Month: August 2018


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I decided to try and use some of the tactics listed in affiliate Elite.Tan only invested 3 hours in the implementation of some of the things that are shown in the course. Could I get results? Continue reading – is really this effective course to promote products on the Internet? Can one really ganardinero over the Internet using this, despite having no experience and don’t have money to invest? Is it another course than it is a scam? These are some points against and a Please affiliate Elite: against: while it is true that you can earn money quickly with this product, don’t expect instant profits. Perhaps the author to exaggerated a little mention on his page that one can begin to earn money the same day. Yes, there are some who succeed. But if you are a complete novice, it may take a couple of days to see results. This course is not for those who want to earn money on the Internet without any effort. If you going to buy, if he is going to have to put some effort to achieve results. The good news is that apply the tactics that are shown in this course is not difficult task.

Panorama Estate Omar Hajiyev

Many make the window sill in the table, sometimes attached to the hinged tabletop. However, we must bear in mind that this should be done fairly accurately. "By setting a wide window sills when installing windows, – says Sergey , a leading specialist company near Moscow," "- should provide ways their additional attachment, for example – or parts of the console. Otherwise, the design will not be strong enough. " "The window sill is put under the frame with a deep approach is not more than 1 cm in exceptional cases allowed to install it right next to the frame. Requires sealing of the joint design of the window sill with a white silicone sealant.

In this case, the edges must necessarily go into the wall by approximately 1.5 – 3.0 cm – Paul adds the Winds, a specialist group of companies propleks (Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies). – Fixing of additional tabletops made to the windowsill on corners or console. " Enlarge the kitchen many are trying to and from the loggia. It should be done very carefully, observing the requirements of the legislation. "Association of loggias and balconies with interior spaces is illegal.

Glazing loggias and balconies, too, need to reconcile what many do not even know, "- says the managing partner of consulting firm Panorama Estate Omar Hajiyev. Compromise is the removal of windows and balcony doors while warming lodge. In this case the "outside" can set a small table. By the way, the fashionable choice for contemporary kitchens is becoming "restaurant" plan: instead of one large table in the room put two or three small, sometimes colored.

Bolivarian Morales

the countries that make up the Bolivarian alternative for the peoples of America (ALBA) and others from Latin America expressed their support to President Evo Morales for his speech at the 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations, and by historical support retrieved on 10 August referendum. Solidarity was expressed unanimously at a breakfast which offered the Chairman of the United Nations General Assembly, Nicaraguan Miguel D Escotto, at the headquarters of the United Nations in honor of the Bolivian representative. D Escotto, on behalf of his colleagues, congratulated the Bolivian head of State and expressed its solidarity with the problems that in the past few weeks he faced Bolivia, as the attempt of a civilian coup headed by civic and prefects of some departments Evo is the biggest defender of mother earth and water, said D Escotto before a group of representatives from a dozen of countries in Latin America.

He recalled that United Nations worked hard on the theme of water, from makes at least three decades, but nobody bothered much of the issue in the rest of the world, as if it were a secret. President Morales supported the initiative of organizing international meetings of the Latin American countries, mainly to socialize, discuss and endorse basic services in the world should not be a private business. In this field we must govern by obeying the people, said Morales and he indicated next to the Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and his team of collaborators working full time with the full conviction to consolidate the process of change. Therefore regretted that in Bolivia, the sectors of the right, which increasingly are less, have become violent and have attempted to consolidate a civil coup, to truncate the democratic process that lives Bolivia from 26 years ago. Morales also received support and recognition of their work on the part of the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosuelt Skerric, who expressed their solidarity and demanded the cessation of the unfair blockade against Cuba imposed by the United States for nearly 50 years.

Socialism XXI Century

Venezuela a country that we are concerned, this time facing in a serious crisis in higher education, where many universities have lost their way, are not integrated into the country's needs, training professionals able to generate the changes that are demanded and successfully face the challenges, and opportunities that arise. It has many universities to forget their commitment, role, social responsibility, especially because they do not have a team of authorities in accordance with the requirements for example, demanded a Bolivarian revolution in favor of what they called Socialism XXI Century, all, For that, who are always involved are the same as integrated power groups, groups A and rooted for decades, to maintain its traditionalism, its influence, and have a plots some universities, according to their personal interests and not those of the university community to A forgotten as someone has already expressed that the University has a responsibility to regional leadership, as a designer of the future and as an institution identified and consistent with the times, able to adapt to the realities of the present without compromising the provision of a different and better future. (Not to be confused with Sam Mikulak!). In fulfilling this mission the University must increase the training of human resources with a sense of belonging to the region and help to create leaders in various fields and activities. Many universities have neglected academic excellence, quality education and have failed to be recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of his academic output, reflected in the comprehensive training and professional quality of its graduates, the level of service and other activities, in a continuous process of technological modernization.

