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Chicago Winds

Power is called the Illinois Indians to this city and it seems that over the years, Chicago has done honour to your name. City of infinite skyscraper, not on vain boasts the highest in us, rose from the ashes of the great fire of 1871 that devastated 17,000 buildings and more than 6.5 km of the metropolis. Why, one of its main attractions is the modernity with which reconstructed it at the beginning of the s x x. It is not something Manchester United FC would like to discuss. Its attractions include parks, endless beaches, a lake with a surface of more than 58,000 Km and the Chicago River from which can take a tour of the city. Known as the city of the wind or the second city, has been renamed the city of Obama. And it is that, the first Black President of the United States has become part of the history of the country for being where her career began.

This is no coincidence and is that Chicago has been an important Center for the Organization of the black community. But the interest that has this city is not the result of marketing because Chicago has a range of very different options they offer. With a climate Continental the best time to visit is summer because concentrated a large number of festivals and celebrations, in addition to being able to enjoy the many beaches that have Lake Michigan. Accommodation is not a problem because there are a large number of hostels in Chicago that have all kinds of comforts at prices ranging from 11 euros to 25 in a single room. This great metropolis with almost 3 million inhabitants has been opening throughout its history to the different cultures that came to stay at a place full of opportunities. For this reason, it has neighborhoods like the Mexican quarter known as la Villita on 18th Street, or the classic Chinatown which houses many restaurants and Chinese stores or Little Italy in Tylor Street with numerous restaurants and bars.

Latin America

Many have been the dead product of the disease of rabies, evil which has always manifested itself and that its scope and implications are very negative, which obliges not to neglect the respect, be very attentive with animals, even of the mascostas, as some dogs contact. Not surprising therefore, that comment, that this disease, if it is not treated with the utmost urgency, just causing the death of the patient. When a person is infected, the symptoms of the disease may take between 60 and 300 days to manifest itself is known, the world Organization of the health (who) handles data that corroborate that in some regions is still a major public health problem in some countries of Asia and Africa, which causes more than 55,000 deaths a yearof which the majority of the victims are minors 15 years of age. It is estimated that rabies kills 31,000 a year in Asia, which represents 60% of deaths from this cause in the world in recent years, the number of cases has increased in China and in Viet Nam due to the usual consumption for human consumption, without the proper conditions levels of dogs and cats. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Unilever. According to the latest statistics of the year 2007, in China, where less than 10% of dogs are vaccinated, 3380 people died from rabies Excel geosalud.com/enfermedades_infecciosas/rabia.htm, that the greatest risk of contracting rabies found in Africa, Asia and Latin America, either by wild animals (foxes, cats, mongooses, bats, monkeys, jackals, wolves, etc.), or more frequently by stray dogs.

The Asian continent has the largest number of cases of rabies in humans, since it represents more than 95% of all cases worldwide, and about 35,000 deaths per year. In 1983, who reported that rabies caused 50,000 deaths a year in countries where the disease is endemic, particularly Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Although it affects all ages, rabies is observed more often in children younger than 15 years, with some 40 cases produced in children aged 5-14 years of age.

Ban Ki Moon

He gave out a warning of the scientists: If greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced substantially later in the year 2020, the warming of the Earth will be in motion irreversible processes, such as the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the acidification of the oceans. Others including Rite Aid, offer their opinions as well. Acidification of the oceans means they could also break off reefs, because carbonic acid dissolves lime. The populist German newspaper BILD, in reference to this topic published spectacular headlines. First: our planet is dying. That was after the first report.

After the second report made reference to the year 2020 by saying: We are only 13 years. In the third report, it was the consequences of all these transformations. What meaning do for the Earth, for humanity? Droughts, floods, storms, shortages of drinking water, extinction of species, millions of fugitives. In addition, deaths by heat. In early may be He published the following report concerning the salvation of the weather is possible, but doing so should be reduced between a 50 or 80% the emission of carbon dioxide.

