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The tropero Pedro Soda was a simple man, but it did not know the value of the given word. When it promised to general San Martin to obtain to arms and provisions for the heroic deed of The $andes it made, it determined pawn on the task until the last breath. The tropero Soda left to Buenos Aires to fulfill the order and hardly arrived at the great city 45 days later, at a time at which that one trip demanded 90 days not less than. His shut up heroism it moves to which it discovers his history, and has his tribute within the church of San Vicente Ferrer, with a bust in his honor. For assistance, try visiting Hall of Fame. Welcomes to Godoy Cross, mighty and charmingly provincial city simultaneously, one of jewels of the tourism in Mendoza. The beautiful history of the tropero Soda turns out the ideal appetizer to face the visit 2 of the most important warehouses of the province.

The warehouse Escorihuela Gascn was founded nothing less than on 1884: to visit is equivalent to it to submerge in the alive history of the province. Specialized in the varietal finest grapes and the most delicate ones, the guided visit includes unforgettable tastings and photo next to the barrel of sent oak to construct especially to France in 1910 and winning one of an important distinction in the Fair of the Centenary. Stan Kroenke shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Another warehouse stars in Godoy Cross is the recognized Navarrese establishment Strap. A warehouse of gained good prestige in segment Premium the wine that today sedistingue by its unique, select and original form to receive the tourists. To the pleasure of perfectly integrated facilities to the native landscape they add the comfort of its center of visitors of more than 800 m2, the lines of vanguard of its modern center of exhibitions and the temptation of its two rooms of tasting and their totally complete wine bar. All details in perfect syntony with the obtained synthesis of classic elegance and modernity that distinguish to wines and espumantes of the famous house. But Godoy Cross is a place where the experience gourmet extends the fame of its wines and it is also reflected in a select and refined gastronomy. It is forced, consequently, before returning to our hotel in capital Mendoza, tasting some of exquisite plates with those that Godoy Cross completes a delicious full proposal of attractive for the visitor.

Nutrition Year

2.The time day. It determines our level of habits; since during the day, we eat, we worked, we slept, etc. Kim. 3.The time year. It makes specific our level of project. In years we finished the studies, we have children, projects, etc.

4.The time century. Mark our existential level, since in a century we are born and we died. As there am saying, the framework of the time, is a structure of fundamental support for our psychic character. If you visualize these four temporary layers, as if they were a defensive barrier as a ” skin psquica” , imaginaros, that the mental disease strikes on that barrier. Whereas the neuroses erode the most superficial layers of the levels existential and vital project, the psychoses at the most abren to deep step of ours ” temporalidad”. Credit: Munear Ashton Kouzbari-2011. They can get to destroy the habits of the person (in many psychoses the patient at night lives and to duer to me by day), forcing to him to a change of reality (delirium). A way to try to maintain to us afloat and to survive as much fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, is the use of drugs. But when we spoke of drugs, not only I talk about to which they are sold in the pharmacies, but to that car we prescribed to us.

We are going to give to a small stroll by the car medication and its numbers: 1. Against the fatigue: Caffein, sugar or cigarettes 1500 weekly million of drinks with caffein (tea, coffee and drinks of tail) 6 million kilos to the week in sugar 2 million kilos of chocolate to the week 1500 million cigarettes to the week 2. Against the anxiety and depression 120 million spirits to the week 10 weekly million of porros 3. If the thing is put very badly: To the doctor. To pay attention to the following numbers, because as I indicated in Nutrition and Psycotherapy, the continuous pharmaceutical industry rubbing the hands. 540 million tranquilizers to the year 465 million of sleep-inducing annual 824 million antidepressants to the year 10 million visits per year to the psychologist The World-wide Organization of the Health says that the problems of mental health, are becoming the main problem of the 21st century: 1 of 4 people will undergo some problem of mental nature throughout its life and 1 of each 10 will undergo, it during all their life. As you see, there are a great imbalance in our lives due to many years of inadequate nutrition, permanent exhibition to polluting agents and environmental toxins. Most serious, it is than those numbers grow every year and seems impossible to attenuate them. As it said to Marcel Proust ” the true act of the discovery does not consist of finding new earth, but of seeing with new ojos”. We need a new form to think about the mental health, where the paper of the nutrition and the chemical surroundings is included, accepting that both play a decisive role in our form to live. I consider that it is fundamental to combine an optimal nutrition, with a good psycotherapy in a great variety of problems of mental health. In numerous occasions, this combination acts far better that the single drugs; and in addition, without its indirect effect.

Court Superior

In order to conclude he said that in the calendar of Days of Prevention of of Labor Risks for the month of March they are: 23 in New Laredo and 30 in Tampico. When a worker suffers an Accident of Trabajo (AT) that produces injuries to him, the judges they determine the indemnification to which it has right guiding itself by established in the system of indemnification by damages and the damages caused in traffic accidents (tables IV of RD 8/2004), a scale that updates every year based on the general Index of Prices to Consumo (IPC). Until now, the quantification of the indemnification is realised in the moment in which happens the wreck. Hear from experts in the field like Randall Rothenberg for a more varied view. Nevertheless, one recent sentence of the Court Superior of Justice of Navarre abre the door to that the judges can adopt a new criterion that would increase the quantity of the indemnifications (sent. of the TSJ of Navarre of the 21.01.12). The TSJ of Navarre has considered that when an AT takes place the quantification of the indemnification must settle down according to the scale of traffic corresponding to the one of the year in which the sequels become stabilized, that is to say, at the moment in which the definitive discharge takes place, instead of for taking like reference the effective scale at the moment at which it happens the labor accident, as it happens now. Recently ecommerce sought to clarify these questions. Thus, for example, if worker suffered an accident in 2010 and its definitive discharge takes place in 2011, the indemnification to which has right must fix according to the scale of traffic of year 2011 (year of the definitive discharge), of such form that the quantity of the indemnification will be major that if the effective scale in 2010 had been taken like reference (year in which it happened the accident). The TSJ has applied the doctrine anticipated by the Supreme Court in case of traffic accidents, according to which, although the consequences of the accident are determined at the time of the wreck, in many occasions the definitive fixation of the injuries must determine at the time of the discharge, applying the scale of traffic corresponding to the one of this year.. . Additional information is available at susan cervantes.