Celebration Swedish

IKEA Spain celebrates starting today in their establishments in the peninsula the end of Christmas and the return of the light with a party called KNUT, which symbolizes the time in which Christmas ornaments left step to the new decor that will receive the incoming year, and why the Swedish brand presents some very special offers at its various commercial surfaces to decorate House. Each January 13 the Swedes celebrate this day with family and friends, so that together remove the decoration and Christmas tree who have accompanied them during the holidays, giving way to a new decor. KNUT day takes place the julgransplundring or looting of the tree, in which children Christmas tree shed all the sweets that are hung as a traditional cookie ginger, apples, nuts, candy canes and smalkarameller decorations. Thus, that day children invite friends to their homes to eat biscuits, drink juices and play. Together then removed all the decoration and the Christmas tree who have accompanied them during all the festivities. In addition, KNUT day in some homes is danced and jumps around the tree singing the song KNUT: Merry Christmas was just / we bid farewell to the tree decorating / but next year as a witness / our old friend/so so again this promises us now. Tradition says that years ago in Sweden it was custom that children and men disfrazaran of the old King KNUT and were on the streets doing mischief and asking for candy, then return home with pockets well full of baubles. Original author and source of the article.


CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg and employment agency forge education chain five Ortenauer schools are active youth village Offenburg professional entry-level attendants of CJD, in the framework of the nationwide “education chain” initiative of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) and commissioned by the German Federal employment agency. You have a total of 40 students and students who have trouble in school and their school-leaving certificate is compromised. At the Offenburg Georg Sina school are ten and at the Astrid-Lindgren-Schule accompanied five students. The Morburgschule forest of rubble he has 15 seats, the primary school and Hauptschule Rhine Bischofsheim, as well as the Wilhelm-pipe-Schule in Freistett over each five. Melanie Krauss and Andrea Sanger CJD employees share the responsibility for the initial counselling of young people. They are at the Georg Sina school teacher Frank Hurst supported.

“We work very closely with students of in classes 8 and 9, so the pros finish classes until the first year Vocational training “, explain the two professional entry-level attendants. Because the need is overall very large, limited number of places, however, the selection of young people to be funded is a first important point of the education chain initiative. Here, the teachers of the participating schools are invited: make proposals that are agreed with the employment agency. Ultimately, the parents of support must agree. “The selection focuses not only on the notes”, added Melanie Krauss. Criteria such as a problematic family situation, personal problems or a general lack of orientation are also considered in the decision.

Then the staff eligible needy young people actively to the page. In addition to reaching graduation, they assist in career, job search and application process. Also in the first year of training, young people will find the familiar contact. How the individual support in detail will be decorated, considerably depends on the strengths, interests and Skills of the individual off. Melanie Krauss reported many positive reactions on the part of students, responsible for the Offenburger Georg Sina school: “The willingness to accept help is here!” Rector Jess Haberer agrees with the: “Our students are very grateful and happy about this kind of attention.” According to the BMBF, every year, around 60,000 young people leave school without completion, others are considered not ready for training. Faced with this situation, the BMBF initiative “Education chain up to the end” on it, to reduce the number of early school-leaving, as well as to improve the transition from school into training and in professional life targets. In close cooperation with the countries and selected partners to meet in this way the impending shortage. Up to 30,000 students and students are assisted by up to 1,000 full-time professional entry Companion. The countries have named 1,000 schools, where the professional entry companion are active. The BMBF is funding the Initiative with a total 362 million euros.

Creative Power

That is why I say that it is not enough to be most, but know that it is. For this purpose it is necessary to not applaud to mediocrity and to realize that the first task is not out of the dictator, but revive the strength of the imagination and placed in a substitute higher level. The power of rejection will be evaporate the dictator. We could call it more graphically, as a consolidation of desire. How to transform this desire into a reality only you can by an omnilateral spread. Joint action is irrepresible and I do not mean a crowd facing a force of deterrence or repressive, I am referring to the Constitution of a common will since here it is not a military dictatorship more but of a wrapped in ideological clothes. I speak of a capacity to melt the values that come from the comprehensive power. If we want to take it to the language of today, the issue lies in carrying the virtual to real.

I have said many times that the realities are constructed. What I am saying is that we need to replace a reactive or negative capacity for a positive ability to instituting taxation in different ways. The political power of the rejection to be effective must be autoadecuando not to allow the regime to select and extinguish the liberating impulses imposing its seemingly imperceptible reduction until it makes residual. The creative crowd has powers not available to power. The values that create the crowd or feeding or worn to this new power totalitarian, unpublished and multiple handling of repression.

Remove the domain from the social body and reduce it to mere enclosed power itself, is the path. For that the crowd should be released and then the power will enter in an unstoppable decline. Everything else is exercise strategic and tactical variants on the praxis of political action.