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Free Medical Web

Mobilization of medical knowledge through knowledge sharing, networking and communication since June 28, 2008 can take advantage of the full functionality of medizinwelten.de doctors and medical professionals and exchanging free medical images and texts. In the start-up phase is the filling of the database by cooperating doctors, dentists, and institutions in the foreground. The rule operation phase will begin in autumn 2008. The aim of the platform is the mobilization of medical knowledge through knowledge sharing, networking and communication. Knowledge exchange through the setting and retrieval of images and texts, and through its Internet Forum discussions.

Networking through a series function, individual contributions can be combined with the series, which are then available as new units of information available. Communication through a comment function to the individual contributions and discussions on medical topics in the Forum area of the platform. The comment function is used in addition – together with the possibility for assessing the contributions based on a Point system – platform internal quality control by the users themselves. Also part of the platform and an important element of knowledge networking is a regular monthly medical listening (podcast). In this podcast posts in relationship are used and discussed, users can have their say and presented background information on current developments in medicine and to the platform. Background of the platform is the mediWeb2. concept of 0, medical worlds is developed by the company in Stuttgart, which has the mobilization of medical knowledge through knowledge sharing, networking and communication to the target.

A similar Web 2.0 offer for medical imagery does not exist to my knowledge currently worldwide”, so Dr. Christofer Coenen, founder of medicine worlds. More information about the mediWeb2. 0-concept home.medizinwelten.de. medizinwelten.de is financed through the display of advertising. Press contact: Dr. Christofer Coenen of worlds of medicine, MSc Leharstr. 4 70195 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 74 006 886 fax: 012120 / 213 912 email:

The Fear Of Failure And Panic Attacks

Fears are the yardstick of our psyche. You can change everything if you just want to… Filed under: Joseph Stiglitz. To deny the anxiety feeds from social policies that must meet to be considered commonly referred to as successful male/female. Who does not meet this showcase is stamped in many minds and unfortunately often also own a failure. Culminate these fears suddenly in a panic attack, i.e. the fears trigger an avalanche of escape and alert mind, is the victim of his own thoughts concerned. The pressure that weighs on hired workers and managers in particular, is increasing.

The security of a supposedly safe workplace is always low and a marriage no longer holds to the death. For many people these are factors which further Stoke their fear of failure. But what fear is this? To deny the anxiety feeds from social policies that must meet to be considered commonly referred to as successful male/female. Who is not enough this showcase in many Stamped heads and unfortunately often also own a failure. A latent fear of failure or fear of losing E.g. the workplace lies dormant in every human being, who has built a life with many obligations and responsibilities. But if fear takes the everyday life of those affected, and paralyses all other thoughts, a serious illness is behind it.

People with a social phobia, when that classify the type of fear this, are afraid of reviews by others and fear of an imaginary bar, which they do not meet from their own view. Unfortunately, the theme of fear is everywhere in our world today and the media are enthusiastic fear Schurer, because such messages are selling much better than good news”. But people tend to overestimate fears and more attention and power to these negative energies to bring as necessary. Then suddenly in a panic attack to culminate these fears, i.e.

The Cross With The Virus: New Bird Flu H7N9 Spreads Further In

Since early April 2013, a new avian flu virus called H7N9 is rampant in China. After the new flu virus first of all in the region of Shanghai, it spreads through the train of the birds to their northern summer homes in the North and West of China. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong created a map that shows how the virus further spread in recent weeks to the Northwest, and now in China is seen as a potential pandemic. Europe has been so far spared by H7N9, but for how long? Experts already demanding an import ban of Chinese poultry to the EU, but clashed with their desire for the EU on deaf ears. To panic there is nevertheless no reason, insure physician.

The earlier bird flu H5N1 had a much higher death rate and had expired but relatively comfortably. Protection against the bird flu virus, the best remedy against different bird flus (and known as swine flu) is still Tamiflu by Roche. Martin Neil Baily is likely to agree. Also the new N7N9 virus can be effectively treated with the Tamiflu ingredient oseltamivir. Tamiflu was last disputed manufacturer Roche initially refused, the largest number of tests involving the drug in 2002 had received approval, to disclose. Roche was appointed to protect the data of the test participants, while the Cochrane Collaboration suspected that Tamiflu was not so effective as the giant wanted to make believe the humanity.

