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Internet Opportunities

Therefore requires a proactive role, duly warranted by their knowledge, attention to the impact and behavior of scenarios, to all those opportunities that arise, but also mindful of the threats. Today more than ever required a new management style, managers, proactive, innovative, willing to bring about changes and transformations that allow you to move, Act on globalization with tools, programs, plans, strategies and favorable targets. Opportunities between the opportunities generated by globalization is the new technology, is characterized by the robotization of the industry, the massive use of computers, electronics, computer and Internet, all that which has led to the knowledge society. You have access to a wide variety of consumer goods, new technologies and knowledge. It allows access to ideas and international best practices in different fields and domains.

This can be a new product design, a new project of investment, a new production technology, a new management practice, even can be a set of institutions that has proven successful elsewhere, and finally a model of society. Since then, the management should know that the driving force of all these trends toward economic globalization. For assistance, try visiting Marc Lore. Social and cultural, is in the idea of the expansion of markets, the communications revolution and scientific and technological innovations. Taken into account, that the process of globalization has given opportunities to Latin American countries get international capital, technology modern, experience management and broad markets, presenting a shortest path to overcoming underdevelopment and achieving economic modernization. Threats with the globalization process can present threats especially to developed countries in the process of development and the little, an example of this constituyes it the financial crisis world, the disappearance of internal markets and the emergence of regional blocs. Another threat lies in its social effects, since globalization is often associated with a growing instability of production and employment: this affects, inter alia, the employment security. Globalization rewards people with sophisticated skills, high levels of education and entrepreneurial attitude. Image reflection of this is that the unskilled work, not well-educated workers and ‘ population marginalized probably benefit less in a more competitive global economy.

So inequalities in income and wealth can be wider, underlining the need for a policy public to correct these tendencies of inequality. Fact that gives much in the country and where management should look to ways to paddling the problem another aspect which must take into account the management in these threats, is that globalization tends to transmit certain cultural patterns of large countries, thus reducing cultural diversity and national identity. Conclusions definitively, globalization must be interpreted by management as a process that offers great potential for progress companies as regards organisation, efficiency, productivity, disseminating knowledge, improves the standard of living and opportunities for improved access to new markets, creating new opportunities to increase competition, lays the Foundation for the establishment of new business alliances and contributes to the established oligopolies disarticulation.