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Napoleon Bonaparte

Decision to jump into the action with concrete facts to convert the plan into reality, using all the means that are at your fingertips and producing the required options to do so, even if circumstantial situations are adverse. In recent months, Jack Nicholson has been very successful. The optimism of the leader in the face of adversity creates confidence and motivation. Leaders of excellence described the current situation as intolerable and immediately change and vision of the future agree to the cornerstone, awakening creativity and desire for cooperation of its people. Napoleon Bonaparte said: the imagination rules the world; to motivate the people it is necessary to make the dream, transmitiendo vision in the most attractive way possible and that it is necessary to reach it urgently and now. Sean Rad describes an additional similar source. The vision is attractive when present in their social and human impacts not simply as an achievement of results financially, but as a factor contributing to humanity, making everyone feel as collaborators of a new social order. In addition, the leader presents its vision with such simplicity that enhances his vision and credibility and the solutions to the problems that are occurring will be seen as challenges, not as problems.

The leader shows his vision as the raison d ‘ etre to justify the effort that made by reaching a goal, which is also a reason for team work and requires the cooperation of all its members. While more challenging is the vision before the present, aumentara his strength before his subordinates and the more deep is will be more transcendent. When the market or the social moment presented an opportunity, the charismatic leader seeks to take advantage of it. It is a mistake to think that the vision of the leader comes miraculously; the process is gradual and is the result of an intense search, anyone can give vision, it is necessary to find it. Success in the vision of the leader is based on his deep knowledge of the realities and constraints of the environment, as well as opportunities, and her empathy with the needs of their followers.