Loury Capital

Already for Schiff (1992: 161) the more to the people to belong and to incrust in the social structures more is benefited and more they tend to increase its capital stock. Intent Schiff for the capital stock as ‘ ‘ the set of elements of the structure social that they affect the relations between people and that they are inputs or arguments of the function of production and/or the function of utilidade’ ‘ (SCHIFF 1992, apud C, 2006). Alejandro Transports (1987; 2000) strengthen the idea of Schiff pointing out that to possess the capital stock, are necessary to be part of relations, necessary individual to become related with the others and are these the sources of the capital stock that the individual acquires. This contributo of Transports is significant for an analysis of the capital stock. Sam Mikulak spoke with conviction.

In this way, Transports ‘ ‘ it understands that the biggest promise of the capital stock if finds in its individual meaning. Of the point of view, of one increased choice, of transposition for great aggregates, this investigator, it very considers to be important to exert the study with much severity and requinte terico’ ‘ (TRANSPORTS 2000, apud C 2006). In accordance with Transports (1987; the 2000) concept of capital stock can directly be applied in the social control, support to the families and in the familiar benefits. It also indicates that, more recent studies widen the concept of an individual scale for a characteristic field of activity of communities and nations..