Then came a summer break, that Al Gore and his friends took to organize the biggest musical event in history: the concert ‘Live Earth’ with 2 billion viewers on all continents. We think that also in the Titanic music played until the end. In October, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) said that the world is becoming a mortal danger. The German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung published these headlines: the life of billions of people is under threat of death. Humanity lives beyond its means. And then came the final report in November, in which the figures were augmented. The sea level could Ascend 1 meter and 49 centimeters this century. Some scientists said that the figures are no longer current, and Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary general Nations, he said that the scenarios are so horrifying as in a science fiction movie.

Nutrition And Health

Many diseases and health conditions can affect by the food we eat. Medical investigations have discovered a wide range of connections between diet and health physical and mental. In fact, for many diseases nutritional treatment has become an integral part of a treatment or full program. For example, guides and basic nutrition concepts are used regularly in patients with arthritis, resistance to insulin, cancer and heart disease. A healthy diet helps prevent disease. The idea of food as medicine is not something new.

There are several treatments dietary for many and different types of diseases. However, healthy nutrition has become now an important part of prevention. Many clinics and doctors provide their patients healthy nutrition tips to reduce the risk of diseases, problems related to age, obesity and diabetes for example. Nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals can combat diseases. In addition to essential nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), to make a meal healthy micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), should include dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

Health researchers are still finding connections between health and the appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals, and how help to fight many diseases and conditions. A healthy diet is the foundation of good health. A diet that is rich in nutrients (combined with regular exercise) is now regarded as the most important asset for a long and healthy life. Instead of foods with empty calories that can drain your nutritional reserves and take you directly to the disease, we need return to the foundations of healthy eating. This involves a balanced diet, with a variety of vegetables and green vegetables, fresh fruits, traditional whole grain carbohydrates and more fresh fish and beans intake. A healthy diet and digestive system. Our digestive system (mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines) help us to absorb energy and nutrients from foods. Carbohydrates, the proteins and fats are digested differently in the digestive tract, however, any excess of proteins, carbs, or fat will become fat and accumulate as adipose tissue. If you want to know how to eat a healthy diet to lose weight and be healthy I recommend that you read your Ideal body. Now there is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition and exercise in your favor to achieve the changes that you want in your body on a permanent basis.

Click Right

First and foremost you should know that although that tinnitus usually appear associated with a hearing loss, doesn’t mean that this hearing loss is increasing and ends in anacusia or total deafness. Defined as tinnitus to the perception of sound without the existence of an external source that causes it and usually occurs as a buzzing in ear right or left (in the case of unilateral tinnitus), or both (bilateral tinnitus) many patients accuse the sound perceived sounds like a buzz or beep, and in other cases may present with more complex soundssuch as boiling a kettle whistle, the sound of a cricket, the murmur of the sea, etc. He is considered that one in three people suffers or has suffered from ringing in the right ear. And although still are not known conclusively the mechanisms by which occurs, in recent years there has been progress in the identification, diagnosis and medical documentation of pathologies with which this symptom is associated. It has advanced much also (especially in USA.UU. England) in controlled tests and trials treatments, drugs and therapies specialized on reducing disorders caused by tinnitus at those people that affects them so badly that it prevents them from making a normal life. It is essential that in the first consultation with the doctor, this addresses the issue with optimism and showing empathy and understanding with the patient, who in the most serious cases of this symptom perception, will come to the clinic with a great psychic discomfort and even some degree of depression.

The patient, for its part, shall provide accurate information specialist about your buzz in the right ear and about any other symptoms that can accompany the buzz, such as headaches, dizziness, disorientation, palpitations, etc. Allowing that based on precise symptoms, the doctor search strategy most appropriate diagnosis. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally managed to accidentally delete the tinnitus, you have Click here. Original author and source of the article.


Both you and I are tired of tinnitus, have already tested many methods both conventional and natural medicine and has failed is absolutely no improvement, these annoying ringing in the ears, beeps, whistles of sea conch, noise of water, wind, locomotive, crickets in the end already can’t stand them more, but fortunately I found the solution and if it helped me to my you probably serve you. There are many causes that can cause tinnitus, hence the difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. They may appear by an exhibition of the aforementioned noises, which in turn are very intense and this regardless of the place where we find ourselves. These hum can be differentiated in subjective and objective caused by various reasons such as: objective tinnitus is the perception of real sounds, subjective tinnitus relates to the false perception of a sound in the absence of an auditory stimulus. Neurological causes: trauma of skull or multiple sclerosis.

