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Enjoy And Train Your Dog

Concentrate your efforts on a single criterion by session and see more effective results. In addition, progress little by little you will achieve results faster than if you try to cover a lot in a short time. 5. Surround yourself with successful trainers. One of the secrets of success in any discipline is to surround yourself with successful people.

If you want to succeed in training your dog is a good idea to start frequenting successful trainers. Obviously, these trainers need to be successful in the field that interests you. If you want to venture into dog sports competitors need to get together with the sport that interests you. If you want to train your dog for search and rescue, you need to surround yourself with people who practice this type of training. In some cases it is possible to find successful trainers in the discipline that interests you.

For example, you might live in a country where sports are not canines. In that case, you will not meet with trainers who are successful in these sports. If you’re in this situation, look for books and videos of these trainers and form a working group with people who have your same interests. It is not the same as surrounding yourself with successful trainers, but it’s better than doing nothing. 6. Respect the time of training. This principle is simple but often ignored. In the hours that you intended to train your dog, take up training and nothing else. Relax, play with your dog and do whatever pleases you at another time.