Managed Cochrane Collaboration not mildly agree also a “piecemeal” publication. This had the Tamilflu FDA-approved proven 2005 already during the bird flu outbreak and is one of the best selling funds from Roche at all. Tamiflu is prescribed usually only after the flu infection, can be removed but also preventively, in the immediate vicinity of the patients there already are several flu infections. No vaccination against bird flu possible while long a preventive vaccine was developed for conventional flu, there is currently no vaccine against new H7N9 avian flu. Not only in China Researchers currently feverishly working to produce an effective vaccine. Because even if Tamiflu seems to work yet with the active ingredient oseltamivir, this could change quickly to a mutation of the virus. Until then, oseltamivir and other neuraminidase inhibitors but remain the only effective weapon against the new bird flu.

Burnout Syndrome

Although the fatigue syndrome is difficult to define burn-out, a test can important information supply, whether you’re at risk stress itself is not wrong, and a stress-free life is not feasible today. It is therefore on the right balance between stress and relaxation, so that the exhaustion is never to steady state. One should learn to observe the warning signals of the body when it goes beyond its borders. A burn test can be very helpful, because it stimulates one to draw attention to itself and on your own situation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kelly Asbury. The diagnosis Burnout is always still extremely controversial with researchers, and is so far not officially recognized by traditional medicine as a disease label. Paul McCracken has firm opinions on the matter.

“Nevertheless increases the number of people who fall ill because of chronic stress, years steadily on, and last but not least since a number of celebrities as Burnoutler” outed have, the topic has become the perennial favorite in the German media. A part of the problem lies in that Burnout is a very complex syndrome, and with a long list of physical and mental characteristics. Only the physical symptoms that go along with Burnout Syndrome, enough already to fill volumes, and range from insomnia, about tinnitus, stomach ulcers and even heart attack. In addition, that the mental symptoms of Burnout fail similarly versatile, and that the stressors that trigger the syndrome, can be extremely diverse. Although the burn-out diagnosis so is anything but easy, there are a number of features that almost always occur as core symptoms when the Burnout. Especially if several of these signs in combination, they provide a clear indication of the peril of burnout. These central features include persistent loss of motivation, constant fatigue, emotional exhaustion, and reduced ability to successfully recover from stress.

Stress in itself is not automatically wrong, and a stress-free life is not feasible in my opinion. And certainly not in our moving Internet age. It is therefore on where to find the right balance between stress and relaxation so that exhaustion can never be used to steady state. Because only unconquered stress can make one sick. A first step in the right direction is to sharpen the perception of its own borders. One should learn to observe the warning signals of the body when it goes beyond its borders. A burn test can be very helpful here, because it stimulates one to draw attention to itself and on your own situation. It is difficult himself to admit that the daily pressure is too much, and that the power reserves are no longer enough. Finally, there is perfection one of the personality traits that promote burnout. Perfectionism is created out of fear, to be good enough, and this fear is confirmed of course by a burn-out, because the ability to bring performance, constantly failed. If you cannot accept the weaknesses in this crisis, this can lead to a deep depression. Paradoxically require so great strength of character, which can identify weaknesses, and adequately to respond, because just when you realize the risk to effective mind do it. And if you respond in a timely manner, there is enough often, when one learns to work less, and regularly apply relaxation techniques. Dr. Carl Neumann Pro connection Ltd. Landfriedstrasse 16 69117 Heidelberg email:

Zer Reisung

The shoulder angle is the connection between the collarbone and shoulder roof. The severity of the injury ranges from a bruise to a more or less strong overstretching or Zer Reisung of important stabilizing straps (Tossy grade 1 to 3, and Rockwood grade 1 to 6). The necessary treatment depends on the extent of the injury and the activity level of the patient. Lighter and moderate injuries (Tossy grade 1 and 2) should the shoulder will be sedated, at greater injury (Tossy grade 3) to recommend surgery is often. Fracture / fracture: A fracture to the shoulder is usually the result of a serious fall or shock to the bone.

Depending on the localization of bone fracture and the extent of the shift broken bone shares of either a conservative treatment, i.e. an immobilization in a bandage or a plaster or the fracture must be surgically be treated. The operation has the internal fixation of bone fractures with so-called mark nails has in recent years increasingly gained importance. Dr. Preis, Dr. Schroeder, Dr. Lages and her team from the KLINIK am RING, Cologne are specialized in treating shoulder injuries.

