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State Health

Therefore the forgiveness is only for you, a gift of your interior. Tip # 3 focus less on the results a State of health that perfect is usually something that is already so present at every moment because we feel pain and discomfort or the diagnosis is fateful, We therefore do no effort to ignore these symptoms and the disease becomes our focus of attention. But this is precisely what keeps us sick. Give attention to the disease and talking about it, complain about her, fear etc, is a perpetuador of that condition. To manifest health it is necessary to focus on what we want using: 1) see us healthy 2) remember times of radiant health and mentally relive them over and over again 3) dedicate ourselves to thank the health of other parts of our body that operate beautifully small daily efforts focusing + time in what we want and time on what they do not want to give quick and efficient results. An example of this type of result is the miracle man Morris Goodman, who appears in the film the secret narrating his impressive case of healing after a plane crash. Morris was completely paralyzed from the neck down after crashing in an airplane and your diaphragm was totally destroyed, the case was so difficult that the doctors confined him to remain connected to an artificial respirator’s lifetime. But he was a man of the new paradigm that knew how to focus on what they wanted to regain his health again and did so, throughout your hospital stay focused on visualize your completed desire, imagine walking and walking, used all his spare time possible to mentally paint a positive image that would keep his conviction of heal. Then the renewed State of health began to become a reality little by little and the first thing that happened is that he received an intuitive message that urged deep breathing.