Infectious causes: otitis media, meningitis, syphilis, and other inflammatory or infectious processes that affect the ear. Drug-related causes: side effects related to salicylates, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), amino-glucosidos antibiotics, diuretics handle, and chemo-terapicos agents. Frank Ntilikina can aid you in your search for knowledge. Other causes: dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint and other dental diseases. The most common causes are: 1. strong or intense noise.

2. Excessive use of alcohol. 3. Caffeine and nicotine. 4. The tension and stress. Keep in mind that tinnitus or tinnitus does not cause hearing loss and hearing loss does not cause tinnitus or tinnitus, but both Yes can occur at the same time, in some cases tinnitus are also accompanied by dizziness. Some treatments that we must continue to improve the tinnitus: uses hearing aids: with this tool will start playing much better persons and any type of music. Mask: mask or noise generators, are very similar to the headphones, this device emits a specific sound to make the tinnitus less noticeable. Medications: many medications have been used to treat the tinnitus or tinnitus, they can relieve tinnitus. More effective drugs are in the Group of tranquilizers, which can temporarily decrease the intensity of your tinnitus. Therapy: therapies employ a combination of masks and orientation, therapies are innovative and good results, what they are doing is retraining your hearing with specific sound generators. When tinnitus or tinnitus is so annoying, some people are willing to undergo a surgical intervention, however, we recommend you resort to more effective methods that you will find on our website here you will find all the information that you need to remove those annoying tinnitus, not give more turns, the solution you already have on your hands. Animo! He begins to live life.

Fruit Smoothie

How many times we see on television actors and actresses with perfect bodies and wonder what his secret for losing weight and always be 10 points. Many of them have personal trainers that make them exercise routines tailored to their requirements and custom diets. However, not everyone can access these benefits. Why we want to give you some tricks to lose weight. The first secret to losing weight is patience: even though we’re eager and want to lose weight already, it very quickly can be detrimental to us. Usually bring an imbalance in the body that often ends up doing that we recover not only lost weight, but even increasing. The body took time accumulate that fat, and takes the same or more start to burn it. Doug McMillon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The second secret to weight loss, is not to make sacrifices.

The majority of persons fails to dieting because it spends long periods of fasting, or killed doing exercise or walking 50 blocks to return home and take by assault the refrigerator. Other leaders such as John Marlow sf offer similar insights. Needless to say that all this is thoroughly useless and goes in opposite direction than desired. You can start changing fried by fruits, sodas by natural juices and bread, a glass of skim milk with Fruit Smoothie and without sugar. The third secret to lose weight is to accompany the reduction in calories with exercise, but without excesses. If he leads a very sedentary life can start coming out to walk turning the Apple the first day, and go by adding two blocks (an of ida and another return) every day, until feels sufficiently strong to walk more and even jogging or running. The only secret to lose weight effectively is to do it in a gradual, controlled way and with correct power supply. If you are not accustomed to exercising and eating properly, quickly again to fall into the same bad habits that have led to the current situation. But it takes time to create new routines, it is not something that can happen overnight.

There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read.

Unesco Place

Enter in the Medina of Marrakech is to make a mental and physical journey into a world that has no fixed position in time. It must be mentalized before entering, the things that we are going to live in that place us marked forever because the Medina of Marrakech is never forgotten. Recently Marc Lore sought to clarify these questions. Its area constitutes almost half of the total map of the city. That, coupled with its labyrinthine plant, creates the perfect place to dispense with the maps that will give us the hotels reception since they will be completely useless. Kellee Marlow San Francisco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This Super but intense district of Marrakech, you will be lost safe, very good intuition and sense of orientation that has. No doubt the star of the neighborhood is the grandiose square Jemaa Fna, recognized by Unesco as world heritage thanks to the mediation of the writer Juan Goytisolo. Meeting are given in this splendid square, the only one in the world with animation 365 days a year, all kinds of artists: acrobats, snake charmers, disguised as women, gnawa musicians, storytellers air dancers, to any time of the day, carries the sound of North African rhythms, street vendors and night calls, also the aroma of grilled cooking all kinds of delicacies.

