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Football Games

The success of a team gaining the team is with each player success raised with the skills of each individual. If only one kicker in an eleven-man strong team gained by building his fitness, speed, technique and tactics to a percent of game quality, the team is better together many, many percentage points. A clear success and match winning thanks to the improvement of each bidder is. And just the cost optimization in construction works. The golden rule applies here: there are no trifles. Credit: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak-2011.

The smallest step of optimization is important and can decide at the end of the economic viability of a construction project. If each of the nine power stages of a building project by one to two percentage points costs can be optimized, this means a savings of 10 to 20 percent collectively for the whole project. Optimization measures, which individually appear financially first meaningless, pose in their totality a significant savings potential. It funds be released so, again for reaching other important planning available objectives. The good advice of the Baukostenoptimierer in planning sessions is therefore always very clear: every euro in the hand! The usage is worth! Even if that means again to correct the construction planning and planning work once again. At the end of the project being implemented economically and the building for all involved.