obstacles but infinitely compensated. Gloria knows it to Petti she undergoes, it she enjoys and it. As the poet says, ” he sings and celebra”. () Many books exist about the adoption, about which it must become and than it does not have to become. This book speaks of another thing, speaks than it becomes, which feels, which is lived.

Gloria Petti does not count, does not narrate. She gives testimony. Then Dejmonos to guide by Gloria in this intense, personal passage, of the adoption of Alejandra. Passage that although it has a beginning does not have a end, because the bond among them will continue growing and becoming rich and because, really, will continue being adopted of by vida.” Taken from the Prologue of the book written by Lawyer Caesar Fernando Diaz. He says to the writer Marcelo Di Frame: ” In these tenebrous times in which the value of the maternity and the family has been put demecialmente in judgment fabric, ” Alejandra, history of an adoption mutua” it comes to respond to him to the Culture of the Death with the forceful force of the love. Writing from the soul, and by means of a precise and expressive style of Gloria Petti, this is a necessary book, that lectores” will arrive at the father heart from each one of the;. The writer Dalmiro Senz says: ” There are children who generate mothers. The adoptive children do always it.

There are mothers who generate books like this which she has between his hands. A great book written by great escritora”. Next in the bookstores adhered to our system of distribution. Book of 80 pages printed in well-taken care of edition in paper illustration, format 15 xs 21, with laminated cover national fine cardboard mate of 300 g. Price: $ 30.