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Bernard Mailhot

So that only the communication is established vertically, between the authority and the members, but that quickly messages are translated into sense unique, given that most of the cases the communication does not exist rather than from top to bottom. 2.4.-Elements that DISTURB the communication as (Bernard Mailhot, 1975 in dynamics and Genesis of group, p. 80-83), in all human communication there are blocks and leaks that disturb perceptions of si and the other, misreporting attitudes and interpersonal behaviors. There are six possible sources of crashes and leaks, common to all human communication, which are explained below: 1.-locks and the leaks may result from internal inhibitions of issuer, to transmit the message can awaken unpleasant that they have not been deleted or assimilated memories that make it unable to achieve one real communication with each other. For example, the case of a person whose past has been traumatic. 2.

The issuer are experiencing leaks due to external causes. It can be forced to speak or be silent because of foreign taboos. They express more or less explicitly the collective prohibitions of censorship or pressure group. Every human being, as it becomes sensitive to their environment can little, set by your account which can communicate to another: themes allowed, tolerated themes and forbidden topics. 3. With regard to the receiver there is blocking when it captures anything or captures bad messages that target. This is because a selective perception, not capture more than messages possessing at the time they are issued to the affective importance or personal implications.

In the moments of euphoria are only gathered positive messages; While in times of disappointment, there is hypersensitivity to negative messages. 4 Crashes and leaks may be due to cultural differences. The partners assume, with justification that use the same language, language, Word, etc., (code) when the reality is causing different systems of values or schema references symbols used has for receivers, subjective or different connotations. 5. The receiver is invaded by very intense emotional States, joy or sadness that have disrupted his emotional life, becoming incapable of perceiving the messages that are addressed to you, not only does not understand but would not hear. 6. The receiver, due to the cultural context in which this immersed, can have been sensitized too verbal communication, to the point of not capture or capture evil non-verbal messages that you they are directed. Original author and source of the article.