Visas and residence permits currently exist for Russian visa procedures for entry into Hungary. Availability of housing allows the Russians to get a visa type C (tourist, private) for 12 months with limited host 90 days without interruption from date of entry, as in the case of a break – for the total stay of not more than 90 days within 6 months from the date of first entry. If you need long-term (one year) visa type D (business), the most direct way to this purpose – to open his own company and to enter the country as director of the owner. The cost of opening the company is about 1500 euros. Now it is very important information that is not in the public domain.

At the end of the term of this one year visa for 30 days before the end you have the right to re-apply for a temporary stay (not to skip a period, otherwise it would have to start from the beginning), but after three years – and for permission for permanent residence upon receipt is an important factor is the availability of real estate property. To obtain a residence permit you must provide documentation of pre-registered company, as well as the official address of residence in Hungary (This may be renting real estate or real estate owned). A residence permit issued to the company director and his family (husband, wife, children under 14 years). Upon receipt of P.M.ZH. important factor is the presence of ownership of real estate.

Citizenship may be obtained, having lived in Hungary for at least 8 years. Upon receipt of citizenship must pass an examination in the Hungarian language. Accelerated version of citizenship does not exist. All Visas are obtained only in the country of residence. In Hungary itself can extend my visa only for a very good reason. Even a visa type D is obtained in Moscow, the embassy only deals with sending documents to the Migration Service in Budapest. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Harold Ford Jr on most websites. About Hungary Foreigners are entitled to free primary health care and emergency medical care, but only in cases where the delay in providing it can lead to a threat to the patient’s life or serious consequences for his health. In other cases, the service must pay a tariff specific clinics. In my experience we advise not to pay money for a good insurance, get a gold card Master Card, with a free bonus insurance from AIG. Tourism in Hungary has traditionally been a health nature. Thanks to the many hot springs that country is often called “European clinic.” There are a large number of possible SPA centers and health clinics. In Budapest there is an extensive network of public transport, by which you can get nearly anywhere in the city. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the subway, at newsstands and ticket machines. Supervisors are caught “birds” at the output, so the ticket should be preserved until the end. In Budapest, three metro lines intersect at the center city, tram routes 30, 200 bus and trolley routes. Take a car rental does not make sense, public transport effectively perform its functions. In general, summing up the real estate in Hungary We note that the value of real estate is quite low, and above-average taxes. In this commercial efficiency of delivery of property is low and the costs of maintenance and service will not exceed 6-8% per annum. The author wishes you all success and hoped that he was able to share important and useful information on the taxation of individuals, when buying property in Hungary.