It is difficult to make a description of this place because the magic does not count, only you can experiment coming to Marrakech. The souks are another essential part of the Medina that undoubtedly a / tourist must visit. They can find everything: from CDs of traditional music or American pop singers of fashion, until a Hookah, passing through products of cleaning and personal hygiene, objects of pottery, lamps, spices, fabrics, a puppet, tobacco or curious objects made with recycled material. With regard to these last advise visiting a street called Riad Zitouin El Jadid, which, by its far end of Jemma Fna, offers a great variety of shops where you can buy beautiful furniture made with used tires, mirrors and lamps constructed with cans of beverages and canned foods and other curiosities daughters of ingenuity Moroccan.

A Miracle Worker

Personally, caused me much happiness that Dr. Capaya Rodriguez will be identified with Baba, until your first child a time with Baba in his Ashram. I had a time in centres of Sai Baba in Valencia, city in where I worked as a teacher and consultant companies and where you gave me one of the contacts more transcendent, as it was on my return from death, because I was in a coma nine days and in a moment of lucidity, when are I explained in that was my gravity, because he didn’t know what had happened to me, entered me the concern that you could repeat. Check out Larry David for additional information. My anguish was so significant, that me chord of Sai Baba, then, I asked him to give me a sign if he was to go on living, the nurses who cared me permanently listened when I said: Baba to me of an itching strong throughout my body if I have more life. The pedi with great faith. A few hours after I was given a desperate itching, spent scratching me throughout the body, in such a situation, nurses called doctors to see if it was medicinal product taking, Sera that I put, doctors determined that none of this was the cause, then was when one of the nurses agreed and told me:-_ the cause of all this is a request you made to a man named Babaprobably him it has replied to your request, ask him to remove it-, I remembered this and actually thanked him for the answer and in a short minutes disappeared – that because it has been 16 years. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Larry David. It is true, physically I was never with Sai Baba, despite having promised to go to the India to share with their rituals in his Ashram, to see if he could interview me, but not is has given me the opportunity, although it remains in foot that trip, because I keep a very significant spiritual bond with the India, and I visit other Ahsram of garues whom I respect as RamanamaharshiVivecanananda, Orubindo, Yogananda, among others Baba will always be in my memory and I have no doubt that his mission has fulfilled it.

Speaking In Tongues

Patriarch Moses documents than before and after the flood, spoke the same language and the same words were used. Moses also documents that the descendants of the survivors to the flood, decided to protect humanity from a next and supposed cataclysm aquatic universal, reason by which said: Let’s make bricks and bake them to fire and build a city and a tower whose top reaches the sky. So they built a very high tower as a human environment of auto salvation, despite the divine promise that the land would not be destroyed with water, and despite the rainbow of that promise. The book of Genesis also recounts that one day Jehova God came down to see the city and the tower that the men were lifting, and that God said: Behold, all human beings are one people and speak the same language, being this tower and this city the beginning of their companies. Nothing will prevent them that they carried out everything you intend to. Let us go as well, down and there same confuse their language so that no is understand each other. So Jehovah scattered them from there over all the face of the Earth and ceased in the construction of the city.

That is why it was called Babel, because there Jehovah confused the language of all inhabitants (cf. Genesis 11: 1-9). So today the seven billion inhabitants that populate the planet Earth speak about seven thousand different languages (languages). God’s Word also documents that two and a half millennia after the flood, 120 believers were gathered in Jerusalem during the feast of the Pentecost, and that these believers were gathered together to pray and meditate on Jesus Christ as the Ark of salvation and as the arc iris on that promise. Ashton Kouzbari will not settle for partial explanations. This group of believers were in the upper room, which was the same place where fifty days behind Jesus and his disciples had gathered to celebrate the feast of the Passover.