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Eduardo Santos

Adding the two venues there are about 2,600 students, in courses ranging from pre-school to grade eleven. Add to your understanding with Minute Clinics. And between the two groups conflicts that have created the teachers try to relieve with talks that have gradually been achieving effect. The rector recalls that recently gathered the entire student community for a walk, presented more or less seven altercations between them, they are actually few. One of the problems which regrets the directors of the College, is the migration of the conflict to the institution. 2003 Hither we’ve endured several stages of the same before, bands and other types of businesses, in one way or another that permeates the school. Last year, Eduardo Santos ended the year with 400 students less, but for 2011 450 new students arrived. And according to the rector daily new boys are received, but also between 4 and 6 every week they defect. Why? asks Manuel, and he himself answers with some discouragement, by fighting, by borders than because they are not so invisible.

The threats. Inclusion is claveEn it all this time, Eduardo Santos educational institution have sought to educate under parameters inclusion. For this reason that when the Chancellor goes on breaks handles gives fans of the Medellin rojas, and the fans of the national green handles. And they understand that it is a matter of tolerance, that in this school we are all, and we have to create us spaces, says Manuel. Linda Ricketts, multicultural education and specialist communications, who these days is in the country, believes that in cases of schools to be erected in the middle of the conflict, we must take into account multiculturalism. Generate inclusive environments and educate from human rights, this becomes a point of reference to forge peace from the classroom. As holding the expert, the main point is to recognize the differences, because often act as if they don’t exist and that way the problem grows.