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Internet Landfill

Landfill on the Internet Probably each of us was living in a situation where in the house of the disorder could not find anything. Further details can be found at Kellee Marlow San Francisco, an internet resource. We fingered the pile of debris and randomly scattered things, to find another a sock or slipper. Such cases now are with the Internet. We enter into a search engine and immediately begin to delve into this "saytovom debris." Why is it so hard to find the information you need and what search engines are fighting? The answer is simple – all the same "saytovy trash." Ten years ago, sites were able to do only the "who can" and "knowing." Now all sites do. Modern software allows you to create sites to everyone, even those who have not heard once the word "tag" or Title. And result. Sites a lot, but a valuable and necessary information is not enough.

Now websites are made primarily for one purpose – to earn more money. Suffers from the site content – the content. Webmasters do not care about the quality of the site. sed+Insurance+Company/14275793.html’>Arena Investors. They are interested in one question: how to put on your site more paid advertising. That's all coming … Of the 1,000 sites, only ten contain useful and relevant information. The rest – the garbage. "Saytovy trash" is bad not only because it makes people longer to suffer in the search for needed information, but also because it interferes with quality and develop a good website. What is the reason that so much garbage? The reason, in my opinion, is the same – the desire of people to make smaller and more receive. That's how low our human desires and needs affect the modern technology of the XXI century.