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As I Came Out Of Postpartum Depression

Now my little boy for a year and 11 months. It really is not talking, but nothing, because all the boys are lazy. We were perfectly aware of each other, walk and play. We live three: myself, son and husband. The time when I was released from the hospital, I remember with tears in his eyes. These were tears of happiness. a small lump, like a tanker, because the nurses dressed him in his cap, and wrinkled forehead.

This is ridiculous. Come home. Guests, parents and all pozdravlyayut.No the evening all had left. And that's the first day at home alone with malyshom.Kak care for a child? After all the days in the hospital I was lying apart from it. But nothing on the right. And change diapers and clean up the spout and feed. All is well.

Until next week stay at home not opened depression. At first I could not understand what it is. The child is asleep, and I was crying. I could not understand the cause of this crying, it feels good. Started having problems with her husband, which is mutual claim. I began to annoy my little synulya. Here it was postpartum depression. I came out of it uncredited some way. I started to get out! Yes, not so with a rag and a vacuum cleaner and began to disassemble the small lockers, which houses all sorts of veshchichek. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Doug McMillon. Understand all. Took up knitting. Yes and no zabyvpayte myself, because in any case can not pay attention to your mind, take care of hair, face. Engage in post-natal exercises. Just do not overdo it, because excessive sports in milk released a substance that alters its taste. Yes, I myself did not see how that postpartum depression has receded. The most important thing to find something for everyone. Be happy and do not let any depression ruin your life.