Arrange investigation 0221-924 24 221. The KLINIK am RING in the near future: in 1994 the KLINIK am RING as one of the first interdisciplinary, Board-run private clinics in Cologne opened. As 30 GewO state-licensed clinic has 5 floors a ward with 21 beds and 9 document departments: anaesthesia, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, neck, nose and throat, implantology/mouth-, jaw and facial surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology and dentistry. Thanks to good infrastructure links the KLINIK am RING is also convenient from towns like Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Wuppertal, complete NRW and beyond beyond reach. orthopedics

Regina Owert Valentina

Due to lack of experience, Liraglutid should be prescribed only restrained in patients with congestive heart failure or inflammatory bowel disease. Also at gastric paralysis, the drug should not be used. Liraglutid should be discontinued if symptoms of pancreatitis. Because Liraglutid is relatively expensive compared to other diabetes medications, it may be prescribed for fi nancial reasons only in overweight diabetics, that without the new preparation on insulin and should get off there would be assigned on the basis of their weight on very high doses. Here Liraglutid can affect positive, because the active ingredient evokes a feeling of fullness, which can lead to weight loss. Dr. Nuhlen pointed out that the new drug is not a magic bullet against obesity: “in the studies, patients have lost up to two percent of their available work.

The change of lifestyle is necessarily also with Liraglutid required. These include. elated topic. especially more exercise and a balanced diet” In practice greater weight decreases were also significant. Also the new product must be applied properly and carefully. “It is important tig, that patients will be well trained, so they know what accompanying non-drug measures are required.

For example, the blood glucose self-monitoring includes in addition to lifestyle changes”, explains Dr. Nuhlen. “If patients rely only on the medicine due to insufficient training, it will not correctly work.” The doctors organized in the Professional Association of diabetes are able to interchange from new and emerging knowledge on the regulation of the new drug and to draw conclusions.

European League

They are consumed at an early stage Joint modules Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate quite capable, in that illness can do to intervene positively and to alleviate joint pain even as this non-prescription pain relievers. You need some patience. Until the full effect of these natural substances, may take a few weeks. By the same author: NBA. These natural building blocks, can they be Chondroprotektiva (joint contactor end substances) named after Anscicht of experts be an alternative for patients with osteoarthritis? The European rheumatism EULAR (European League against rheumatism) society at osteoarthritis “says Yes. In the assessment of means and measures for the treatment of osteoarthritis, the EULAR systematically going-based medicine according to the criteria of evidence.

This means that only means and measures received a positive rating and recommendation for the studies and experiences are available. The quality of this documentation is classified in grades 1-4, which is equivalent to the class 1A of the best assessment to be achieved. In addition, type Rheumatism experts even a recommendation for these funds in particular clinical pictures off. A is highly recommended and D less recommended. Both Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have received top ratings. The documentation for knee osteoarthritis has been rated 1A and the experts gave a highly recommended”(A) for both natural substances in this disease off. Because it Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to natural substances, which also occur in some food products, called in the application of these substances in the form of tablets for osteoarthritis by nutritional measures. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have proved in a daily dose as in ArtVitum in many researches nutritionally effective for knee osteoarthritis.

Artvitum (PZN 4604249) is available in pharmacies, selected health centres and directly at the company to 29.

Susanne Borchers

Special mild bath products is for cleaning or possible, not destroy the acid mantle of the skin pH neutral SOAP (Syndet). It is important that you dry your feet thoroughly after bathing and then cream. Because the skin dries out easily, and fine cracks, which can be the starting point for severe infections are formed. But take not some cream, let consult what is suitable for their feet. The stockings and shoe place special value on the right stockings and shoes.

Stockings should have no strangling a rubber or oppressive seams and are preferably made of natural fiber. Shoes may not express or narrow. Therefore not morning; buy them because feet swell during the day usually – the shoes in the evening no longer fit. Inside the shoes must be smooth, without wrinkles or heavy seams. Check your shoes before the tightening may be troubled into foreign objects such as stones or sand. t as a source, but as a related topic.

In some cases, special shoes are necessary, the No toe cap are sufficiently wide, and have a cushioned insole. Special caution is advised, if you had a foot problem. Then they should lie with the purchase of the shoe on the afternoon and if necessary don’t shy away from a consultation, they need the shoe does not equal buy Yes. Another possibility is the custom-made shoes by a specialised orthopaedic shoemaker. In any case, can check the proper fit of the shoe from your doctor / podiatrists / orthopaedic shoemaker. Because if the nerves are affected, you can rely on, that you feel pressure points. With the right shoes, you need not restrict your movement. On the contrary, skating and gymnastics, promote blood circulation and counteract damage. Determine injuries to your feet, you don’t try to cure themselves, but immediately contact your doctor to clarify whether a restraint is necessary. Because the earlier problems detected, so rather consequential damages can be reduced or even avoided. If they themselves aren’t in the position your feet to care, you are looking for a foot care. For assistance, try visiting Doug McMillon. Works this professional is already at the beginning of the treatment history of diabetes asked. Take care because it works with a sterilized instrument set. Scheuen they not ask himself whether she has several of them, that should be a matter of course.

