The Dogs

Instead of laying an ambush for their prey, they learn to turn, to prey, to track or develop skilled routines. The precise detail of what they are learning is not important what they are doing is to earn their food through their actions, and that gives them the conviction that control their own destiny. The acquisition of food varies from one case out of your control to something under their control. This goes against a medical reality. If a dog is not well fed regularly, your blood sugar level in blood drops and decrease performance skills. Some two professionally-trained animals work for their entire supply.

I am reminded of the dolphins and sea lions. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but this requires that the animal has access to frequent training sessions with food. The park program is based on this animal. The life of most coaches rros pe-no. The dogs would be happy to work all their food down.

Are the between-ordinators who do not have much training time available. Then the dogs are fed and which any one (in the case of my way twice), and the food is composed of training of special awards such as cookies or liver. Is it refused food if the dog has not acquired a particular skill? No. Instead the dog is helped to work properly so you can be rewarded. With time and repetition, the dog graduated beyond the need for help.