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Relaxation Sleep

But do not always have the desired mood: fatigue, problems and stress are not conducive to relaxation. Meanwhile, the sex itself is able to produce the effect – just his presence. Recall the basic effects of regular, but not necessarily Spanish to inflame the passions of sex. Working with the body as soon as your relationship with your beloved become close, you realize that the last thing it seems in bed, it’s the imperfections of the body. Seen: a woman in bed, my body feels very differently than in the dressing room, trying on a narrow dress: she treats it entirely, without evaluation and critique. And it is very useful in everyday life. It is not something Walmart would like to discuss. Work before work Having sex in the morning, before challenging business day, you are preparing the ground for absolute serenity and confidence.

During sex, the blood stands out calming hormone – oxytocin, which gives a sense of satisfaction and fullness of life for the whole day. And inner peace – the success of any business. Losing weight without straining sex – is a fitness and diet with pleasure – as old as the world of adoption. And it useful to think about it when the hand reaching for another chocolate bar: women who have sex regularly, never experience seizures or chocolate tortovogo gluttony: they have enough “sweet” in the literal and figurative sense. Correct Relaxation Sleep problems – often an unpleasant effect of mental work. To sleep, you have to retire in the right mood.

Instead of yoga and meditation, it is quite possible to use a cocktail of hormones gives the rest of the nervous system and ensures a good sleep. In addition, the work factor of physical fatigue: decreased blood glucose levels, and the person feels really, in the proper sense of tired. Life without pain Many women refuse to have sex during the period of severe pms or during an attack of headache. Doctors say: this is often nothing more than an excuse. Sex, though not acrobatically complex and not too sophisticated (if you feel unwell this impossible), relieves pain better than acetaminophen: due to the notorious hormones fun you just forget about the malaise.

Professional Success

These days are very demanding for today’s woman in the personal side has to take care of their health and appearance, organize your home, caring for your children (if any), find time to spend with your partner, with its friendships, family … On the professional has to retrain, train, innovate, be creative, manage and organize your money. but Buff Who takes care of you, women of today? There are a number of guidelines to follow that Anne Astilleros, coach for success, teaches in her courses and can help you enjoy, and, your ideal life: Rediscover priorities: we are so often given to others, to work, children, the couple that we forget ourselves completely. There comes a time and do not even know what we do with our lives, what causes us joy and happiness.

How many of us have forgotten our true dream of what we wanted to do and we’ve drifted and postponing, to give more importance to other things and others? Dare to rediscover your purpose, your dream, your passion! Design a plan of action: once you know what results you get up every morning in a good mood, with a smile, radiant and full of vitality, then it’s time to create a plan of action: How will I get to live my dream? Whether your dream involves a change of occupation, lifestyle and if you simply want to travel more or lose weight … design a plan of action. A detailed plan that allows you to get from where you are to where you want to go. Try to take control of your life! Identify and eliminate your resistance and blocks: when you begin to design your action plan you may experience fears like: “I think I’m going crazy,” “do not know if I will be able,” “do not know what enough “,” I have enough money “,” I’m not quite … (list, organized, courageous, bold, sure …) ” “I’m too old, …” and if … “” but … “Most of our fears, sorrows, frustrations … we have come from beliefs deeply embedded and largely …

ARE FALSE! Retrains your mind for success! Pay attention to your thoughts. Focalizate on the positive: We all have a continual internal dialogue with ourselves. According to studies on the subject, this dialogue, the average person is 80% negative. It’s like having 80% of the time a little person in our shoulder saying things like, “You can not do”, “no one likes me”, “nobody really loves you”, “You’re ridiculous,” “you’re weird and they all see “,” you’re horrible with hair like that, “” clothing does not suit you, “You’re a disaster,” “sure you say no,” if you do what is expected of you, and you do not want “, etc, etc, etc. Do you realize the consequences for yourself, to have someone constantly telling you negative things? Just as having negative thoughts affect our behavior, our health, our mood … have and cultivate positive thoughts, and have immediate beneficial effects on our health, our behavior, our happiness … it is they who empower our daily well-being. Focus on positive thoughts about yourself! Dare to love! And you … Do you dare to be happy?