Jorg Grimm

The Feet must take the fumes themselves and switch to the front walk. With this technique, the primitive man has hunted already supposedly fast-acting wild today world class sprinters win so their medals. What a masterpiece of mechanics nature we gave with our feet, we notice only after we have taken a few days barefoot shoes. If then again felt the muscles and avoid an unprecedented power and dynamics in the feet, hardly any more want to miss this feeling. Also in solid shoes feet are close up involuntarily as if they were filled with anticipation, soon to be released from her prison. Barefoot shoes athletic running barefoot is actually the most natural thing in the world for the people. For this reason, barefoot or in minimal shoes lie increasingly in vogue. More and more people looking for a free feeling of walking and freed”feet: the manufacturers respond to this need with a corresponding selection on Models.

Toe shoes, especially where each toe has its own Chamber are visually unfamiliar. Stones are indeed perceived by the thin soles, but it helps to know that they can cause no injury. Some barefoot shoes from the range of the brands have a modern and colourful design and are indistinguishable at first glance almost indistinguishable from normal running shoes. You have a firmer sole, nevertheless the foot it feels like a comfortable slipper. While jogging, many buyers will find it as enjoyable that they can feel any roughness of the ground and concentrate on their sport. There are also especially designed, somewhat heavier barefoot shoes that have but only a few millimeters thick sole for the winter. The feeling of barefoot running is also supported by a low explosives, the gradient of the heel to the toe.

It makes no difference whether moving the runner to pebbles, split, or asphalt. The foot can move freely inside the shoe, without that puts it somewhere. Barefoot shoes, the structures of the feet will be charged more. Therefore it is advisable to wear them initially only for one hour a day and gradually to evaluate how long keep your feet in their new environment out there, without tiring. Trained runners also recommend barefoot shoes, which have the lacing in a zip, so it is well protected and will not open on rough terrain.

Contact Lenses

Frolic on the playground or skating with the pals for children it has advantages in some situations the ‘head freely to have’. Then, contact lenses are a great alternative to the glasses. Berlin, 04.10.2011 (KGS). Fear of contact with the invisible watch volunteers are unfounded. Studies have shown that kids and teens without hesitation to wear lenses. So today even in adulthood children eyes look healthy in the world, adaptation and regular follow-up are also duty as for the large. Unlike the dial or driving a car there is no minimum age for the wearing of contact lenses. If a child is mature enough to deal with them responsibly, there is nothing against seeing little helpers.

Parents can agree to not so worried. A large-scale study on eye health by lens makers revealed that had only three percent of children aged between eight and thirteen years problems with contact lenses. Thus, their share was as low as the adult lenses carriers. There is the “lens driver’s license” from the Contact lenses customizer. He selects the appropriate model based on the individual characteristics of children eye.

The decision for rigid (hard) or soft lenses aimed even then, how often and on what occasions they are used. In addition, contact lenses Beginners learn how they the view helpers on the eye are get, how long they should remain there and as they are properly cleaned and maintained. A regular check of the quality in the customizer guarantees that eyes, lenses and care products still fit together after weeks and months. The use of contact lenses is “Child’s play” in the truest sense of the word and usually only a few seconds. Cleaning and care can be passed safely after the briefing in hands of children. Parents of smaller children should an eye on it but have, similar to quiet like when brushing your teeth, that the offspring also complies with the “maintenance schedule” for the lenses. Recent studies show that eight to victory just as well in the position, to their contact lenses take care as young people aged from 12 to 17 years. After successful test round, it is then to test the “invisible glasses” in moving everyday. Many leisure activities, contact lenses are a practical and above all safe means of vision correction. Nothing slipped on the nose, fall off or breaks. Just for athletically active kids, therefore soft lenses are very suitable, provided, they fit in form, material, and size to the eyes. But now, the glasses are a hip fashion accessory. But just in the teenage years, many adolescents finds it difficult to external change. In this case, contact lenses and psychological effect. Nevertheless: who wears lenses, wearing whatever glasses. At the end of a long school, play and sports day, it makes sense to take a break eyes and contact lenses.